TV License is a Scam and a Tax

Some idiots in other countries called the UK pay a thing called a ‘TV License’. And as always, a license requires a registration which is all basically a tax. these idiots pay if they:

  • watch or record programmes on a TV, computer or other device as they’re broadcast
  • download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand

It’s a scam, because the punishment for not paying this license is the same as not paying for any license. You know, more paying.

You can be fined up to £1,000 if you watch or record live TV without a TV Licence.


So if you don’t pay for this license, you end up paying more for not paying for the license. It’s a beautiful thing.

But they wouldn’t actually enforce that, would they?

204,018 people were prosecuted or fined in 2014 for TV licence offences: 173,044 in England, 12,536 in Wales, 4,905 people in Northern Ireland and 15 in the Isle of Man.


Assuming everyone paid £1,000, that is about £200 million. Sooooo, they’re making a profit off of this? There’s no fucking way they need ALL that money.

Side note, BBC does make about £5Billion Profits every year, so this is chump change. Aren’t you glad that they’re taking your money? For the people by the people. I mean, paid for by the people.

Oh, by the by, you could also be incarcerated for not paying this license or for repeat violations.

The Problem

You’ve got to pay for a service that you might not even use! You’re helping fund one sector of the media (Public Broadcasting), while you actually use other sectors of the media (private broadcasting).

That camgirl you’ve been watching? Better have that license just in case.

If it’s a livestream, you should have a license because they might fine you.

You’ll need this license for TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Radios, etc. Anything that can take a Live broadcast. Key word is ‘live’ broadcast.

This is just another fee to bludgeon the poor to being poorer by enslaving them through taxes, levies, and fines.

The Scam

The Scam is that it applies for all other programmes outside of the BBC network. Especially live streamed ones, so who is to say that you’re in violation of the law?

Well, none other than the law itself!

Duh, if you’re breaking the law, they’ll charge you for it. If you don’t know if you’re being compliant, then just report yourself to the authorities. They’ll do the math and tell you if you’re compliant.

If you have a phone, TV, tablet, or anything with a screen that can remotely pick up a signal. You better have a license, or else you’re probably breaking the law.

That show that has nothing to do with the BBC? need a license.

Want to record something from a non-BBC show? Get that license.

You better have your license and registration for watching programmes on UK soil from an unlicense Telly. Especially if its the unbiased truth beacon of definitely-not-leftist-and-definitely-not-against-torys BBC.

Like the good old ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ the question stands. Did the Politics influence the BBC or did the BBC influence the politics?

Like how did the UK even get to a point where the BBC started controlling politics and impose a tax. Shouldn’t they just impose a subscription fee like a biased private broadcasting company?

The Dark Side

The real scammers will use the TV license and fees as threat to get innocents to pay more money to a fictitious claim and phishing scam.

From April 2018 to March 2020, there are over 900 crime reports with victim losses totalling more than £830,000.

In fact, some might even offer refunds for TV Licenses.

Some might offer discounts.

The scam will mostly be a phone call or email, so be advised.

The Darker Dark Side

What’s darker than scammers scamming you? Well the government scamming you of course!

So you want to opt out of a license, well the government will just lie and say that you’re in violation. After all, who says that you’re breaking the law, other than the law?

We’ve hinted at it earlier, but I’ve decided to paint a better picture for you. All at the cost of your trust in whatever government you think is good for you.

We had a visit from a person that was acting on behalf of TV licensing. I explained why i don’t need a license and talked at length about the motoring & electronics channels on YouTube that I watch. Also the channels that the girls watch Saffron Barker etc etc. Overall he seemed a nice chap and explained this is quite common and there are a huge number that don’t need a license. He reassured us that he would get us removed from some list, so my partner signed the paperwork. Bad move.

Here’s why, We put trust in this guy because he seemed very friendly, but what he actually did was write on his report that we were ‘watching ITV’, he NEVER set foot in the door, nevermind the living room because my two German Shepard dogs were in there! He could not have seen or heard anything because the TV is In the back room of an enclosed property I also paused Tavarish (a YouTube video) because I didn’t want to miss my place.

We have since received a letter from the Leicester courts that we have a final reminder of a fine to pay of £100 in two parts of £50 or so. Its fair to say we have well and truly have been forced in to a corner and have zero say in the matter. Not fair in the slightest.

-C. M.

So there are these “Nice acting” Goons are there to issue out self-incriminating form called a TVL178. If you’re foolish enough to invite them in and speak to them, they check some boxes. They’ll ask you to sign the form and BAM. You owe some money.

