WSJ tells people to skip meals

Satire is getting harder and harder with how weirder and shittier life is getting. Well, specifically the cynical brand of satire.

As you may notice, I often joke about starving and skipping meals to save money and be rich. Bumming cigarettes to make friends and then bugging them too much so that you’re forced to find new friends because they ghost you.

Turns out, telling people to starve is apparently Main Stream Corporate Media. Apparently it’s sound advice. -Or atleast, it sounds like advice;

I think I might have to start packing my digital bindle, I can’t really compete with a Corpo Media telling people to starve.

The big guys are takin’ mah job.

I personally didn’t read the article because it was behind a paywall. So I’ll give you some money advice since WSJ is saying you can save money by skipping breakfast.

The Advice;

You can save money by not paying WSJ for their paywalls.

In Closing,

I say things sarcastically and satirically. It’s just not fun when the Main Stream and so called ‘Official’ people start saying the same thing unironically. It’s crampin’ my style, and I’m losing style points. Not good for the business of shit posting.

To be fair, Breakfast is a scam. But I don’t like it when the corpos peddling ‘the most important meal of the day’ also want to peddle ‘skip not ship breakfast’. Maybe they’re playing both sides.

When the media is saying shit like ‘just starve lol’, or ‘try not eating lmao’. Then I guess we can reasonably say that the narrative is that;

No Lives Matter

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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