WTF is the Deep State?

Imagine if you’re in highschool and there is a ‘cool kids club’ that also was in charge of student government. Now, replace highschool with adulting real life, and replace the student government with the real government. That ‘cool kids club’? That’s the Deepstate. And you’re sort of both born into it as well as indoctrinated through connections and money. You can buy your ticket in, or you can dance like a puppet and you’ll get a seat within the clubhouse.

You see, There’s really four classes of citizens in America.

Illegal immigrants and non-citizens

American Citizens

Native Americans (technically their own thing)

And the Deep State

These classes of citizens have different rights and are treated differently by the law, whether by design or by corruption. It’s probably both to be honest.

We’re gonna skip over any discussion about Native Americans, because I doubt you’re ready for that kind of Talk. Most of the US hates anyone from South America, they think everyone is Mexican. The truth is, that the majority of those people south of the border -they’re Native Americans. We just call em ‘Mexican’ even if they’re from Puerto Rico or Cuba or whatever, but a good chunk of them are technically native blood. So, don’t espouse nationalism as if they’re just Mexicans.

You know, just like how Americans call everyone East of the Berlin wall as ‘Russian’ and Asians are either Chinese or Japanese, or how all Africans are ‘black’. Yea, Murica.

Within these four classes, you could further divide them up into different classes based on status, money, accomplishments, skin color, etc. But that’s not the point, we’re focusing on the Deep State.

So there are some Americans that are more American than other Americans. Like how the Patrician Class of Romans were more Roman than other Romans. We call this privilege or ‘the elites’. It’s like if upper class had an upper class. That’s what you get with Deep State level of Citizenry.

You know how people get a slap on the wrist for manslaughter or drunk driving? How heinous crimes get brushed under the rug? This is part of the show. There’s a political ramification for all public events and even more so when someone is well connected. One phone call and they can talk to the people that writes and signs your paychecks. As a Cop, you’d probably not like that. I mean, would you arrest your boss? The Chief of police if they were drinking and driving? What about his wife? Would you?

See, so people get a pass. And people who are well connected with high political positions or money related social-economic class are also in that boat. Money greases the wheels to help move businesses, And these campaign contributions won’t contribute themselves. So there’s a lot of quid-pro-quo going on.

One of the stereotypically worst things these guys can hear is “Sorry, my hands are tied”, meaning they’re denied their favor or some kickback scheme to get-out-of-jail free card.

If you collect business cards like you do Pokémon, maybe one of them can pull a favor. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, that’s the point of social networking. That and if someone owes you a favor or if you’re willing to owe someone a favor. This game of playing Favor-ites is par for the course. It only makes sense to live in a society and scratch each other’s backs. Afterall, these high profile friends have an image to maintain.

That’s why it’s important to dig up dirt on yourself and hand it over to some powerful people. It’s a sign of submission to sort of cordially ‘kiss the ring’ and allow them to have a kill switch on your political career. Maybe you’ll wear a dress in honor of some Roman God, or perhaps you’ll worship a Giant Owl at some Sacred Bohemian event. Point is, you’ll be doing things and incriminating yourself just to get that ‘promotion’ to a ‘higher station’.

Think of it like initiation to a gang. You have to kill someone to get into certain gangs (including Cop Gangs). It’s like that here, except you could probably not kill someone and just get away with black face, some racist remarks, or even going to an Island full of Epstein’s Clients.

Who all is in the deepstate?

Besides rich and famous people.

High ranking and high profile members of political circles and corporations.

Anyone well connected with secret assloads of security clearance, they’re in the deepstate.

The Deep State is just a State within a State. Think of it as the inner egg in a faberjie egg of America. Like if you can be American Squared.

And so there’s some people that are held in higher regards, and are more valuable than the average joe.

With extra people in high ranking positions making up all sorts of favors and tugging on all sorts of strings. People are rightfully worried about the existence of a shadow government. The threat of the Deepstate being so overarching, that they could run all of politics. Meaning elections are rigged and democracy is a farce. But that’s like, old news, lmao. Old fake news even.

