Human Capital and Human Liquidity

Alright fucker, here’s some shit for your consumption. It’s a stack of fuck shit, so let’s fucking gooooo.

We, in this destitute society, use shitty and fickle terms to band aid patch and camouflage our deceptive practices of human slavery. I mean, what the fuck is Human Resources, if not some roundabout way of Resourcing actual Humans. We call it a Labor Market with a Labor Force, instead of calling it a slave machine with a pool of slaves. The pool of slaves is the amount of humans to provide labor. Hence my discussion on the ‘liquidity’ and supply of humans.

Society just uses tombstones as a stepping stone to perpetuate itself, because, duh. You stand on the shoulders of giants and are passed down the torch from those before you. This is just how things work you fookin cupcake.

Governments know this shit, they care about population and birth rates, because for the organism of a nation to expand and live, it sort of require the Cells of the Metaphysical Giants, the Nation, to have regeneration. I mean, if you didn’t regenerate and replace the blood cells in your body, you’d fucking die. It’s not that much different from Nations and City-states and other shit corporations. They need to replenish their cells, their hoomans, in order to exist. Because who would perpetuate a God or Government without people to be the infinite hands and heads of a hydra monster that infights its own godhead? Who cares what that last statement means, just focus on Corporated bodies wanting to perpetuate their existence through repopulation agendas.

You know, Invisible giants.

That’s why retards out there preach that they are ‘cogs in the machine’, because –no shit.

It’s the whole macrocosm and microcosm reflexivity of society.

If you think government is evil for wanting people to fuck and regenerate their population to expand working capabilities then uh, Life by it’s regenerative process and infinite regression would be evil. If you genuinely believe life and all of that is evil, then go ahead and either commit more evil or kill yourself. . . Financially of course. Because when you’re actually poor as fuck, you’ll desperately want to survive again for whatever fucking reason. Trust me, this is coming from experience, kind of. yea.

Ultimately, if we treat the majority of people with a grand education system with robustness that allows various perspectives on life, instead of some uni-cellular-mind group-thunk, then perhaps humans could act like Stem cells and make society super fucking crazy good.

But I’m not here to talk about such Utopian ideals and Immortalian futures, because that’s retarded.

What I am here to talk about is,

Human Capital

Basically, Humans have value.

I mean, what is life insurance if not to insure the value of one’s life?

We constantly size people up, and size people down. To measure one’s worth, the measure of Man itself. All the while we ignore that Man is the Measure of all things because of solipsistic perspectivism from a *insert more big words here to confuzzle you moar*.

“What do you do for a living?” if just a roundabout way of political correctness of saying; “What’s your worth?”

So what is the worth of a human?

What is the labor that you put in a work place if not selling the time-value of your own life? How much are you worth, minimum wage? Is an hour of your life worth $15 before taxes?

Is it worth packing a box of avocados, is it worth your time to shake your ass for Single. Dollar. Bills? Is it worth the risk of running a multi-billion dollar corporation, do people unconsciously have sociopathic tendencies as they gauge you by job descriptions to see if you have any leverage? What if you told them that you’re homeless and don’t work? How would these self-deceptive sociopaths see themselves as they judge you?

Personally, I don’t give a fuck, because value and shit is mainly subjective, nor do I care for people to understand what anything means because fuck it.

You assign a value to your life (or life-time) by implicitly agreeing through tacit compliance of some arbitrary provisions for money so you don’t starve. That’s what a Job is. Salary, slavery, salad, potato-pohtahtoe.

Speaking of starving, if you didn’t have food and you die, isn’t that the same as equating the years of your life and it’s works to be that of a piece of bread?

To fall for such a little thing, a Bite of bread.

What about stealing bread and risking your Risque life to feed your starving sister’s child or family? All of this to go to prison for five years and fourteen more because you try to run?

What if you can’t afford food? What then? The society you live in has determined you to die? Do you let fate run it’s course or say fuck it? What then?

Your life,

For the price,

of Bread.

Just sign the dotted line you fuck,
I just want to move on with your life

When one is Sub-human, what are they? When one is Super-human, uber-mensch, what are they? When we have a caste system of classism, what is the value and worth of a human? Are they not all equal, or are they indeed different?

