“Instagram is sex trafficking”

The title of this article is A Bar dropped by a great poet,

So, let’s look into this.

Thotties or ‘baddies’ as they say, are posting up on Instagram to solicit pictures and services for likes, attention, and cash. Like a gateway to pornography, people post everything from soft-core to hard-core. From basic models to escorts and even prostitutes. People are advertising themselves with a price tag and a name tag all with hashtags.

People are whoring themselves through social mediums. Sell you some pussy over snap chat premiums, or some exclusive access to a not so exclusive OnlyFans, using the glass-windows and green-doors of Instagram as a centralizing medium to solicit themselves.

Posting booty pic after booty pic, sexualized images over and over.

The Goal of this at the end of the day is two fold, money and adventure. People also do it to feel good about themselves, to feel like they’re valued and loved, and wanted. In their vain desperations for attention seeking in a cold dark world, they end up whoring themselves out and selling their parts like a cut of select prime rib until they become a husk of their spiritual self.

For whatever reason, terms like ‘cost of living’ exist and we have to work ourselves to get money to live in this pay-to-play society.

So people get their nails did, hair dos, and tits and asses injected with all sorts of non-dairy creamer to get their visual asthetic to a point that they can solicit themselves more and more. Over and over, a post, a few likes, some cash rolling in, more posts, more likes, more cash. It’s a vicious cycle that even Baal or Moloch would be “damn, that’s dope”.

And so people advertise their Snapchat premiums, patreons, only fans, or whatever premium service they want on their Instagrams and other ‘handles’. As if the tech platforms are handlers and their pimp.

Eventually these Thotties get their ‘break’ and get contacted into going overseas into some foreign whips to shake their hips to entertain a rich sheik or whatever tourism industry that needs impressionable young girls to look good on the beach or a yacht.

And people end up doing various acts funded by cash. Ranging from some innocent party tricks to really sick and nasty things.

And that’s if you’re lucky.

Sometimes, people take the bait and they get funneled down the dark side of sex trafficking. The one that’s less regulated and less free. Yea, so some people solicit and pull a bait and switch and then you become a sex slave. So much for a yacht or money.

“Human Trafficking by any other name, would still be shitty as fuck” -Probably Shakespeare

Technically it’s all online grooming. If someone posts a picture of themselves with their family and then followed up with a booty pic, the one that gets more ‘likes’ is going to warp their sense of image. If their family photo gets ten likes but their booty pic gets their first 100 likes, they’re gonna post more booty pics. It’s a rat chasing cheese, that dopamine hit is a lot for a young adult or even teenager, they’ll start chasing magic dragons and be warped into more and more likes and fake-internet points for social validation.

And because these tech platforms are based on user generated content and engagement, they’ve designed their algorithms to funnel more things that would spark more engagement. Rage, fear, sex. Everything sold in an easy to swallow technological pill.

So in a sense of audience capture, people are using the search algorithms and their own self -to groom themselves. To mold them into an oversexualized product. From innocence and naivety of posting ‘is this cute?’ to ‘I’m a bad bitch’ in a matter of months.

That’s also not to mention how many robots out there throwing a like to groom people. There’s so many fucking bots on Twitter, gram, red, etc. That the chances of you actually having more that 50% real engagement, is very slim after a threshold.

I mean,

Have you heard of the stories of how degraded people go? For a fat stack of paper monopoly money?

Would you personally step in a money tornado with a bikini to grab ‘free cash’ as you entertain others? What about swim in a pool of money? At what point ware you willing to say, this money is worth this act? It’s a big game show, and you’re not an actor. You’re the merchandise.

I’m talking about how the Shieks brag about the horrendous stuff that they make Floosies do in their Dubai Penthouse.

There’s even some informational website; https://www.dubaiportapotty.top/

Also, Pro Tip, in Dubai has a magic forcefield in which Allah turns a blind eye. -apparently-

They laugh while the girls that get flown out do really scattily shit. Quite literally.

And, I mean, these are the light hearted stories.

Most people don’t talk about what happens to them.

Even worse, some people never get the chance to.

Yea, sell your bath water, let every impressionable young boy and girl know that this is all normalized for money as they grow up in this corrigible yet corrupted world. Yep, go ahead and sell jars of farts or spit or whatever the fuck. All sorts of degeneracy for cash;

They’ll call it empowering,

Even if it’s fueled by cash and selling bits and pieces of yourself for some momentary experiences between the highs and lows of what people perceive to be ‘life’ and ‘living’.

It’s complicated, because the system is fucked and it’s crippled. I mean, you shouldn’t have your option for getting more cash to be LITERALLY whoring yourself out or being homeless. Obviously society has failed us, the thots, and the simps, into some weird game of financial cuckery between the haves and the havenots.

