How to be an idiot

Before we start I want to supply an obligatory Lmayo. . . Alright, now for the show,

Here’s a guide for how to be an idiot.

So what is an idiot?

Idiot comes from the Greek word -idios, meaning ‘individual’.

So an ‘idiot’ is a ‘free thinker’ or someone that is their own person. An individual.

A person with agency or their own self-governance and sovereignty.


However, due to medical terminology (and disliking individuals that go against the hive-mind echo-chamber group-think), Idiot has evolved into a derogatory term in the modern world.

And if you think Idiot means ‘stupid’, then you also learned the (mis)information fed to you by society. The society wants you to be a stupid cog, and use your social slave cognomen to remain a cog. And if you don’t know what I’m saying, that’s because Society has done a great deal of (dis)service to you, simply by you not doing a great deal of service for yourself.

And sometimes people refer to society as ‘the system’ or ‘the man’, man.

See, your inability to not be proactive to a conspiratorial level is your fault. That’s the true ignorance. But let’s try to get you to learn how to be an idiot, starting with a philosophical question.

To be or not to be?

Should everyone be an idiot?

Probably not, but idk. That’s like my opinion. Here are three possible outcomes of idiocy;

1. Some people who become idiots do really really dumb things.

Sadly, (or if you’re into that kind of thing) they end up wining the Darwin awards;

Which means they get a quick ticket to finding out if they’re immortal or not,

Like teens who play Russian roulette with a loaded semi-automatic. You know, Darwin awards.

I’d cite sources, but I’d rather have you dig for em
That way you realize how common this type of shit is.

When you learn about teenagers being stupid having ‘teenage fun’;


2. The other end of idiocy is to become ‘Too smart’ for your own good.

Then you become depressed and sad, you might even become suicidal.


(But this time with depression)

Which means they get a quick ticket to finding out if they’re immortal or not, (again)

Or the third alternative;

3. You fester lingering thoughts pondering a cloud of musings into a bunch of mad machinations of the mind and develop even madder ideas down a descent of spiraling chaos and insanity losing (mind) control to the abyssal void of abstractions into depraved grandeur.

Hearing the voices, the feelings, and especially feeling Da Urges. Especially something with writing a manifesto and constantly being meme’d about how the industrial revolution and it’s consequences. . .

Madness consume, Saneness be damned.

Aaaaand now everyone thinks you’re crazy or insane.

So you might not want to be an idiot if you go to coo-coo land and start doing things.

So How to be an idiot?

Simple, ignore the news and media.

Part of the modern definition of ‘idiot’ is also ‘ignorant’. So if you Ig-nore everything then you’re on your way to the path of idiocy.

“FAKE NEWS” -45th President
I mean, he wasn’t wrong.

It’s all fake anyways,

Just a bunch of propaganda and rumor mills fed to you using big words.

Honestly, most of it is fear-porn, that just makes you afraid so you actively try to listen and stay-up-to-date that way you don’t miss out. Like a cliff hanger but full of worries and suspense.

In fiction, news today has been pretty fucking bad for your health. Besides that,

This was one of the points Anchorman 2 was trying to cover but people wanted funny vibeo and no-thinky about life vidoe;

-Here’s the script proving It’s a world full of shillings for shills

Ratings are important because that’s how they sell the news. The news isn’t bought for by the viewer. No, the news is bought for by advertisement blocks by the sponsored companies that actually make money.

So Ratings are more important than actual facts or truth or anything that doesn’t generate buzz. Let alone something that goes against the editorial, which receives the most pay by the private shareholders of the media companies. These private shareholders get to ‘spin the news’ the way they want to fit their narratives. Most of the time, its something to do with making money. Because Profit-Matters.

It’s almost like there is some sort of elite power struggle conspiracy that you should consider;

Hmmmmmm. . . .

Naah, that’s just fake news.

So people don’t like being idiots because brain hurtz, ha-ha, what idiots.

