Minimum wage, a discussion

TLDR; Minimum wage has to go up, and I’m of the mind that it should go up progressively.

Let’s discuss,

Inflation goes to the moon, Consumer Pricing index (CPI) is detached from Housing, and basically no one can afford rent by themselves on Minimum wage alone.

You can read my thoughts on inflation here, and here if you don’t believe in inflation or something.

So, part of the problem is housing and that’s a load of fuck shit.

And the other part of the problem is taxes, and that’s also a load of fuck shit.

There are even people who make 100k a year that are living paycheck to paycheck,

and I’m just thinking, what the fuck?

But let’s focus on minimum wage.

Why do people get minimum wage jobs? Because that’s all they got.

Before they looked for a dream job, then good job, then well paying job, then any job. And the worst that any job can pay is (with the exception of wage theft) minimum wage (or tipped min);

The word ‘Job Market’ is disgusting

So people sell themselves because the other option is to starve, be homeless, and/or die. Not much voluntary control or power here.

People who use the word ‘Job market’
Are likely to be struggling,
And people who say ‘unskilled labor’
Are probably cunts

So you whore yourself out for some cash, typically minimum wage via some job that has a quick training tempo and probably unrealistically high turnover rates;

Remember you’re a whore too

Minimum wage, is supposed to provide a living wage. A wage that’s more than enough to survive, a wage enough to also live and thrive.

Technology has progressed further and further, meaning that wages are disconnected from actual productivity, and now we have multi-Trillion dollar conglomerates and corporate oligarchs extending multi-state and multi-national reach that still offer minimum wage pay.

To what consumers, you may ask? Well the buying power of the target demographic become yet smaller and smaller, cutting into profit margins, so -uh- yea.

So the problem with the minimum wage pay, is that it’s the bare minimum, which in most cases means that it won’t sustain any sort of living, let alone pay rent for anything larger than half a couch.

Not only rent, but food and other necessities. Simple. Bare. Necessities.

AAAaand coupled with the fact that Billion dollar corporations are still paying minimum wage, means that if they could pay lower than that, they would.

So Companies and corporations are doing the bare minimum.

Because a minimum or a maximum, when established, becomes a target. It’s like psychology 101 or some shit. A scam, but also a necessary scam (like a necessary evil) in some ways.

And that minimum is disconnected from the real or local economy of things, and isn’t enough to pace for inflation (simply because it hasn’t changed). So minimum wage isn’t enough for a standard of any living. Thus it has to go up.

But the question becomes, how do we raise it? Because a flat increase is also retarded.

Let’s segue into a rando rant before I provide my solution, just so you know that minimum wage is really a paltry sum in living in America.

Rando Twitter rant,

This tweet lead to a link of this person’s blog talking about the origins of minimum wage and dunking on the right or conservatives or something politics and I stopped caring.


When it comes to minimum wage increase,

most people are worried about inflation;

But of course, inflation doesn’t worry about most people.


If you don’t know, it’s super expensive being broke and poor. It’s a vicious cycle of trying to survive and constantly paying for shit because security and the idea of stability is some far off dream like world peace or some shit.

My (quasi half-assed) solution,

We do some sort of progressive minimum wage.

A company should pay enough money for their employees to live a good life based on the profit structure of the size and scope of the company.

If a company has less than 100 employees, including contract workers, then that company should have a minimum wage of $15 an hour or so.

If a company has less than 1,000 employees, including contract workers, and visa employees, then that company should have a minimum wage of $50 an hour or so.

You could even make the progressive minimum wage based on facility size, a warehouse of 10 workers should be paid proportional to the amount of property and assets they oversee. Similarly a factory of 200 workers should be paid accordingly to the skills and service they provide.

Franchises would be operated in a similar scope and manner, where frontline workers would enjoy the benefit and rates of a minimum wage that would be equivalent to the size of the chain, with a variable rate based on State.

These are simply me just spit ballin’ random ideas and numbers. But you sort of get the idea of ‘progressive’ and can use this as an Idea or template to go from there. Therefore a small business won’t be severely fucked by a large incremental raise, while also properly compensating an enterprise of large business’ employees size and scope.

Because if you’re able to make billions of dollars in profit, then you can at least afford to pay your employees more than minimum wage. . . (I’m looking at you Walmart, and others)

A good chunk of minimum wagies out here

Another solution; Decrease corporate pay-gapes;

One of the really awesome things about Black Beard the Pirate was that he ran his ship with a democratic vote system and had charisma. The Captain only made twice what everyone else made. So the wage gap was literally 2 to 1.

This also included the voting system.

