Tipped Min wage is Slave Labor

This is a modified and expounded upon (abridged even) version found in the article ‘Minimum wage a discussion’. An alternative title to this article would be; “Tipped Wage is a Scam” I like the oomphf factor of the current title though. Just -for the record-.

Let’s call it for what it is, Tipped min wage is Slave Labor. Working for “free” degrading yourself under grueling stress for no reason. It’s basically free because your wage won’t improve incrementally just because you worked extra hours when compared to the looming threat of cost-of-living and inflation.

I mean, sure $2.50 an hour sure sounds like it covers the cost of gas to and fro work. But it doesn’t and it’s retarded. If you think about the price of goods and services rendered, you’d think you’d be paid a little more;

Also, you pay taxes on those two dollars. And, if you do your math right, that means you don’t really even make 2 dollars an hour. so. . . Suck on that I guess?

So yea, Tipped min wage is panhandling but worse.

Here’s a bold thought, dear cotton, what if;

“Tip” and “Gratuity” are not the same?

Servers get less than minimum wage, because of some stupid-ass loophole written into law. So they essentially “work for tips” even though working solely for tips is illegal as an hourly employee yet after taxes, that’s basically what’s happening.

So ‘patrons’ or people eating literally have to directly pay the servers for their service. That means the Bar or restaurant works as a sort of host, where servers whore themselves by being ‘nice’ for a panhandling paltry sum.

Your inspirational quote quota for the day

Tipped Minimum wage gigs is just panhandling disguised as a job.

Meaning the restaurants and Bars are expecting you (the customer) to directly pay the server based on how you feel. And in general, the people that eat out can be complete dicks, meaning that the server’s won’t always (or even mostly) get a good tip.

Then there are large shitty tables where ‘gratuity is included’. Like having a party of six or more so that ‘gratuity is forced’ upon the buyer.

Like get that. The literal term being that;

We’re forcing you to be thankful. Be Grateful.

Then there’s taxes.

So Fuck you, the waiter/waitress, and the restaurant,

Point of this incoherent rant, is that everyone loses because restaurants are essentially requiring customers to pay directly for the services of employees instead of properly going through the channel of the business owner as in a traditional exchange. It’s to the point where you should be forced to be “grateful”, less the server works like a literal slave for literally no pay.

It’s really slavery when your ‘server’ servant position gets treated more like shit compared to a 1099 contracted salesman. Think about it, you have less ‘liberties’ (get off your phone, go see-t the guests) afforded to you and less guarantee of pay compared to the true guarantee that you’ll work. So you literally work without the assurance of pay. Like, no commissions.

Let that sink in a little.

(Atleast with a sales gig, you’ll get some commission, -or- you just signed up for a bad sales gig doing a million in sales for some shitty phone company or something. Like the amount of sales people that get paid chump change for making millions, is literally a lot. But they often get more than typical waiters/waitresses)

A “Gratuity” is the good gift of grace that you give out of gratitude or thankfulness. For being met with exceptional service and being tended to for your needs. Not two glasses of water and ‘what do you want?’ given by a person who obviously has bigger issues than resigning their life to the misery that is their current occupation of ‘serving you’. It’s alright, their gaze into your eyes is just the last candle-lit-flame that shows telltale signs that they haven’t given up just yet.

A “Tip” is a hollow form of a word that is now contemporarily semantically ubiquitous to that of an exchange in payment rendered and tendered for services provided. It has evolved backwards from a small piece, to being ‘the whole thing’, seeing as how society wants patrons to be forced to patronize servants and servers to be paid their full wage rather than having their host/slave-master pay them a living wage.

To reiterate, a Tip is no longer the tip. -It has become ‘the whole thing’.

Tipped service is pan handling at best and slavery at worse

You shouldn’t have to expect a tip from any party, making it a “cultural thing” is just propaganda to not pay fair wages.

