Black Friday, protests and resignations

So, there is this prevailing theme that occurs after people realized they’re getting fucked.

You know, this whole covid thing made people wise, realizing that a majority of the system is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The smoking gun was how most businesses were locked down and shut down during the lockdowns, yet people were making a large profit on top of workers still working.

Yet there were ‘essential workers’ of burger flippers and dreaded retail that were receiving their ‘essential pay’ of minimum wage or worse, tipped minimum wage. So with this deadly virus allegedly going around, people weren’t receiving combat or hazard pay increases, which upset a lot of people.

All the while, rich corporations and gambling degeneracy in the stonk market makes everything look like a pump and dump that is afforded the opportunity to go to the moon. Besides having that billionaire space race. Anyhoot, this rightfully pissed off a large group of disgruntled people called the ‘working class’ or whatever that means.

Before, Black Friday was a Death Celebration, but nowadays it’s slowly changing from a profit breaking scam to a protest against the affluent conglomerates of sales and consoomer products.

Because it’s basically a scam;

How the scam works,

Here’s proof of the scam;

Notice that 50,000 people updooted it?
It’s like this is a pretty well-known scam,
This picture itself is a bit of a meme,
and it will express itself as such

The rise of r/Antiwork and twitter birds espousing the injustices coupled with the ‘wake-up’ call of covid lockdowns ‘essential workers’ resulted in this-

More protests;

To include a hashtag #strikesgiving

more No-Shows;

When anyone says something is ‘mandatory’, then based on my respect for them, will determine how ‘mandatory’ it really is. Lmao.

really awkward when there’s worker solidarity,
I mean, you can’t fire half your staff, lmao

People are even offering their own Black Friday Special, Quitting -lmao.

They are even offering advice;

And I thought, my trash advice was trashy.

People even created small little microcosms of microcosms of interaction to, well, interact in;

Which is brigading other subs and resulting in some bans, lmao;

Whatever, I guess, it’s a small foot note in the sea of something.

Time will tell if any of this is meaningful or impacts the ‘bottom line’ of money money money, because as always;

Profits Matter.

Here’s a blurb before I close up;

These were some of my editorial SparkNotes about Black Friday from LAST year that I didn’t mention, because -reasons-. It reads like a poem, somewhat;

The poor gets poorer

The rich gets richer

Black Friday has seen record growth in many multi million dollar industries.

Why you ask?
New laws limit capacity of businesses.

Big businesses do not care.

Small business do care.

More so, Big Businesses can afford the fines and the police to not care,

Small businesses can’t afford those luxuries.

95 percent of businesses are small businesses.

So all that business from the ninety five percent practically go to big companies.

People who don’t have a job, need cheap shit.

So of course they go for the integrated multi business corporations for five cents less.

Because fuck small business.

And fuck local business.

Politicians allow the rape of the local economy, with bought out pockets.

In Closing

I was personally going to go out today to grab a few packs of red bulls to binge drink my liver into explosion over the weekend, then I remembered it was Black Friday, and I didn’t want to be around people (gross).

So I decided to write a small blurb with minimum effort on today, about today, using only the time in today, and talk about some stuff.

Last year, I made fun of the deaths that occurred from Black Friday, (which was great). Also, look out for them Black Friday scuffles and bouts. People finna straight up fight and black each other’s lights out in the chaos of today. -ahem-

This year, people are protesting as the new tradition or fad, (i.e. scroll up)

My forecast tells me next year, there’s going to be riots and Black Friday will become a controversial subject with regards to chaos in some purge-like festivities of more death coupled with protests.

Like this, but on Black Friday

My other forecast is telling me that the corporations will extend Black Friday into all of November, thereby preventing Workers from missing an entire month of work in an attrition of protests and time. This would of course, trickle out deals all throughout the week, making people work extra hard for the holidays. So, uh, this is also likely.

So, uh, let’s bet on it?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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