I mean, it shouldn’t be a good idea to whore yourself online for a few extra bucks to make enough money to scrape by on gas. Like, that shouldn’t be the go to, nor should it be the solution.

Yet some how, in today’s world, that’s the standard?

The biggest thing to consider,

Is that young people are getting affected and being warped by these social media apps.

Specifically Instagram.

So keep an eye out on your loved ones, daughters, and even cousins to make sure they understand the ramifications of their online profile.

Because when it’s out there, it’s out there.

In Closing,

This is real,

This is happening,

I don’t give a shit if you like it or not,

Instagram is a gateway to, and an integral part of, Sex Trafficking. The fact that Thotties are soliciting themselves on Instagram, means that Instagram is intrinsic (or integral part) to the sex trafficking business. Whether Instagram polices such a thing or not, this may be happening behind every smile of a ‘model photo shoot’ in the ‘Bahamas’ or whatever. Those impressionable teenagers, those kids are getting groomed. Boys not knowing what is acceptable or not, and girls being warped at what they think society ‘values’ based on ‘likes’.

Instagram isn’t the only one, but you have to understand what’s going on with the warped society when we have social media like this. Especially with it being accessible to teenagers. Sure, this post isn’t just about Instagram. However Instagram is definitely involved. Also, the original quote was targeting Instagram as sex trafficking, so that’s why the Title is what the Title is.

Here’s some food for thought; the fact that this socially accepted avenue to human trafficking is so borderline close to ‘forced’ human trafficking, means that the slave markets business goes more smoothly with more justifications and are able to go unnoticed. Oh, you’re just one of many pornstars, here’s your pass, we thought you were a trafficked victim. Oh no, just an Instagram influencer with 100k followers. No worries, this is normal, have a nice day.

With enough euphoric drugs and somatic substances to make people in a hazy loopy state, you can interview pornstars and see that they may be living in a hopped up lifestyle of drugs and drowsiness. Not much different from the Coomer IQ of their fan base.

Can you spot the difference between a sex trafficked victim and a model on instagram?

It’s riding the borderline and the lines are blurred, that one’s freedom to do wrong is mixed with one’s victimhood of being done wrong to. Who’s safe? Who’s a slave? Can you tell the difference?

So yes, this society and culture (through social media) is normalizing sex trafficking.

How do you know that porn that you may or maynot watch is conflict free?

And I bet you, dear reader, won’t stop watching porn.

Whether explicit or on the gram.

What, you want to bet on it?

That’s not safe.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

This is food for thought, not a viable finalized solution.

I think a possible solution to humble these ‘baddies’ or thots would be to advance AI art. Get eThots and that will make a girl obsolete. They can’t compete with eThots unless they become one. Thus the future would be more protective of ‘vintage’ real skin people, while also not having to oversexualize their true selves. Instead, people can play an online persona.

There was an interesting time when a eGirl made it to the top charts of some Cam Website and resulted in a lot of people getting upset. That’s the type of energy that this disrupting technologies bring.

But then you open up a new can of worms with the digitization of the future in some weird Tron Ready-player-one type shit. And I’m not a big fan of Corpos owning everything like some dystopian Cyber Punk 2077 gig. Ontop of having remote worked slaves working in the cam industry to pretend to be e-girls. And I don’t mean the passable Japanese Male audience pretending to be girls online because its ‘kawaii’.

Also, having sex in Demolition Man probably would be a shitty experience.

But, If I had to pick between human cattle or Electronic pillow waifus being promoted in society, I’d definitely prefer pillow waifus over exploitation and slavery. Idk, maybe my morals ain’t so bad.

I still wouldn’t bet on it,

my morals I mean.

I personally don’t have a solution, I’m merely commenting on the state of the world and social mediums. I’m merely the Weatherman saying it’s raining outside. Merely commentary. Surely I jest.

Post Post Script,

In the end,

There’s a lot of lonely and failed OF girls out there that are working hard for a buck not to make any money, spending hours a day to work this side gig in hopes to get out of their wage slave job. Losing self esteem and losing the feeling or desire of being loved,

While a bunch of empty and sad middle aged adults, throw virtual dollars out their money gun, for small talk and conversations with a virtual chat cam-girl. Another lonely person, a lonely man confiding the stories of their life and their struggles. As if seeking a therapist mixed with a delusion of a longing love for a love lost.

Two hearts left unsung.

Anyways, here’s a random music video that relates to this block of text but without the connotations of sex-work;

In the end, the lonely people live in a blindfolded tech world, lacking the touch and heartfelt commitment of others.

We’re so connected with technology, globally, yet -at the same time- we’re so alone in our small boxed world we call a ‘home’.

C’est la vie.

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