If someone murders people, do they become less valuable then people who don’t? What defines the value and self worth of others? Is it the zeroes on their checks? How about the significant figures in their bank accounts? Is it the karma that they enamored and farmed? Is it the amount of dicks one sucks with or without knee pads? What defines the worth of humans?

What then is the value of a life, if not best defined as Human Capital? Well, it might not be defined, but it at least is used. To a degree I might even say that it’s abused.

Basically, Humans have value.

I say it again because it’s a shit sandwich and it might help for you to understand what it means to define Capital in terms of our modern linguistic use of money or assets. Essentially Capital linguistically means in today’s society as ‘Value’ but that’s the evolution of linguistics that I don’t care to talk about right now because slave labor is more important.

Speaking of Slave labor, we’ll discuss slave labor after we talk about Human Liquidity,

Human Liquidity

Simply, we can render Human Liquidity with another word that we often hear,


That’s all human liquidity is, just a bunch of numbers to signify the amount of human lives affected by the sway of some large unseen hand operating in a geo-political or Global-multi-dimensional-spiritual level or some other dumb retarded realm.

How much Liquidity is here, how much liquidity is there? One could say; This is a small village of 100 Liquid humans, and a large town of 20,000 liquid humans.

Notice how we count population of those who are alive, but specifically the Census that Governments conduct are actually trying to gauge humans that are alive and above the age of 18. That’s because those would constitute the work force.

No one’s like, New Texas has a population of 7,241,234,245 people with only 253,352,356 being alive. Notice how population only measures the living populus.

Here’s a random picture to help remind you that we are living in a dead planet that is a large graveyard for those who have fallen before us to get us to this point in time where you are reading some ashole type drunken words on the internet, so -uh- thank your Ancestors -I Guess.


Notice that we don’t use population to count the dead. That’s an important thing here.

Because Dead Humans are indefinitely illiquid humans.

What does one do with liquidity of Humans, or Human Liquidity? Well, simple, we put them to work. “Meaningful work”, or “Gainful Employment”, or some other abstract slogan of using people to further perpetuate society so that you may harvest the fruits of seeds planted years past. Something something, dead people died for your sins and ability to be retarded, something something. Now you have to toil and plant seeds for the future oats we shall sow, something something, Labor.

Labor Markets

We have this branch of pseudo intellectuals called ‘Labor Economists’ that study Labor markets or some made up abstract concept to sell more courses and more books. I, of course, hate Economics in this modern sense, because it’s really retarded, hence their use of R-Values, because R stands for Retard.

From CFI, Corporate Finance Institute;

Simply Labor meets Laborer, Work meets Worker, Opus meets Operarius, Opera meets Maestro, etc. It’s the trade that happens between supply side of Human Liquidity, and the demand side of Shit-that-needs-to-get-done. Combining the two gives you a trade which creates labor value in terms of goods and services. All of Which is akin to Human Capital, because, Value.

So if Human Liquidity can be population, then there must be a way to better define that in terms of labor markets. Well, there is;

See, I sort of Lied when I said Human Liquidity is Population. I mean, it is, but ‘Liquidity’ is also a ‘moving’ ‘flowing’ part of population. So if we were to narrow our definition of Human Liquidity into a Labor Markets perspective then;

Human Liquidity is the liquidity of people in circulation, people moving from one city to the next, and looking for work, or are able to work.

Human Illiquidity is the people stuck in a rut, will never move from their home town, has a dead end job in their 40s, and yells at teenagers for their own short-comings and insecurities. Technically Capital Class anti-workers and homeless people not looking for a slave collar, are also forms of Human Illiquidity provided that they don’t “hold down a job” or whatever the fuck that means.

Liquidity and Illiquidity combined gives you total population
Liquidity is the ability for people to move/work
Illiquidity is the inability for people to move/work
If we were to look from a labor markets perspective

This is, of course, me making up stuff so you feel like you’re learning, great.