Waiters and Waitresses and service workers are spouting out this nonsense phrase;

“If you don’t want to tip DONT GO OUT.”

As if an optional tip is now mandatory because they desperately need the pay that they don’t otherwise get from their actual job. It’s simple, they aren’t getting paid enough and are blaming the people who don’t tip. You know, instead of their boss which pays them directly for working and also establishes the rules.

Yea, so the boss man or the master isn’t paying the waiters or waitresses enough, and now they rely on customers to make up the difference. Imagine being a slave working the farms and getting upset at people who haggle to buy the crops instead of the slave master that’s making you a slave.

Some companies are even limiting how much you can tip, So I guess they are artificially placing a ‘cap’ on gratuity;

Typically, it’s the Store owner, restaurant, or the company that is withholding either tip, paying a living wage, or both.

When in doubt, don’t blame the customer. Blame the system. Why should you be upset for a customer paying sticker price? Shouldn’t the sticker price pay for you too? Do you really want to gamble and work for uncertain pay? You’re getting a more raw deal than the used car dealer.

Like I’d rather go to the casino to gamble than work in the service industry, since I’ll at least have fun, be relaxed, and make more money at the casino. (Well, odds are, as a betting man, I say.)

It’s highly possible for a server to go to work and not make money. To go to work and lose money. It’s more likely when the pay isn’t guaranteed.

A look at Food Delivery;

Food delivery services charge you an arm and a leg to deliver you food, yet the fees don’t cover the drivers need for tips. The best part is, many delivery services have you TIP BEFORE SERVICE.

Yes, your tip is displayed before you get service, that way you can logically tip before service. Because that totally makes sense and I’m being utterly sarcastic as fuck. Because this is a real thing;

Yea, other hot takes like;

If you don’t tip a high tip, then people won’t pick up your food delivery order and it will expire. Thus your food never gets delivered and health code violations galore occur because your food can’t be left out cold and be served as ‘fresh’ or ‘up to (health) code’ because of the wait. Now the restaurants are at a loss and you still don’t get your food. Everyone loses. Great.

It’s definitely not like some passive corporation is profiting a nice fiver or tenner from other people’s labor while not doing much that warrants getting more pay than the actual workers or restaurants. Like why should the service fee be more than 10% if it doesn’t even cover the cost of delivery -in which they expect to be paid in via tips.

Point is, these mega-corporations are making customers fight employees over unfair wages that are the fault of the Mega-Corporations. And yea, I really do mean Mega Corps and all lesser Corps;

If the business wasn’t profitable, why the fuck would it be in several states and countries? Are they going out of business? No? Then they can pay their drivers more.

It’s really simple.

The lack of Corporations taking care of their employees is just a reminder that the number one theft in America is Wage Theft. It beats all other theft combined. So if the IRS wants a good source of revenue, then they should crack down on wage theft ill-gotten gains.

Service Charges? To charge or not to charge?

This is a bit of a question, should we openly include a service charge? Or should that be priced in the meal as an operating Business and be hidden from the end user?

If only we just charge properly for the food and pay people a decent wage.

Here’s an example of a restaurant that had a service charge, and was able to pay people a good amount per hour;

Now the efficacy of a ‘service charge’ is questionable. How can a restaurant sell food and make money, yet not have enough money to hire their staff? The sole point of a restaurant is to sell food, so shouldn’t it raise prices in general to pay the entire staff and not just the backend?

So some people dislike the idea of a ‘service charge’. In all fairness, how is it that you can pay for the backroom staff and yet not pay the servers too? Seems like the business model of restaurants aren’t geared to paying it’s workers if that’s the case,

And a Service charge may be a hidden fee too. So that would rightly piss people off. Because you also have to think, this ‘Service charge’ was slapped at the end of the bill and might not be mentioned at all. So people are paying more for something that they calculated to be much less.

You know, like Taxes but worse because a restaurant has less authority than the dreaded gubernment and it was sprung up on you without notice.

