A few words critiquing the US government

This critique is from what appears to be a concerned citizen speaking to the US Senate at a Congressional hearing.

“I want you to imagine for a moment that you are an employer and you’ve got some problems with your employees. When you hired these employees they promised they would do exactly what you’ve asked of them. Once they got the job, they became a nightmare, they stopped listening to you, and started using the job to line their own pockets. They took the company credit card and racked up more debt than you could afford to pay back. They became so obsessed with keeping their jobs that they forgot to do their jobs. And after all that failure, all that disappointment and all that incompetence, your employees came to you and said ‘we deserve a raise’ If you’re a reasonable person that should make your blood boil. And yet, that is exactly what it feels like to be an American taxpayer. This system is Broken.” –sauce

This small blurb of words seems to be buried by any other mirror links or sources. I was not able to identify the speaker nor the dates, only that there were Senators in the stands and that this video was taken place inside of a Congressional hearing. So take it as you will. I just wish that I had an unlimited company credit card.

A funny thing is, people still believe in politicians when historically they lie for election promises. Like do people not know history? The job of a politicians seems to be directly related to Lying. The percentage of campaign promises they make, would make any delivery service go out of business. Over promise, under/never deliver. Yet people still vote, like an addicted lover crawling back to their Ex for a weekly hookup. It’s quite disgusting really.

What were you expecting, people to actually do the things they said they would in a profession with historical lying and dereliction of duty?

Also, here’s Edward Snowden with a hot claim;

“The White House will implicate certain very powerful members of Congress in their own criminal activity. And so when the White House gets in trouble for it, the Congress has to run cover for the White House. And so what happened was Congress passed an emergency law in 2007 called the “Protect America Act”, and what it did was it retroactively immunized, all the phone companies in the United States. That had been breaking the law millions of times a day, by handing, your records over to the government, which they weren’t allowed to do.”

-Edward Snowden

There’s a lot of things you can take away from that statement above. But I want you to focus on the claim that the White House, the Executive Branch, will implicate the Congress, the Legislative branch, in order for things to play smoothly. If true, it opens a lot more assertations that are highly plausible.

If the Executive Branch is implicating the Legislative Branch, then they’re probably implicating the Judicial Branch as well.

And I’m sure the implication is a two-way street.

So what is likely is that our three branches of government are playing eachother to get their way. As expected in a corrupt show of ‘checks and balances’. Everyone in government gets to play in a big boys club of implicating others, tit-for-tat, and quid-pro-quo favors. It’s like it’s own society of monkeys scratching each other’s backs but behind closed doors in suits.

It’s an elaborate circle jerk, that’s politics.

You know, functioning not as designed nor intended, but ‘functioning’ off of corruption and backroom non-public deals. ‘functioning’ none the less. The system is just not working for the hundreds of millions of Americans. It’s more working for a very select few elite, wealthy, and affluent people.

In Closing,

The system is rigged. People in the upper echelons even admitted that it was rigged.

The idea of corruption at this level and scale isn’t ‘exclusive’ to the United States. So consider this a lesson for other fledgling nations, on what the future ‘may’ hold depending on how they govern themselves. History is an open book test, and if it weren’t for people spinning the truth, it’d be a lot easier. In theory, the knowledge of lessons learned can help shape the future to rectify or redress or make a recast in the course to recourse itself for (hopefully) the better. The future, afterall, is unwritten.

Who knows, It might be better. It might be worse. It might be filled with more man-made horrors beyond our comprehension.

That’s why I remain in the Anti-Political Political Party. For the laughs and the memes.

What are you going to do, vote for the other white collar gang? Yea right.

* Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

I’m not really for the removal of corruption.

I see corruption as a way to create situations of collaboration through possibly unjust or unfair means.

Making a deal, a favor for a favor, or any sort of interaction of exchange is part of a functioning society.

Do you believe in the idea that you should own your own property and be able to trade to whomever and whenever?

Now what about leveraging your position to help a friend out?

Are we to really say that the law, that the justice system, is infallible? And that the punishments are fair?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get out of ticket, get pass, or a get-out-of-jail-for-free card?

I say this, so that none of you upstarts get the fancy idea to ‘uproot’ all of corruption. Because you’ll be a tyrant and it’ll get way way worse than if people didn’t have some corruption. Before you know it, you’ll be targeting corrupt innocent people.

This is, of course, food for thought.

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