More Omicron Jokes

It’s a clown world, and I’m digging the jokes with the Clown Virus;

This video also played some eiree music;

Sigh, what a clown world;

Here are some random jokes

With all the data I’ve seen, It’s almost like this mild omicron variant is healthier than getting the clot shot.

Well, even Trevor Noah is saying that it’s mild and then he’s getting shat on for saying so. Lmao, here’s a link to Russel Brand and his discussion of this shtuff;

Here’s an unrelated pronunciation of this jazz;

All I’m saying is, we have this amazing mRNA technology that can update on the fly to help people. When we have a new variant then we should update the mRNA tech to combat the new variant. So why the fuck are we taking the same old formula mRNA for a NEW variant? That sounds like a scam.

If there’s not a new formula and a different type of booster or vaccine developed with the glorious ‘mRNA’ technology, then I guess, this whole new variant thing, is a scam.

Because getting more old treatment

for a new disease

is utterly

unscientific and beyond retarded.

Of course, if everything is a scam. Then this new Omicron Variant would be a way to cover for the fact that the vaccine was ineffective. Because the Omicron Variant apparently jukes the Vaccine. If we were to assume that the vaccine was ineffective from the beginning, and blame the adverse health effects from the Vaccine on the Omicron Variant. Then we’re good to go, and continue this farce. Of course, that’s if everything is a scam. That’s if Covid was a lie, that’s if the vaccine was a manufactured placebo with poison unintentionally added to it from the manufacturing process, and if Omicron is the cover up for the adverse effects of the poison, then it almost checks out.

Of course, all of that is hinged on ifs

Lmao, wut you gunna do, Bet on it?

That’s not safe,

In Closing,

No need to worship me as a hero, comrade. I already know I am, a hero.

I am working in the meme-mines and the youtube-mines to help mine some jokes for your entertainment. This manual labor is really tough, so it’s best if we lighten the load. And by lightening the load, I mean I’m done for the day. Yea. I’m just going to quit working in the mines. What are you gonna do, fire me? Lmao.

Lmao, anyways, as business is as business is. Usual as it gets.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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