The Great Resignation and the rise of r/anti-work

Yea, so we had some toxic hustle culture moonlighting some wagie slavie jobie and overtime of 180 hours a week for cuck bucks and meager amounts of time off that you’ll never use until it becomes infinite time off (which sounds great until you realize you get that when you ‘become’ unemployed). With that being said, the rising costs of literally everything from food, rent, cars, transportation, netflix, cellphone, tzes, housing, etc. has resulted in a great disparity, coupled with inflation and wage stagnation, people have opted to do two things.

Poly-work with more jobs and side hustles. Which is just a perpetual struggle treadmill of overwork and over exhaustion (unless you remote work and automate your routine with software).


Decide to say fuck work, because the current system that is, disincentives work and/or fucks over workers. To include the pay disparity, the moral support, ethics (or lack of), and even labor violations. Companies have no loyalty to their own employees, nor do they think in the longevity of things.

The latter, results in the anti-work culture non-hustle of saying ‘Fuck you, Pay Me’ to ungrateful employers, micromanagers, and Slave drivers. Whilst reminding them of literal labor laws from state to Federal jurisprudence, to include talking about wages and whatnot. A fight for pre-existing and already established rights against unscrupulous people who have a power trip because their job title is fancier and they make $2 more an hour than you. Sheep with wool over their eyes, I tells ya.

Turns out, a lot of companies and bosses are shit. This is, how you say, a fact.

And so we have this new thing where people are quitting their jobs, and people are celebrating it;


(Because what the fuck is Gainful Employment anyhow?)

We also have to count the factor of a mass swathe of unemployment and laid off personnel from the Clown virus pandemic while still factoring the idea of remote work and eliminating distractions in productivity like micromanaging bosses.

Also, the idea of Work. Retire. Die. is not very appealing.

Turns out, when the media churns out news about how People are dying earlier in life -as a good thing, that means we Work and Die. There is no retirement in our futures, so obviously people have decided to not play the ‘game’ of the system. Which means simply, not working. But more than not working, they’ve chosen to be anti-work. Because let’s face it, we have robots for this shit.

Welcome to the Great Resignation

God Bless America.
Guns, Germs, Steel, Bacon, Aids, and other things American

There’s even Tiktoks

Of people spreading the culture of shitty management experiences and public-socio-therapy by having people share their shitty experiences to help impart wisdom to those that view the tiktoks.

So tiktoks are sort of a good thing, and aren’t simply brainrot.

But I really want to focus on the Main Hero here;

To talk about the Great Resignation, we must also discuss a growing subculture group called anti-work. The exact idea and phrase behind the group is a bit of a mystery and has been conflated with all sorts of what-ever-the-fuck. With that being said, this is my personal view on anti=work and what it means (to me).

Simply, Anti-work is the establish practice or idea that we should all work less to achieve a work free life, using automation and innovation to establish that as well as providing living conditions and affordable wages so that work itself isn’t a survival struggle to ‘bring home the bacon’ or provide for a family. We shouldn’t be one missed work day from literal death spiral. That doesn’t make any sense, nor is it healthy from a systemic plasticity perspective of society. I’m a little drunk, So I’m dumbing down my intelligence by using big words, sorry. (Not Sorry).

And in such a fashion there is a subreddit group that is taking the helm;

Unemployment for all,
Not just the Capital Class of Non workers

The Rise of r/Antiwork

There were a bunch of posts telling managers that they quit, and it gained traction and momentum which exploded the subreddit in subscribers.

These guys have exploded, here’s a post from a month ago when I wanted to originally write about their meteoric rise (but got lazy);

Ever Day Dream of Quitting? Well if you Day Dream of Sex and then Had Sex, it’s like that, but Quitting. (That’s a joke, you better fucking laugh of I’ll take a shot gun to the back of my- Wait, where was I?)

It’s a more relieving feeling to embrace post-modernity of gainful unemployment and stripping away the chains of servitude while baring the uncertainties and dangers of the future freedoms. Almost like you create your own life and take it by the helm, to say ‘fuck you’ among other things. It’s exhilarating to break the chains of bondage and embrace the uncertain future of all that god damn freedom. Murica.