Now obviously as size and population of such a system increases, it’ll be a lot harder to work with that group. But that’s a talk of autocracy and governance, All I’m trying to get at is that the wage gap between boss and employee shouldn’t be where it’s at. Like at all.

It’s evident that for society to progress,

That we need living wages and living conditions,

Not working wages and working conditions,

We need to live or else people are going to lower the human liquidity and depopulate ourselves with anti-natalists because Life sucks;

Having kids to be a wage slave is a shit deal.

And by the by, Tipped Min Wage is

Slave Labor.

Let’s call it for what it is, Slave Labor. Working for free under grueling stress for no reason,

Tip and gratuity is not the same,

Servers get less then minimum wage, because of some stupid-ass loophole written into law. So they work for tips.

So ‘patrons’ or people eating literally have to directly pay the servers for their service. That means the Bar or restaurant works as a sort of host, where servers whore themselves by being ‘nice’ for a panhandling paltry sum. Tipped Minimum wage is panhandling disguised as a job.

Meaning the restaurants and Bars are expecting you to directly pay the server based on how you feel. And in general, the people that eat out can be complete dicks, meaning that the server’s won’t always or even mostly get a good tip.

Then there are large shitty tables where ‘gratuity is included’.

Then there’s taxes.

So Fuck you, the waiter/waitress, and the restaurant,

Also, fuck shitty restaurants;

Some are struggling to get by, but they don’t help to help their employees that are also struggling. Like Payroll comes first, and you should definitely make sure your employees will live to see the light of day;

Yet companies keep charging superfluous fees that ruin service and Undoubtably lowers tips due to an enraged customer caught off guard for having to pay extra fees that are not publicly disclosed.

Meaning that less tips hurt the waiters and waitresses, meaning that the Restaurants charging dumb shit are hurting their Tipped Employees. So, fuck these places.

A short discuss on unemployment;

During the in-processing/on-hiring, the company does a cost analysis for having you onboard and instead of paying you more, they pay for shit like unemployment insurance. They have to factor in fees and taxes, to include federal, state, local, and unemployment.

And we know insurance is a scam.

So you might get less than what you can bargain for because your potential wage gets reduced for superfluous fees that goes to things like taxes and to pay for unemployment benefits, which are quite frankly, locked behind a circus course of hoops to jump through.

So if you have a shittier wage potential, while also being cucked into not having a job because -reasons-. Then you might not be entitled to that unemployment pay. Especially if you quit voluntarily and put yourself in unemployment.

What a fucking joke. Why would we pay for a system that doesn’t voluntarily help us out when we are in need? What’s the point of government and taxes when the services are blocked behind bureaucracy and paywalls? You’re just paying for a shitty money hole at that point.

And there’s a larger discussion here on unemployment, but that’s for another day because Taxes exist and fund this shit, and you pay for it (directly and indirectly), and fuck you.

I, as a wage slavie, saw the lucrative offer of doing literally nothing and making a decent chunk of my pay. I was eyeing those Covid unemployment checks as if they were a good thing. Which, I mean, they were.

Because why would I work the hours I work for money, when I could not work and make 70%ish of what I would make?

Obviously if unemployment offers more than minimum wage or part-time, perhaps the job itself isn’t enough for an actual sustainable living?

It’s almost like unemployment benefits offer more than minimum wage.

That minimum wage isn’t enough.

Almost. like.

A Big Problem with raising the minimum wage is;

The pay scale for everything will have to increase by a fuck ton. For government workers.

Which applies to Military as well. Meaning our deficit spending will go up by bucket loads of cum. With everyone in every government pay scale also receiving a higher amount of pay or adjustments to track with housing prices and such.

Which is fine, because we have retarded monetary policy printers that have made taxes obsolete. So, tell the Fed reserve to fire up that printer, and tell the Budget to make the ceiling infinite.

Yet, inflation will fuck us probably, and that’s for better or worse. Lmao.

Speaking of government,

Taxes are retarded as fuck,

So I was moonlighting two to three jobs and a side hustle.

Lemme tell you, the whole tax system made it so that I was making severely less money working more. Something to do with mandatory withholdings and being retarded of a system.

So get this, society’s Tax system is intrinsically limiting my ability to contribute to society (by reducing monetary incentive), which means, that I am dis-incentivized by the tax system from providing excess labor.

So obviously I quit those retarded jobs, because why the fuck would I work more for less?

Hence why the idea of ‘overtime’ and ‘withholdings’ for ‘payroll taxes’ are retarded as fuck.

Basically our tax system makes it so that it projects how much you should save in ‘withholdings’ for the tax man to collect.