Here’s another story:

Firsty I am shocked to have received this as I knew nothing about this so called caution I received. On Wednesday 1st March John L. called at my door. This was my 1st day minding my 9 month old son as my wife had just went back after 9 months off. John was very friendly and asked to come in. I certainly had no problem I had nothing to hide. I had my playstation turned on and it was currently paused for me to answer the door.

John came in and sat down in the far corner. John never once checked our television or leads. I was asked if I had a TV licence I explained I didn’t as I had canceled sky due to my wife’s maternity and as we live in a rented house the TV aerial was broke before we had came and we had no reason to need it fixed. I explained I had a playstation 4 which was currently switched on and used for gaming and we used this for netflix and dvds and had no real interest in TV.

I explained to John we had previously had a licence but with a new baby and no use of TV we just justify it as we really had no use for TV. John explained to me about a card which was £5.60 a week which I could ring for and meant I could use iplayer if I wanted again I explained BBC was of no interest to me. John said why not give it a go and if I dont find use for it and as I dont have sky just cancel the licence he also stated he should not be telling me this but he understood that most people just use Netflix or amazon prime.

I thought what a great guy helping out giving advice and maybe Id just buy the licence just in case. John jotted down a few things om a clip board and asked me to sign.

Now stupidly as a naive young man nursing my 9 month old son chatting to John I signed away thinking John was just a great sales man who had talked me into a licence I did not require. So john left and I rang the number for this card to be sent out. The card arrived a week later and I started to pay this but as of May we hadn’t used any iplayer and our sky box was still not plugged in so we decided to cancel this.

I have confirmation of this dated 1st June.

You can imagine my shock when a court summance came to the door almost 5 months later. I seen the caution on the back a caution I knew nothing about and yes although my signature was on it to me John was just filling in his paper work on me taking a licence he never once mentioned anything about a caution which surely he would be legally obliged to do so.

He also stated he checked my TV and that he checked BBC and BBC2 … firstly john never touched the TV or remote as I had the playstation on and this remained paused on a game for the entirity of the so called interview also we have no remote for sky as its not used. Secondly I do not have sky so he could not have checked sky1 also I believe sky1 is a channel that is paid for.

He then proceeds to say bargain hunt was on when he came in, I am by no means knocking thier following but as a 25 year old man I certainly was not sitting down to Bargain Hunt. I believe as this document is falsified clearly for some benefit to John then surely it does not stand in a court of law also under the laws of communication John would have been legally required to inform me of this so called caution.

I am happy to plead not guilty and take this matter further as one of your officers has lied and abused their position for commission. I am a professional man with a family to support and no criminal offences I certainly wouldn’t have been risking a criminal offence for a TV licence.

I willing let John into my home and be never once checked my TV or leads if he had of he would have noticed the aerial broke and sky not plugged in. Also there as no mention of prosecution or court or caution I am not sure what kind of a game this is but I can completely understand why nobody lets strangers into their home professional are not. John may have had a name badge but it did not stop him from manipulating a young family or falsifying a document.

I feel he was nothing but a glorified sales man out to prowl on innocent people all to make some commission for himself

-Anonymous, 2017

Or this story:

So i just received a court summons to answer complaint. A guy from tv licence came out on nov last year. My tv wasnt on at the time as it was broken which i told him. He then gave me card and told me if my circumstances changed to use it. I then stupidly signed the interview form without reading it just to get rid of him. The interview form has been sent out with the court summons and he has wrote on it that i told him i was watching itv tipping point earlier that day! This is a LIE, my tv didnt even work. Do i have a leg to stand on in court because i already signed the form! What to do? Please help.

-Anonymous, 2018

Granted these are anecdotes from people on the internet, but only one of them has to be true for the rest of them to be very plausible. If you don’t believe these stories because they’re from the internet, then you shouldn’t be reading this article at all.

Oh these goons are called Capita Enquiry officers but they may lie to you and say they’re actually Enforcement Officers. Just a heads up in case they come-a-knocking.

In Closing

We’re Americans, and this is injustice and undemocratic. Like the type of democracy that we joke about having. You know, that fake stuff.

These taxes, laws, and provisions only allows the gateway of a dystopian Orwellian future where they vaguely describe the law then usurp the law to undermine its citizens into compliance. All to get you to have a leash of taxes around your neck to remind you of who the master is.

The important thing is to make the law very Vague to fear people into compliance because the law is worded poorly.

If you want more info on actual TV Licensing, check out this link for better advice.

We’ll stay in our lanes, but we’ll jab and mock you people for having that stupid fucking tax. *laughs in false-sense of freedom*

Just remember that some “Licenses are just rights the government steals so they can sell them back”

It’s a beautiful thing

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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