Random person retracts controversial statements against major Financial Institution(s) on Social Media platform and offers a back-handed retraction. Additionally, I kind of want to see how long I can make the title so here is a few extra words to make the title even longer for absolutely no reason but to test the limits of your reading capacity.

This is a speculatory assessment of retracted words, and as such, should only serve pseudo-educational purposes and in no way shape or form reflect the views of any persons contained here within nor of the writer, author, editor, Martians, or any parties in association with any possible (including quantum uncertainty) words or statements contained here within.

Obviously the words stated here should not be taken as fact, nor should you ever read what was said and start digging into plausibility or research. Because obviously what was said is not completely backed by facts but may or may not be true and may or may not be backed by financial experts with knowledge and information contained there within through corroborated evidence that may or may not be substantiated as speculation and as of such would result in a lawsuit or legal battle resulting in a discovery to reify what is or isn’t speculation. This is all legal jargon because lmayo, but I’m also not responsible nor liable for joke posts because I don’t give a shit. Duh.

In fact, it’s a safer bet to consider this all fiction for illegal purposes.

But also, there’s No Safe Bets, lmao.

So a person who holds a prestigious achievement in the world of finance, a CFA designation,

So this allegedly, this person on LinkedIn;

(Link in to Linkedin profile via proxy)

Said something to the effect of, this;

-on Linked in of all places

And of course, this picture is actually just a screenshot of a screenshot of a made up post and is completely immaterial and should not be used for any legal purposes because why they fuck would you . ahem. Nothing here is Valid and is only for entertainment purposes.

That previous statement was then retracted with this statement;

To which others have made more speculatory memes;

The Peanut Gallery has responded with criticism;

(I didn’t say it was necessarily negative criticism)

Response to the retracted statement

More people are speaking out;

This is obviously not influenced by any other individuals nor is it a movement or a reflection of any prior statements. It definitely is not related nor collateralized by the statements of a retracted and clarification of a clerical error on a social media site full of opinions and not claims. Because claims require evidence. Duh.

Another completely random and unaffiliated voice;

-another random

Streisand effect for further review

It has come to my attention in recent news that not everyone knows everything. For that, I solemnly apologize on behest of my trash-tier posts. For I thought I was redundantly reiterating an alliteration of world events that was commonly known to all. For that, I apologize.

So here’s something that some may not know is a ‘thing’.

The more you try to hide something, the more it proliferates and spreads.

That was as much as I’m willing to explain, thank you for coming to my TED Tok.

For more info, here’s a wiki.

In Closing

This is just a documented shit post for posterity sake, a work of fiction, and that’s a fact.

At least in my opinion.

ANYYwayss, over the weekend there was a high amount of foolery and mischief which seemed to shake the idea of a ‘level headed community’ inside Superstonk. All of that to probably scare the new influx of industry professionals from Linkedin.

Are the mods shills? Probably. Is the Sub compromised? Probably. Is the AI bot ‘satori’ that Superstonk use an actual AI used by bigger financial interests and not generated by some rando’s on the internet out of scratch? Probably.

Is GME short interest high as fuck? Most Definitely, And I put my money where my mouth is muther fucker.

So let’s see if I’m rich as fuck or if I’m still going to wage slave for cuck bucks.

This is all,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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