We fucked ourselves over in the logistics breakdown and the prevention of jobs from performing in 2019 and 2020 during our stupid mandates for Corona virus or some shit. We essentially halted a lot of trade and ability for people to perform trades with lockdowns, closing businesses, and a litany of retarded policies that harmed more than helped.

Then we were able to recover slightly with a bunch of remote workers and people working three jobs to skew census data, lmao, andwe were able to get our currently defunct but semi-functional economy running in 2021.

Speaking of which, people working 3 jobs to survive, is awful for everyone. You think that there are three jobs taken up by three people, but that’s a lie, and the statistics and metrics for this sort of thing won’t be accurately reflected, and the extra work they do will be taxed like a fuck-ton, so now everyone suffers and everyone is living in a delusional world. I like to call this world, Finance, lmao.

So Over Work is when we try to use water instead of grease for hot surfaces. It’s when human liquidity starts drying up and getting burnt out or dropping dead from overwork. So Over work is a bad thing, mkay.

A Dead Slave is a Useless Slave,
So Take care of your slaves, anyways,

Debt Slavery

Debt slavery is the entropic treadmill to force the Cells we call ‘humans’ to not be a cancerous being. You know, to not clot and protest on the blood veins we call highways, because protesting on highways is retarded and should be akin to terrorism due to the impacts and damages to the majority of society.

Speaking of Terrorism, besides being a cuck word for Govy bitch boys, Terrorism is the equivocal diagnoses for Cancer in our society.

Anyways, we need a shit form of debt for our stupid society to have a carrot-and-a-stick in terms of progress.

For whatever reason, we don’t have a zeitgeist or collective gestalt in realizing that debt is really not required, but we too dumb to get there, so ignore that option.

What Debt does is creates a demand that stresses the equilibrium of Human Liquidity from Illiquid to Liquid, thereby furthering the progress and work of mankind.

It’s just, when the system is too debtful, we get the unfair and unsurmountable task of climbing a debt-mountain, that grows taller than we can reasonably limb. In cases like these, people ‘give-up’ and move from Human Liquidity to Human Illiquidity, this provides no labor and no more fresh slaves.

I mean, have you seen the Federal Deficit spending? The debt is growing faster than we can pay off on interest alone. Like society at large wants to Give the Fuck up, which is reflective in our downtrodden individual state of madness and insanity in thinking we can print money without accurate transparency to the people for what we are doing. It’s akin to a mad man burning their own house as it’s on fire, accelerationist I guess. Lmao.

Just google ‘Mountain of debt’

So Debt creates a demand for work amongst workers, making Liquid Humans ‘stretch’ more for that Dollar. Water Stretches sort of thing (it’s an esoteric theory, so ignore if you don’t get what water stretching means).

Which means Debt helps perpetuate and accelerate work force into working, debt makes one desperate to pay it off to enjoy their standard of living, and now we got free labor for other objectives. Idle hands ready to turn plow and sow swords or some Russian Proverb or something. Did I mention that I’m blitzed af? Margaritas sure hit the spot.

Excess or Surplus labor just means more people desperate for work looking for an easy job for them to lie and get into;

Cue in College Debt cycling people to join the Military, Strippers, and other trade-off of morals to help our decline in moral degeneracy. lmao.

The balance talking about military stuff

Because, let’s face it, Desperate times calls for desperate measures, which means that people end up trading their values, principles, and morals for something of value, or a slice of bread. Welcome to the degeneration of literally every ‘civilized’ society.

Let’s look at policies

No one give a shit about politics, because all of it is trash. However, knowing that Human Capital and Human Liquidity is something you need to perpetuate society, servants, and wars, it’s pretty important to look at society in terms of maximizing population. This is of course a singular view, considering only the idea of increasing Human Liquidity.

There’s a reason why society is against homosexual marriage due to the inability to consummate and procreate children.

There’s a reason why doctors are against Women’s rights and choice to tie their tubes and prevent their reproductive capabilities but give no second thought when a man wants to do the same with their testicles.

