Having a Clown (virus) Heart

The Gift that keeps on giving, is having a clown heart. To keep giving and getting Spike proteins that may result in adverse heart issues for the clown world we live in.

Buckle the fuck up

Let’s look at some allegorically soft data;

Here is the Source for the Heart issues from the Vaers Report. Myopericarditis is just a fancy way to say ‘heart inflammation’.

Judging by the data that is open from VAERs reports, it seems that more of the Clown Clot Shot, makes you have more Clots, here are graphs;

All of this comes from a particular ‘Vaccine’;

Crazy, that we have almost 13,000+ cases of Heart related issues from a particular year after a specific ‘vaccine’ was introduced.

Weird, there definitely has to be further studies to prove correlation and causation because -reasons-.

Lmao, I’m kidding, you’d have to be retarded not to directly equate the evidence -no matter circumstantial- to being directly cause-ally linked to the clot shot ontop of the anecdotal rise of TEENAGE, CHILD, and YOUNG ADULT issues. It’s ambivalently retarded to say otherwise.

But I mean, do you want to sound like retarded like this?

What, you want to make a random speculation that it’s climate change that’s causing heart issues? Go kill yourself if you think so. That’s valid Spiritual advice, and you can take me to spirit court for that.

More Suggestive evidence,

This comes from Germans;

Nice 2021 spike
Nice 2021 spike again

It’s almost like we released a sort of retarded medical procedure that results in adverse effects around that time. You know, releasing the clot shot around late 2020 and then allowing the adverse health effects to spawn in a few months. Wild. Totally coincidental.

Here’s a question;

Why did people start researching this term a lot more and more?

Did it, dare I say, increase due to affects of Covid and/or the Clot Shot?

Trends from US

“Funny how after over an entire year of people dying with covid and no mention of myocarditis. Then the vaccines are released and a few months later there’s a spike in myocarditis. Oh but the cunt pro vaxxers said there’s more chance of getting myocarditis from Covid-19.” – rando internet person

It’s almost like the clot shot is worse than the actual virus itself.

Here’s another study;

So this study is literally suggesting that the clot shot cause, -well- clots?

People are noticing

Even athletes are noticing;

What could ever be the cause?
(also ignore the picture of the athlete, that guy has pre-existing conditions from 2017)

Yea, young healthy athletes in their prime is the prime-time to get chronic heart conditions. This is all coming from the new medical literature that was doctored as of *looks at notes* a year ago. Lmao, jokes.

Nothing to see here
It’s probably climate change,
yea, definitely

Don’t worry, the current list for 2021 deaths, is long as fuck. They just stopped counting.

I mean, that’s why athletes refused to take the clot shot and make a reverse-Kaepernick-play by not bending the knee to clot shots.

That whole Kyrie Irving and many more.

Anecdotal evidence

The narrative is simple;

Blame the unvaccinated,

If you are receiving heart problems from the vaccine, it is obviously due to undue stress from other people refusing to get vaccinated, on top of the political lockdowns and other retarded Orwellian-Tyrannical-Martial law.

It’s obvious that the unvaccinated stressed the vaccinated into getting heart problems, it definitely wasn’t the added fear mongering that the Media was orchestrating to make everyone turn on each other and be afraid of anyone who is Asian because Racism is obviously okay if it’s against Asians.

or blame climate change, lmao.

But let’s blame the media;

The political mismanagement and disenfranchisation of people’s experiences through lockdowns and retarded-policies of martial law is being obfuscated and called ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ or simply ‘we are making up words and labeling something so we can identify it and tackle it like its real’.

You know, first step in fighting your demons is to give it a name, and follow that up by casting all blame to them thereby feeding the ego and engorging your demon into becoming a real manifestation. Nice.

THat’s what society is doing by creating PPSD. Which is also a scam, and just as clowny as the Clown virus.

Because instead of saying that these deaths and suicides were due to medical malpractice and political policy restricting and suffocating the health and bloodflow of the logistic side of things, instead they just brand it as an anomaly and move on.

This is a clown fucking world, so you better start laughing or you’re going to get clowned.

And PPSD is rising as an excuse to blame all the heart conditions.

Oh yea, you got a case of PPSD because you are stressed from the covid pandemic because you know people aren’t getting vaccinated.

Sounds about right, yea you got PTSD because you lost all your buddies from a war fighting for some religious reasons that were unconstitutional, and it’s definitely those anti-war hippies that are causing you a hard time by espousing the real reasons for your involvement while you just wanted to pay for college.

That’s what it sounds like. What’s the word? Denial?

It’s alright, because these Policies caused stress and heart issues while also making suicide a better option. You see, people really care about highschool because they’re like socialite-retarded-dopamine-addicted-attention-starved teenagers. So when you make policies that lock down and cancel Graduation, a lot of Highschoolers didn’t get the closure they needed. Because Graduation is a traditional ceremony that is a rite of passage, but that’s some old magick stuff you probably don’t care about.