As if that’s not stealing the time value of your labor from making your own earnings turn into a profit by making you arbitrarily hold onto your own money because they don’t trust you to use it.

But No, instead, you have to wait for Uncle Sam to stop cupping your balls to begin to use the money. Which is locking up your potential buying, spending, and investing power preventing you from moving forward in life.

While also removing monetary liquidity from the real economy. So Withholding Taxes are retarded As Fuck. They should just take some money out of your pay check monthly for taxes owed the previous cycle. Instead of making you hold onto a random amount projected and then play the guessing game for how much you owe, all paid in a lump sum, and if you’re wrong then you owe more? It’s not as if the Government isn’t literally printing this shit out of thin air and at interest-debt. For fuck sakes, I hate this system so godddang much some fuckin times.

Back to minimum wage discussion,

Some positives;

There are some positives if people actually pay people better. Because a Business’ goal is to make money, so the people that a business should best hire is a person who likes making money (in some broad sense).

The best businesses make money from clients, not skimping their employees.

What is this, an MLM pyramid scheme?

To be honest, people give a damn proportional to their pay. If you want me to care more or do more jobs, then give me more money. lmao.

Hell, I mistakenly worked a little harder to get pay that matches my extra hard work after talking to my manager about meeting deadlines ahead of schedule. I objectively was better than my peer-group in terms of growth and acceleration, with no accidents and flawless performance. Yet, I didn’t get a good raise proportional to my peers, so I’ve decided to drag my feet and meet them with the amount of work proportional to how my quality of life was when I originally got hired on.

Meaning that I did what I normally do and not more, especially when they doubled the quotas. I just kept to the same quota. Why the fuck would I work more for the same pay?

You want me to do X, Y, and Z, when last month I got paid the same to do X and Y?

Yea, Z can go fuck itself.

Just don’t be tone deaf;

And make it seem like you’re not appeasing to some money starved slaves to work the grill;

This is more for companies, who have no loyalty to their real customers (their employees),

And look at other countries for the right answer. I mean, History that we live is an open book test. AND you can cheat by copying the good stuff from other countries.


When it comes to minimum wage discussion, you shouldn’t have to force (business owners) people to decide what price they have to fork over to pay people,

But also, you shouldn’t have to force people to be indentured slaves fighting for scraps if they’re providing a large portion of your real income in a business.

It’s a bit of a battle, because small business owners aren’t responsible for life style choices and the rising increase of inflation and the fact that the Federal Reserve is literally printing money. So it’s not really as easy as telling the Small business owner’s that they should pay more or go out of business. Coupled with the fact that we have retarded state policies that lockdown and shut down entire operations of small businesses for Covid reasons, and then also offer Government Loans and PPP loans to the very same businesses.

Essentially putting a debt collar around small businesses to survive, after having created the artificial shortage themselves (government’s doing) by requiring the small businesses to literally not operate, while the businesses still had to make payments on rental equipment and land and other costs and fees, or even a start up loan.

Because all those fees that ticked away at the business owner’s wallets was the risk intrinsic to the business venture, the things that employees generally don’t have to worry about because they aren’t directly exposed to it (unless the boss starts firing people and laying them off or ‘budget cuts’).

Because at the end of the day, Employees get paid their sweat equity based on pre-agreements, and what’s ever left over, is for overhead and other costs, and then it’s the equity owners that gets paid. In an ideal world, equity owners get paid last.

So if you’re an employee, find a contractual agreement with pay agreeable to the size and scope of the job you will be performing. Know your worker’s rights and don’t get abused.

If you want to get paid last, risking even losing your own pay, then go ahead and be an equity owner, invest in stonks, bonds, other debt-assets, and get interests in equity today.

Yes, it’s rough being an employee and worrying about making ends meat, to survive, get food, and provide for family and loved ones.

And it’s also rough being an entrepreneur and being responsible for the profitability of your company just. To. Make. Payroll. Because now you’re also worrying about the families of your employees. That’s the burden of leadership, where once you might have to feed your family, but now you feed an entire communities’ family.

But of course not all bosses are good, and some of them are shit, and deserve to fail with their own business’ and shortcomings because failure is a great teacher in showing them that their ways and fears are their own undoing. And they probably deserve it too or something.

I don’t know, the world is a fucked place, the best we can do is try to unfuck this tangled ball of fuck-shit as smartly as possible. Delicate or otherwise.

In Closing,

Let-me throw in an arcane quote to keep you degens engaged;

I propose that a Progressive Edict of Minimum wage that is variable to local municipalities and contingent on Company size, articles of incorporation, and structure, to be considered.

I, of course, won’t do any sort of political movements or motions. Simply because I’m Anti-Political.

I have spoken,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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