Gotta love inflation

Inflation, so transitory that even the dollar store items aren’t a dollar;

Yea, yea, sure, we see prices go Up like the stonk market on all days besides a non-Covid-New-Variant release date DLC, but uh-

I mean, is Inflation even real?

Here’s a chart to relate everything to Consumer Price Index; (because fuck you)

House Prices YoY in white
CPI in Yellow

Golly gee, it’s almost like some sort of fuck shit happened in the 1970s. Don’t worry, I’ve included that chart to make it seem like there is something to be said about all this hogwash.

Apparently even the WSJ has a hot take;

They (WSJ) thinks that you can combat inflation by doing something that’s unconventional and never been done before in the history of ever,

That’s right, bartering;

Turns out, people are literally just giving things away, lmao.

On top of that, people are trading for things, eyeballing things and getting things here and there.

Also, ever heard of Skimpflation?

It’s also called ‘shrinkflation’, where companies just offer less of their product for the same price,

Both Family Sizes,
Both priced to package

This one might not be shrinkflation per se, just lazy and sleezy marketing;

lmao, there is even a subreddit r/shrinkflation dedicated to our economic death throes;

More can be found here;

I don’t know about you, but when Nutty Bars became ‘Nutty Buddy’ I lost my shit;

Same Price,
Different Quality and Size
Let this image be a picture
of your fleeting childhood
Things will never be the same

Same picture, but the Nutty Buddy is a chubby chode, I like my Nutty Bar Long Dick style, and they done fucked with the recipe too. It doesn’t taste the same, these cock -M@$()*#%.

Like forreal, I was upset when they did me dirty like that. Right in my childhood.

Anyways, NPR has a talk about this shtuff if you’re interested in Legacy Media tawk;

Skimpflation isn’t new

In the bright side of things, with our Buying power going down and serving sizes also going down, maybe we’ll have starving people. That’s a good thing, because these obesity rates in America make no god damn sense. So hopefully our Cardiac and Obesity related comorbidities go down with this totally unrelated Flu-like virus going around.

Also, who invented the word ‘comorbidity’? That’s a fucking scam.

I do want to thank Inflation tho,

Can’t forget to pat myself on the back
When I give them round of ‘Atta boys’ out

For me, inflation was the straw that broke the camels back for realizing how poor as fuck I was. When I realized my money devalues itself being stored in a bank, that the inflation rate of 2%+ was beating any sort of ‘savings’ my bank was making me.

That was the moment I realized, the system doesn’t reward savings, it rewards risks and risk takers.

Ever since then, I’ve been gambling like a degen and I’ve gotten stooopidly rich as fuck from it.

Not filthy rich, but I’m making progress, lmao.

It was thoughts that looked like this, that made me hustle even harder;

This is exactly how my mind worked with regards to besting inflation and making money. Also the reason why I say, “Fuck Bankies”.

Also, fun fact;
“inflation is dead” was a sentiment that existed in the 60s. . . That was until we got a big dick slap by oil and our fiat money. Inflation to the mooon. lmayo.

Here’s the kernel of knowledge;

To reward you for sifting through this shit post,

When it comes to liquidity
There can be too much or too little
Liquidity is the sort of water grease that helps economic transactions occur

Economic Transactions like Economic Intercourse, you know, trade

Too much liquidity and you drown as the economic machine inflates itself
and the goods and services either trail beyond inflation
or there is too much cash on hand and not enough goods.
This is all dependent on how our money holes and money sinks work.

Either way, Consumer prices will disassociate with values and demand and supply and other things.

Too little and it becomes dry as fuck, making friction in trades and thing will eventually come to
A. Grinding. Halt.

I honestly believe that economists don’t understand temporal wormholes of 4th dimensional bypass-high-way infrastructure to even remotely deal with the ‘real economy’. So I have opted to hate Economics, Economies, and especially most Economists.

Because if you understand ‘fluid dynamics’ and ‘wormhole theory’ then you’d be better equip to actually deal with how money works.

But uh, Soft science and statistics with R-Values.

I might unironically get an economics degree to shit on economics

In Closing,

Hey, side note, the expression ‘off the reservation’ is racist slang against Native Americans that went off the reservation. It’s used as a euphemism to mean someone is driving out of their ‘lane’ or going ‘off the rails’ like a conductor derailing the train that is there life. I’m not saying you should stop using that phrase, I just want you to know where it comes from. Be Racist if you want, I don’t care.


Honestly, I could write and trash talk the Federal Reserve and Economists all day about inflation and other retarded economic stances. There’s like no end to my trash talk. lmao.

Money is volatile, just like a flame, it will burn up and die. Forever. but ashes on-to the wind.

I say this, because the only thing that matter then, is the moment you have, the memories you make, emotions you feel, and everything that is real to you, hence a ‘real’-ity;

For we are born empty handed, and we are to die empty handed,

So all there is to do, is Spend

(Unless you’re Egyptian)

(And reverse that, if you’re a Gypsy)

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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