Anyways, what teenagers did when they were fearful, afraid of dying, and sad that they couldn’t go out, enjoy things, or stressed, and missed graduation. . . What these teenagers did, was obviously commit suicide.

It was retardedly obvious that weak impressionable teenagers would literally kill themselves over these retarded policies. You got to remember, they spent 12 years-ish going through their whole life in an education scam, to be denied the climax of their 12 years around the age of 18. So they spent a two-thirds of their life living a Clown Show to be rewarded with nothing. No ceremony. no Toys. And the media dreadfully reminds them of other bullshit scams like climate change and whatnot.

With a future uncertain because college tours and campuses were closed due to the virus, many opted out by joining the military, get ting a dead-end job, or killing themselves.

So, uh,

Blame a politician, save a life.

And the Media is also blaming weed,

Yes, that medical drug that exists for thousands of years,

let’s blame it recently for the rise in heart attacks, even though it’s a depressant and these issues weren’t prevalent in the last hundred years. The same hundreds of years that had teenagers and young adults smoking mad weed (every day).

Holy Hand-grenade, bat man, I think the Media is -dare I say- Half Baked.

What. A. Clown. World.

To be honest, some of the legalization of weed has allowed companies to genetically modify their strain to have insanely high THC count and discount the synergistic effects of CBD or other chemical strains resulted in the psychometry of people (for profit of course). So what I’m saying is, we’ve genetically modified our weed to be so potent, that it’s practically weapons-grade weed, that causes chronic problems besides a hazy foggy head and other issues. It’s called ‘chronic’ for a reason. So there is a potential for heart issues and other problems because of profit incentives and manufacturing processes.

Because smoking aluminum from weed from a factory sounds just as healthy as anything else in this day and age.

Don’t worry,

Drug Manufacturers Sponsors a lot of the media outlets, so you’ll get a good ‘healthy’ dose of fake-news;

So The result? The ‘professionals’ are admitting to this shit;


Remember when the media was saying;
-inflation isn’t real
-okay, it is real, but it’s transitory
-okay it’s not transitory, but inflation is a good thing
-okay it’s bad, but it’s not that bad

Lmao, the same ass Clown media is spewing the same ass narrative for the clot shots;
-Clot shots don’t cause clots
-okay, they do, but it’s no big deal
-okay it’s worse than actual covid, but that’s okay
-it’s the Unvaccinated people’s faults

The Media/Narcissist’s Prayer (revised)
It’s a conspiracy, That didn’t happen.
And if it did, it was transitory.
And if it isn’t, well it’s good.
And if it wasn’t, well it’s not that bad.
And if it is, that’s not a big deal.
And if it is, that’s not my fault.
And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
And if I did mean it, you deserved it.

And remember to resort to blaming the unvaccinated, because that makes sense. /s

If anything by now, you should know that people are beyond retarded.

More professionals speak;

Apparently, the type of Myocarditis that you get from the Clot shot has a different Cardiological Modus Operandi than the Myocarditis that you get from actual Covid. There’s a bunch of other fancy gobble de gook about Nanoparticles and spike proteins and troponin that I don’t care about. Point is, Clot shot is worse for the heart than actual Covid per this Cardiologist.

Even the Heart Association;

And another press release from the American Heart Association;

In order to imply a recovery from adverse clot shot affects, you have to assume that the adverse clot shot effects happen.

here’s a study for further reading;

This study itself hasn’t been approved by the Papacy,
So don’t jump to conclusions there buck-o

Don’t worry folks, the current medical literature says something about “Heart cells, once damaged, do not heal.” so uh, this is good news. obviously. No way could heart damage be a bad thing, and no way would clogging your arteries ever be a bad thing. No way. Just go ahead and get the experimental clot shot and get yourself heart issues.

That way you can pay thousands of dollars out the ass for pace-makers and heart bypass surgeries and all sorts of other things that the sick care system is doing to keep you sick. You know, for profit.

But you know, the adverse side effects of this clot shot is a ‘no big deal’, you know, ‘no biggie’.

I mean, I just don’t see

The link or evidence in the clot shots causing clots to shoot up;

I mean, why would the UK Health Security Agency say that there was a risk for Myo or Peri-Carditis after a clot shot?

It’s not like the cure is worse than the diesease;

But if you focus back on the picture/quote above, ‘They unblinded and offered the vaccine to the placebo group’ because things weren’t going their way and they wanted to cover things up while offering the clot shot to the control group. So basically, this wasn’t even real science. Just doctored made up pseudo-mumbo-jumbo.

The powers that be aren’t even using Science,
meaning they’re nothing but quacks selling this clot shot as snake oil.

