Example of Market manipulation and how the World is all about Shilling

Turns out, you can pay shills with shillings. Shekels for heckles. Bucks for Shmucks.

I’m getting good at this rhyming thing. . .

-Yea, or you can make bot accounts and spam fake internet points like Digg or Reddit or whatever even Twitter.

Just make an influencer account or accounts en masse and you’ve got a paper army (or the proverb in Chinese is called a ‘paper Tiger’).

Point is, you can move pseudo public sentiment by artificially making it up,

This is totally illegal by the way,

What does it look like?

A shit ton of spammed facebook posts with the same words,

It looks like a cut and paste script
Just like this copy pasta, who’s first?
(Hint: I don’t care)

Heck you can do it for some scam coins;

-Some random internet source that I don’t care nor know if true or false
Just take this image as a hypothetical example and contents there within are also hypothetical.

Here, zoomed up for ya;

I think the important thing is;

These people are getting paid,

Like, shills make a shilling,

Hey, if you want to hire me, I’ll do it for money.

-Joking but maybe not if you have enough money
(Spoilers: you don’t)

I mean, what is a ‘paid to publish news article’ if not a shilling from Mainstream media? You buy them to be a mouthpiece and shit out some scat from their megaphone.

Turns out, propaganda and advertisements are socially acceptable shilling.

I mean, what’s a sponsorship if not an advertisement to socially engineer acceptance by using an Icon? You’re sponsoring an event, an athlete, a professional, to use your swag or talk kindly about your goods that you get consoomers to spend their endless amount of money.

And what is affiliate marketing if not sponsorship but backwards?

Affiliate marketing is just selling someone else’s swag using your own fans, followers, and influence. You get a commission based on a percentage of people that buy through your links and codes.

And what is affiliate marketing if not just regular sales?

Like legit, you’re just selling things to people that trust you. Sounds like regular sales to me.

lmao, what a fucking cycle business circle jerk is.

And Because

Everything is sales,

I can argue the following logic;

Shilling -> Media Advertisements

Media Advertisements -> Sponsorships

Sponsorships -> Affiliate Marketing (but backwards)

Affiliate marketing -> Sales

Sales -> Everything


Everything is Shilling and Shilling is Everything

That’s a Not Safe Bet®™©⚖♻♕✨◆❖☻➓☛☚

You rn;

(Don’t turn around)

Or else I’ll be;

(A picture of Me, losing you)

In Closing,

Making small posts seems more efficient, less credible, but easier to consoom. Idk, mixing things up. Wbu?

Yea, turns out, there’s a concerted effort in anything that has money involved. Something about value and desires, follow the paper trail, and something about Profit-Matters.

It’s good that a specific stock tanked on a random day, on no news, and then was retrofitted the next day with bullshit stories that totally make no sense compared to different performance. Almost as if the highest paid shills are the media themselves. Idk, speculation is just that, speculation.

So enjoy this fake Fugazi internet world (let alone this ”real’ity’).

P.S. I’m a French Model and you should definitely do Jelqing (It’s definitely French Modeling Advice),

*Not Valid French Modeling, Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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