Just put on a tin foil hat, closed the blinds, ignore that parked windowless van with the satellite antenna down the street full of business casual white collar folks, and just ignore opinions.

Because listening to the news is retarded and not the idiot-way;

“The Lame Stream Media is the Massage”

-Not some Canadian guy

Anyways, smart people talk about smart things and I’m just an Idiot so ignore all that because;

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”

Totally not scripted and totally not reading something that came from a centralized source

You just need to “Trust the experts” and ignore that thing you called ‘intuition’ or common sense. Don’t go off doing your own math and calculations to realize how much spoon-fed bullshit you’re getting. Definitely don’t calculate things on your own. You don’t have the same degree and institutional backing, therefore any math you conduct is non-sanctioned black magic and thus wrong. Regardless of facts.

There is obviously only one side of the story. Obviously the Truth. There are no ‘Two’ sides to a story, that’s obviously a scam by Chinar-ussian influence to make us distrust our obviously trusted media monument. Because the RUSSIANS and the CHINESE just want Americans to be ‘free thinkers’ and more ‘idiots’.

(If you really wizen up, you’ll realize that the global poor people are all on the same side.)

Whatever, here is money guy talking about media;

Point is, you want to be ahead of the news and not lapping up second-hand piss

You gotta treat your time and your attention as something valuable. So you need to watch your ‘information diet’, lmao.

Hence the war of ‘information’ or (dun dun dun!) Info wars.

Heck, even media is saying they’re controlling the way people think;

Being brainwashed just means your washing your brain with shitty information.

Your informational diet is being fluidly flushed with a shitty laxative that lowers your attention span and IQ. You know, like them Tik Tok videos that make most people not even believe they can read an actual book.

Because why would you actually try to read, incorporate, and digest information that could better yourself and community exalting you to have a better life? Ignore that, that’s all FUD when you can have bite sized trivia with small laughs on the go and pretend everything is fine while ignoring even the small problems.

-What happens when you ignore the small problems

Yea, so the media is fake and lies a bunch. The real truth is nested in satirical news or dank memes, what a clown world we live in;

-Quote by this guy or this gal depending, idk

Downsides of being an Idiot.

(Besides the aforementioned suicides)

You might have to break away from your fanatic level friends, family, and co-workers. Essentially if you have to socially-surgically remove yourself expertly away from the hive mind NPC people.

(These fucking clowns)

The logical conclusion is to be a hermit in the mountains away from society, but that’s just some isolationist policy of neutrality. And Neutrality? That’s disgusting,

. . . To reiterate, you could go insane. Being a ‘free person’ and a ‘free thinker’ means that you can dig yourself a really deep hole of thoughts. You might lose parts or all of yourself in the abyss and maybe get swallowed by your shadow. So be careful my fren.

Because if you want freedom, you’ll have to actively discern what is true and false, and that my fren, is a spectrum.

You see, the spectrum of Truth, much like autism, is a bunch of maybes and possibilities and probabilities. There’s truth weaved in to all lies, and lies weaved in to all truths. Half-Truths or some shit.

So, if you’re not up for that task of rolling the intellectual idiot boulder up hill forever, you probably should think hard about whether you want to be an idiot. Or keep not thinking at all and you’ll have the right choice laid out,

The choice is yours, and whatever you choose, it’ll be the right one. . . Or the left one? Fuck;

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

“If you don’t read the news you are uninformed, if you read the news you are misinformed” – Mark Twain
“Definitely don’t read in between the lines” -Twark Main

In Closing

The advice is to definitely be an idiot. Which type? Who cares!

Yep, that’s life for ya.

No safe bets, not even being an idiot is safe.

So, ya know, go and do the thing, but especially don’t forget that Electrolytes are good.

It’s what the plants crave.

People think idiocracy is the future, yet they don’t even know they’re living in a clown world already. right meow.

Because Brawndo uses the same marketing gimmick that you fucking goons lap up,

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

All you’re doing is slinging marketing slogans you idiot. We’re already well deep into idiocracy, I’d say for the last two centuries at least.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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