A Political Cartoon; American Democracy

Voting is obviously trash, and every smart American doesn’t vote. But -uh-, Here’s just a giggle of a video I stumbled upon. This is around the 2022 Voting timeframe for some election or something. Idk, I don’t care.

I’m not pro any party in particular, but I am Pro being Anti-Politics.

Is this video proof of anything?

Not by itself.

It is, however, suggestive.

Like awfully sus.

Awfully sus that we’d have so many caring citizens that were trusted by their friends, families, and strangers to be tasked the duty of delivering mail in ballots in bulk. What loving and outstanding citizens that are doing nothing illegal at all.

Yea, idk.

Maybe there really is a lot of people that actually help other people vote by delivering mail in bulk. -Or, maybe people are getting paid to sell their votes and work a little extra during them voting seasons. Maybe even -idk- fake some votes?

If you think about it,

Campaigning for elections, is just advertising.

You’re indirectly buying votes. Spending millions of dollars to tour on a bus and plane like you’re a rockstar, all to make it though a blazing (campaign) trail to be a good politician and try and lie in as many states as you can, or as many counties you’re allegedly supposed to care about.

All of that sounds tiring, and you’re job title isn’t a rockstar, so you’re not supposed to slay pussy all throughout. Really, it’s a real Drag to be a ‘collared prim and proper person’. All of this for what, some votes?

Why not just buy votes directly?

I’ll gladly sell mine for absurd amounts of money, it’s one vote, and it means nothing to me since I don’t care.

American Democracy is hypocritical and a caricature of Democracy. You see, the country that actively and reportedly in declassified documents self admitting to ‘influence’ elections all around the world, all of the sudden want a fair and honest election? Doesn’t that sound a little Hypocritical?

Yea, ho-okay.

. . .

The title of this article is about an American Political Cartoon, and I present you with that cartoon,

it’s called American Democracy

Ah, yes, the sweet sweetness of American Degeneracy at it’s finest. Where Democracy is so great that we have to colonially-imperialistically spread it through fascist means and subterfuge. Democracy is so great, you don’t get a vote in participation because it’s a no-brainer (and forced upon you).

“Everyone in the world is American, they just don’t know it yet.

In Closing,

The point of all of this is to raise a funny video for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

The majority of Americans, and people in the world, are like me. You know, just want to be left- the fuck- alone.

And just a clarification, if there is even one vote that is counted wrong or fraudulent in any way shape or form, then the democracy isn’t real and what you get is ‘good enough’ or ‘fake’. That’s, statistically, every large election in the history of ever.

Yea, it’s not like we have people voting from beyond the grave.

That would be wild.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Voting, or Any Advice

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