Also from that same source;
“By Pfizer’s own admission, there were zero hospitalization, ICU admissions, or deaths, in the treatment or control group in their study of 2,300 children ages 5 to 11. “

Yea, it’s a safe vaccine bro, just in time for children’s to take it;

It was recently approved for kids like ages 5 to 11 or some shit, idk. So anyways, people obviously had questions on how to administer this shot to kids, besides doing it psychotically, uh, here are some of the happenings;

Here’s a video on getting a clot shot for your child;

Good thing youtube removed the dislike counter

Some anecdote;

Some random numbers;

Some random new-normal sudden death in children;

Also, this is the shittiest ‘Vaccine’ based on NNTV values
This website also got blocked from Twitter,
and banned the producer from Twitter as well
(so you’re saying there’s a chance)

Even Vietnam is having issues;

Resulting in a suspension

Sounds good;

“Is it suspicious to anyone that all of a sudden the rate for children with covid has increased dramatically right at the time when child vaccines will be approved?” -Concerned Random Citizen

It’s just wild that we know so much about myocarditis being the 3rd leading cause of sudden death, and that we have all this data backing up the clot shots causing myo and pericarditis, that we still isusue this clot shot;

Public education is shit, but I didn’t know it was this shit;

And all of this means people are leaving the chat;

Additionally, some states have made it illegal to make mask mandates and clot shots mandatory for children. Because, reasons.

Also, FDA approve Pradaxa for Children;

So the FDA approve a blood thinning medication for children. . . a few months prior to the release of clot shots for children. . . It’s almost like there is some sort of profit model to get you sick and sell you the pills for a life time subscription of milking you dry of money and having you die. What convenient timing.

I mean, isn’t that what insulin is all about? Money or death?

It’s never about your health and safety, it’s always about profits and their own health or safety. Not yours.

If you think a politician cares about you beyond your vote or cash, then you need to find some God in your life. Lmao. At least, until we can bring back Eunuchs and stake families’ livelihoods for fuck ups like that Flint Water thing.

My personal take,

I may or may not work as a Slave in Health related industry, so I just opted into getting the shot after the pseudo-FDA approval. It was a scam, but I honestly didn’t care enough to die on that hill. But the overreach of government is something we should all keep in check. Because they’re being absurdly retarded, and libertarians are looking more and more logical.

I’ve had some ‘flare ups’ since getting the clot shots, resulting in chest pains and heart inflammation, things that are not usual in my day to day life. One occurrence happened a week after the shot, another a month after. But I’m not fat nor do I have any heart history problems, so uh, whatever.

Holy fuck is this vaccine retarded,

But I’m a betting man, and I’m betting on my death. So far, so good.

So, uh, It’s a clown Virus.

Anyways, if you got the Clot Shot like me, simply donate Sell your blood and pass it on to someone else. Easy. You’ll reduce the likelihood of you having bad blood if you purge it out of your system. On top of that, if you go get drunk, it’s a lot lot cheaper to get wasted. Lower the Blood on your BAC and your alcohol level goes up;

You could also use leeches or start doing blood letting. You know, letting blood flow out. Lmao. This, for obvious reasons, is not medical advice.

Really, if you are prone to heart issues or are fat as fuck because you’re a full-blooded americunt with 5% blood in your Cholesterol stream, then uh, you are highly likely to experience adverse side effects that may or may not result from Cholesterol and the Clot Shot Tag-Teaming your Heart like your Mom spit roasting at a college Frat party Pre-covid. Point is, your heart is likely to get fucked up, and if it happens, well, you become another Co-morbidity statistic of Covid, Obesity, and they’ll go ahead and mark you unvaccinated even if the clot shot was the thing that did you in.

In Closing,

This entire article was spun with yellow-cake journalism in mind, so It provides a compelling thought of questioning attitudes into the retarded platitudes established by the media.

I don’t think it’s accurate to call this experimental mRNA shot as a Vaccine, because definitions. It’s a genetic therapy treatment, as opposed to a live or dead virus being inserted. So, it’s not technically a vaccine per the old definitions.

Yes, I’m a retard, yes I’m ‘fully vaccinated’ (until they change the definition again, lmao), and no those aren’t mutually exclusive. Or they are. or something.

But you don’t have to be scientifically indoctrinated to realize the overreach and retardation of world governments over the money that could be made from pumping out these life-time subscriptions of blood clots and blood thinners.

also, fun fact, chemo therapy can cause cancer. Lmao.

This whole Clown virus is a Clown Show, fuck the clot shot and curb the overreach of government. Before you know it, they’ll tell you what foods you can eat, and what drinks you can drink. This shit is really retarded.

Obviously with the above evidence, there is a strong narrative pointing to the heart issues, so much so that the memes made from heart issues and clown virus reveal that we understand the underlying truth to this narrative.

The mass censorship of people who have issues with this Clown Virus are festering the shadows that engorge upon the discarded. The current Orders and Regime won’t be able to enjoy any sort of fruits if the shadow-termites take hold. So, please, for the love of god, don’t be retarded and let people be left the Fuck Alone as Americanly as Possible.

Oh, also before we go, enjoy the Vaccine song;





What you want, more heart issues?

I’ve only a few years to live. I don’t wanna spend them dead.

So ultimately, I stopped caring,

Whatever happens, well, happens,. So there’s that.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Spiritual, Medical, or Any Advice

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