InFLaTiOn iS GoOd

This post/article by CNBC;

Got Shat on by the commons, the twitter birds, the average people, the John Q. Publics of the world;

Note how many likes the comments get, while the post by CNBC has about a fifth of that. So these posts trashing CNBC have 6k or 9k likes, and the original post has like some odd 1k amount of likes.

I mention this because the ‘likes’ shows the public’s opinion, so enjoy.

2k likes says the word ‘retard’ is funny

Well turns out, public opinion somewhat matters.

And so CNBC updated their article,

It got updated;

So it went from,

“The Upside to inflation: RiSInG WaGEs”


“It’s not certain rising wages will be enough to outpace inflation”

That change in title is more than enough to point the discrepancies in thought and sentiment.

As a side note;

The US dollar and economy have been inflating the currency at about 2% since, idk, the 70s.

Also this is a chart of federal minimum wage, so, turns out, inflation doesn’t mean shit because the metrics that the Fed bois use is piss poor in my unexpert opinion;

That blue line is a scam, ignore it

Also, because inflation -is a thing- that means the value of money changes even if your pay changes;

So that $7 per hour minimum wage, is the about the same as $1 in the 70s

These are obviously made up facts and the Cantillon effect is also hogwash, so ignore everything here.

Yes, that’s right, if inflation is 2% every year or so, then you would need to have a raise of about 3% to beat inflation and get paid a comparable wage (including taxes and other bullshit).

So if you’re not making more than 3% year-over-year, then you’re getting poorer by the day.

And that’s a generous 3% minimum, because let’s face it. Money Printer going BRRR, asset inflation and commodities super cycle with the current housing market being bought up by both Domestic and Foreign interests. Turns out that real inflation is a mess and it’s got ebs and flows and is a spotty dense flux of price changes on a map of goods and services. Meaning that it’s probably not 2% every year, so get fuked.

Well, that 25 cent raise a year is doing real good, right?

How about them gold prices that we got off of in the 70s?

About a 700% increase since we stopped pegging the Dollar to gold and started using fiat in 1971 ish.
Almost seemed rigged, to be honest.
So your dollar is basically not worth as much as you once thought you were and we have a bunch of Terrorists doing Economics.

Also, complete side note, if you think gold prices are high. . . Then let me let you in on a secret. There is price suppression of gold to do some financial fuckery on certain bankie’s balance sheets (it’s a long rabbit hole to explain). So the real value of gold is way more than this weird gross adjusted 700%. LMAO.

But everything is subjective, including value and gold, lmao.

What I’m saying is, I hate Monetary policy and Economic Terrorists.

They’re basically one and the same.

In Closing;

There’s a lot of theory and reasons for why the world is going to shit.

I don’t care.

In fact, I didn’t put any effort into this article, I just wanted to show how the world thinks CNBC is a joke.

Lmao, I’ll die, you’ll die, and the world will go on with or without us.

That’s arguably a safe bet.

But also,

No Safe Bets

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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