There’s a reason why there are Tax incentives and credits for having children and raising them, just enough to seem like a good deal if you don’t got a lot going for you in terms of money. But not enough to sustain a wealthy or affluent lifestyle, because let’s face it, children are expensive as fuck. They’ll drain you of money, time and resources, all for society to profit from future debt slaves after they get their two college degrees in Basket Weaving or some retarded saturated STEM field.

Accidental pregnancies, provide more human liquidity and human capital to make more workers. So, sexual education is shit as always, and this also brings up another point, Abortions. Abortions means no kid, means no human, means no slavie wagie worker. So Abortions are typically banned from a Labor Economics standpoint of supplying Human Liquidity

The above points are obviously hyperbole, but it sorta kind of makes sense if you narrowly focus on Human Capital as the solle-means of policy making. More people means better chances or some shit, it’s a numbers game for these twats.

But think about it hard for a moment, if we were to 180 all of the above policies, do you really think we’ll have enough children to sustain future generations? We’d be near zero population, and would slowly dwindle being old heavy. I mean, congress is already ran by old geriatric dementia patients in their 70s. We’d be fucked if we have no new blood to take up the mantle of being and perpetuating the society. But, whatever, let it collapse, fuck it, that’s already the path we want to head.

Unless of course, we learn our wicked ways of being laazy fuck boys and greedy lazy pigs. To learn hard and fair work. Lmao, good fucking luck.

Here’s a look at Korea;

Because I call the shots in my shit-article, shiticle, so read more garbage I’m posting, It’ll make less sense after you finish,

So Korea in 1963 had an Age distribution of a Pyramid shape. Which is great for pyramid scheme and ponzie related activities such as ‘life’.

-The ideal distribution
Blue is male, and red is Female

Overall Pyramid structures have a sturdy foundation and will last and perpetuate themselves.

Then something happened, idk if it was wealth inequity, or whatever Japan’s birthrate problems migrated over, or something about population density, but Korea’s Age distribution started to become Top Heavy. They started fanning out like a Christmas Tree. Which means that It’s “too big for it’s Briches’ and will likely collapse from the lack of Human Capital Regeneration. Thus we have an issue. Something that China is also sort of working on stabalizing with it’s one child policy and other population control programs.

The start of a collapse

What’s great about all of this is that if you notice that it is an age distribution, then you’ll be aware that there are fewer and fewer older people at the top. And that there is a large spike in the middle. Which implies that infant mortality and low birth rates are a thing.

So, do we count abortions as infant mortality or not?

I personally believe that I don’t give a fuck, and that we should just agree that abortion is killing babies, and that we should allow it.

I’m also drunk, lmao, let’s fucking gooooo.

In Closing

At some point, I started rambling about random shit and I don’t even remember what I’m talking about. So for that, I hope this article finds you, so that you may smell the shit in its unglory then pinch your face in disgust. Lmao.

I didn’t read Das Kapital, because who the fuck wants to do that? Anyways, if I were to speculate on what Das Kapital would be about, it would probably describe all the dumb shit that I spoke of but in a whiny political lens and espouse other key words and tricky phrases like ‘exploitation’ and ‘surplus labor value’. What a fucking Con-man.

Because Karl Marx is just another shit poster that spins the truth, I’m just here to shit the truth, spin the post, and make haha jokes. Ever see Shit hit a fan? (SH)It goes flying Everywhere.

Whatever, point being Human Liquidity.

Uh, I mean, Liquidity. Yas.

It’s a pool of men and women clawing to swim and navigate this shitty existence of life in all it’s glory and unglory and ebbs and flows. Because something something water and I hate swimming.

You know they depict hellscapes with a bunch of tormented souls clawing at their chance to be in the limelight? Those hands reaching for a future to swim ontop of corpses for some deluded sense of salvation?

A sea of hands clawing for feigned freedom

All of this is as is, as is life that is, is that?

Side note, I know I’d make a shit politician because of the way that I treat my body. You see, I abuse my body, by selling my blood for monies and buying more alcohol to get tanked on a budget. Think about it, When it comes to Blood Alcohol Content, Alcohol isn’t the only concentration that you can fuck with.

If you,
Lower the Blood,
you get drunk faster.

No Safe Bets and all that usual shit, yea, cheers and BAC to the mooooon!

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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