Politics is rigged, duh

Just another low hanging fruit for you, maybe I’ll start an apple stand or an orchard one of these days.

This article is just an analysis of a bunch of words from a rather famous comedian talking about the state of affairs and politics. As it turned out, the whole thing is rigged, and the wild part was, someone who was doing the rigging admitted to it. That’s the part that you need to understand, that it’s real and it’s a confession from the inside.

If ever the media is hellbent on something, there’s an agenda for it. I mean, why would anyone do anything? There’s always meaning, even if your nihilistic ass doesn’t find it, that doesn’t Bayesianistically mean it’s not there. Duh. So try to connect the dots and use your unbridled schizo powers for good. Just, don’t go all paranoid thinking your hypothesis is true before it happens. Even if you’re right.

Anyone with a brain would know that there is an inherent bias when money is involved, and it literally costs money to run for elected office. So, do the math sonny, shit is obviously rigged. Campaigning is just buying votes indirectly, a form of paid advertising. If elections were video games, then it’s on a pay-to-win model.

. . . A lot of you don’t understand why Trump was so popular.

But I get it, ’cause I hear it every day.

And the reason he’s loved is because people in Ohio have never seen somebody like him.

He’s what I call an honest liar.

I’m not joking right now,

He’s an honest liar.

That first debate- That first debate; I’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ve never seen a white male billionaire screaming at the top of his lungs.

“This whole system is rigged” He said

And across the stage was a white woman, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama sitting over there looking at him like, “No it’s not.”

I said now, Wait a minute, bro. -it’s what he [Trump] Said.

And the Moderator said

“Well, Mr. Trump, if, in fact, the system is rigged -as you suggest, what would be your evidence?”

Remember what he said bro? He said,

“I know the system is rigged, because I use it.”

I said, “God damn!”

. . .

No one had ever heard someone say something that true.

-And then Hillary Clinton tried to

punch him in the taxes.

She said,

“This man Doesn’t pay his taxes.”

He shot right back,

“That makes me smart”

And then he said,

“If you want me to pay my taxes, then change the tax code.

But I know you won’t because your friends and your donors enjoy the same tax breaks that I do.”

And with that, my friends, a star was born.

” (End Quote)

-Dave Chappelle


I found a video of part of the exchange, damn, it’s hella good.


Dave said all this during an SNL skit where he discussed Mr. Ye West and his comments on Semitism and Anti-semitism. Dave also followed up with the crazy part of it all (with regards to the Trump thing) being that someone (Trump) from the inside came out to admit it’s exactly as it seems with how the system is rigged, and then going back to play the same game that those on the inside, those insiders, enjoyed.

It’s rigged. Any system has backdoors and shortcuts intrinsic to the design, you think people just don’t write in Easter eggs in the source code? Every system has some glitches, bugs, and backdoors. It’s only a matter of time before there are natural grown strongholds and monopolies to take advantage of the system’s levers and cranks.

Hate Trump or love him or don’t give a fuck, that’s not the point. The point is that the game is rigged and the guy that won and lost the elections, said it was rigged. Both Times actually. But uh, people tend to focus on one of the two times. I’m here to remind you that it was rigged both times.

The fact that one of the US Presidents said that the game is rigged should be an indicator that the game is rigged. . .

I’d argue that every election moving forward will be rigged as fuck, so enjoy some Home Grown Domestic ‘Democracy’.

I just don’t know if there’s enough open evidence to prove that all other elections were rigged too. Chances are high, and they’re definitely not zero.

In Closing,

Pay attention to the comedians, they’re the closest things to philosophers and Jesters of the modern royal court.

They’re one of the few giving the real nuggets of truth.

And they truly make you question things.

But that’s if you entertain them, and their thoughts.

You thought they’d be entertaining you? Ha, you’re funny.

Don’t make me “punch you in the taxes”.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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