I mainly enjoyed the posts because telling an ingrate incompetent person that you quit, and then having them turn around and grovel was hilarious. Sorry, did I say ‘was’, I meant ‘Is’; and it will always be hilarious to have high faluten bitch-ass managers grovel like a little simp boy trying to get some of that hard earned Stolen-labor-value from you. What’s the word, exploitation? Yea, they trying to get that good pussy.

This sub also has revenge that may or may not be legal, lmao. So people are snapping back at employers for being -well- greedy and retarded while not properly managing things resulting in disgruntled work and mismanagement of resources;


Also, there’s a good amount of Worker abuse, labor law violations, and Wage theft;

There are also some comments that empower the workers;

Oh, no PTO?
Well, no MTO for you.

This subreddit then grew to also include the ideas and further progress the idea of the anti-work culture. A Movement of sorts, where companies are being ousted and bad bosses are being shat on, like Ben for instance;

Because a particular Ben was (is?) a Bitch Boy Manager

There are also heavy handed infiltration and psyops to fragment the group, but the problem with that is that no one gives a fuck. The movement of anti-work is backed by disenfranchised people who honestly want a break and fantasize about telling their authoritarian Tyrant of a Boss or Company to ‘Fuck off’.

Which, believe you-me, is great.

And there is a movement and moving sentiment;

But of course, some hackers found a way to spread the Subreddit,

It’s like Fight Club

but with shitty receipt paper;

So I guess some hackers started targeting the receipt machines to spread more antiwork movement, it’s like a hacktivist political grass roots movement.

They’re even targeting NAPA;


And it looks like there’s a new labor movement;

You know, like a general strike or labor reform. So what I’m saying is, there is hope.

So John Deere happened, Kellogg’s won some rights, and all of it is getting blasted chronically up on r/antiwork for the world to see. By world to see, I mean a bunch of Europoors are making fun of American Work-life-imbalance because obviously being an American means being a Wage Slave. Murica.

Nothing Says ‘Made in America’ like Toxic Work Culture, I mean America is soooo Great that our Toxicity is Great and has spread to all sectors of industry, public, military, etc. You think police brutality and government ineptness isn’t due to shitty shitty bosses? Well, I could site case studies and anecdotes backed by sources, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s -how you say- kind of fucked.

I mean, ask anyone who served in the military how retarded things are or were. I bet you they can attest to the hundreds or millions of wasted man hours and failed logistics resulting in waste of government tax dollars or -worse- Death of innocents and friendlies. There’s a reason Toxic work culture is, well, not a virtue.

Anyways, r/antiwork is gaining traction and

is becoming and informal Labor movement or general strike;

There is a lot of eyes on all sorts of things here on the internet. A sort of decentralized quasi-centralized communication medium;

And they want more than corporate reforms;

It almost sounds like a general strike

And people are even getting political (Which is gross, but respectable);

In Closing

Honestly, if you’re interested in having a successful company and actually understanding ‘Business ethics’ then you should take everything written in that subreddit with a grain of salt and learn from it. Because a shitty boss is a prime example of ‘What not to do’. Knowing ‘What not to do’ will leave you with ‘Things you can or should do’ which is fundamentally what ‘ethics’ is all about. You know, doing things ethically.

Antiwork and the whole Boycott/strike thing was very informational and did do a number on conglomeration’s bottom line. So there is a lot of power being wielded by the people here. So much so, that I wouldn’t put it passed a corporation to shit post about their competitors, well, anonymously of course. All of that, for, well, profit. Of course.

The Great Resignation and the rise of antiwork is the first steps of a better tomorrow, with better wages and better working conditions. Ontop of better quality of life, treating people like humans, better everything really.

I would love to see the world progress where a 20 hour work week becomes the standard, as this is all reminiscent of the early labor reform movements in the 1920s. So, the more we allow this to progress, the better society will be. Well, in theory, yeah?

Of course, if the Great Resignation and the General strike of most people isn’t enough, and corporations and others decide to still be shitty,

Then there could be a new era of Great Labor Riots, or something else.

So, I guess, we’re really making America Great Again.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any advice

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