Any system that shares the profits would surely be better than-

hiring a fleet of panhandlers.

Companies profit when customers and servers fight
Because obviously the Companies always pass on the service charge to employees
Scouts honor

Here’s another comment from someone who experienced something similar;

Perhaps the simple solution is;

Maybe raise prices on food?

Maybe if you can’t have enough profit to pay for staff then there shouldn’t be any profit for Equity owners?

How much is the manager making? What exactly is the manager doing? Why isn’t the pay of the manager based solely on gratuity of their servers and workers making profit? See how radical or dumb that sounds?

If we were to look at the culture in the East, where they will look at you like you’re a pompous retard for trying to hand more money as a ‘tip’ for services rendered. Like that shit doesn’t fly in most of Asia. (Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, etc.)

Don’t get me wrong, they’ll take it, but they’ll think you’re retarded. Rightfully so.

It’s like being a Westerner and not haggling in a night market. They’ll think you’re made of spare parts, bud. They might even feel bad and try to teach you how to haggle;

A lot of various things have failed (in ‘The West’) and Tipping Culture is definitely one of them.

Oh, while we’re at it, MOST other Countries actually include sales tax in their pricing.

I know, what a wild concept. To not make customers do math and just pay the price they see.

You know how clean it feels to pay in whole dollar amounts?

To not have change back and fiddle with coignes?

It’s Fucking Divine.

In Closing,

Tipped Minimum wage is slave labor.

Because you’re actually doing guaranteed work but not guaranteed a fair shake nor fair pay.

So restaurants essentially hire a fleet of pan handlers.

It’s like being a stripper but worse, because strippers are known to ‘work for tips’. Whereas servers are not known for being exclusively ‘working for tips’. So it’s like panhandling without a pan and without a sign. Expecting pay while remaining invisible because ‘good service’ or whatever corpo slogan you want to sling.

Hoping for a good tip is like a farmer hoping for rain. Why the fuck would you hope when technology today can make some guarantees? Farmers today have backups and contingencies, because they want their cash crop to crop cash.

It’s asinine, and bonkers backwards.

Tip wage is also just panhandling with a smile and some service. Tips also allow for tax avoidance, but I’m not here to give the IRS more fire power nor do I want to open that can of worms really. Point is, Tips are self reported, and people tend to under report if you know what I mean. Here’s a picture;

This is just my personal opinion and critique at this retarded slavery system of panhandling that ‘The West’ has cucked themselves into believing is a good thing or ‘normal’ or ‘fair’. Lmao, it’s not.

If you disagree with my views, then more power to you. I doubt you have a good reason to justify the slavery of working for unguaranteed pay. Just ask any Trade skill laborer if they’ll provide you free labor without a quote and ‘hope’ that you’ll pay em after they finish.

News flash,

They won’t.

Because in every other industry, that business model is, dare-I-say


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Tipping, or Any Advice


Just quit, and do something better.

If you work at a job with unguaranteed pay, that results in you being upset for not winning the ‘tip’ lottery of getting paid.

Then maybe you deserve having the sadness of realizing that you weren’t guaranteed pay.

Imagine buying a lottery ticket and being super upset that you lost.

Like, that wasn’t a possible outcome? That you wouldn’t get paid?

If you care about your mental health, then look after yourself. Duh.

Most Waiters and Waitresses have to also Bus their tables and do more shit ontop of their duties and responsibilities.

Did the Boss pay a tip for mopping the floors? No? Why aren’t you mad doing extra work for two bucks?

If you’re upset that people didn’t tip you for working for them, why wouldn’t you be upset at your boss for not tipping you?

Yet in most cases, the Busser gets paid an hourly wage.

So if you have a slow night or shitty tips, the Busser is probably Bussin’ more money than you.

And that’s with you doing about the same (or more) amount of work.

Am I speaking fucking gibberish or is this shit clicking in your head?

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