We already have secret police. In fact, we have so many secret members of the government, that even the Secret Organizations can’t track all of them. Like, do you really think the CIA or FBI knows how many cells they have? Chances are, probably not. Most CEO’s don’t know the reach of their own companies when they grow to a certain point, you think these appointed directors do?

Especially with the amount of undercover units and ‘going against orders’ people assigning their own secret details and such.

Some more tidbits,

You ever see the Senator’s son get in trouble? Chances are, probably not. There’s literally a song about this and avoiding drafts and wars;

It ain’t me, it ain’t me,
I ain’t no senator’s son, son.
It ain’t me, it ain’t me;
I ain’t no fortunate one, no,

Some folks are born silver spoon in hand,
Lord, don’t they help themselves, oh.
But when the taxman comes to the door,
Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes,
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no.
It ain’t me, it ain’t me;
I ain’t no fortunate one, no.

-Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son

That song is a classic, it’s also the song you think about when anyone makes and cinematography or reference to Vietnam via Helo. It’s just an Iconic trope of War times.

It’s a lifestyle of the ‘rich and famous’.

Most of these people are well connected and know someone who can help make things happen.

That’s the Deep State. It’s a pretty cool club.

The political and economic system is a matrix. And a few people were able to escape it and become the puppeteers. Like a hacker finding a backdoor. These people have sort of escaped the system designed to enslave the masses, and then used the very same system to uphold their status quo. They will and are trying to close the gaps and burn down the bridges that expose the matrix. Wealth creation tips and tricks and ideas that help to escape the matrix, are being sealed.

And the Matrix I speak of, is the 3 dimensional or 3.5 dimensional work matrix of the Capitalistic-Socialistic System. I’m not discussing the matrix beyond 4D and 5D.

So these people, are sort of like rats that have gnawed their way out of the rat race of life, and they’ve joined the people in the backrooms and built their own society. They get control of the levers and systems that control the media, the narrative, and society. They start playing with this, and start breeding in the back rooms.

Instead of playing the old game

Sometimes waking up isn’t as luxurious as it may seem;

So now you have a state within a state.

And it’s not so clear whether rats should remain in the rat race, or resign to be outside it. So I’m not against the Deepstate per se. I am very disapproving of many actions, but those aren’t reserved for just the Deep State. I’m not against their Idea of freedom and sometimes Luciferian Ideals. It’s complicated to say, in the least.

They’re like Neo from the Matrix, but if they get shitty, they turn into Agent Smiths that reinforce a perverted version of the matrix. And so, that’s kind of problematic.

Yea, it’s a known fact that the Deep State controls the media. Operation Mockingbird. Look at any of the news and narratives, look at the ownership of the media. It’s all controlled. Look to the downfall of Youtube when it became a threat to the media, they took that over real quick and made it into a shitty program that no longer supports content creators. And now their sights are aimed at TikTok because it effectively is not yet controlled fully by the State.

And the Deep State is real,

If you haven’t seen the corruption and are gullible, that’s okay. I’ll give you evidence of some people who, based on their position, would be tantamount evidence that the Deep State is real.

The 45th President of the United States talked about ‘draining the swamp’ of the Deep State and elites that have parasitically embedded themselves in the quid-pro-quo of society. That was Trump, he really exposed the truth about a lot of things.

The 35th President of the United States who talked about dismantling secret governments and preventing meaningless wars. You know, the one that got assassinated by said secret government. It’s JFK.

Also, the 26th president with the big stick also talked softly about this;

Hey, even the guy fighting the Banks and the Federal Reserve system, talked about the nature of rigged interests and politics. I’m talking about the 7th President of the old United States. Andrew Jackson.

What’s interesting is, all of the people mentioned above, less Trump, had assassination attempts on them. JFK actually got assassinated. Teddy got shot and kept giving his speech. Andrew had two assassination attempts in one sitting and he beat the fuck out of the assassin with his cane. So, idk, maybe there’s something to all of this?

People who are so deep into the ‘state regime’ that they have practically an American Citizenship squared. It’s like if Romans were around, the Deepstate would be the Praetorian guard and Pax Romana would really only apply to upper class. Actually, since we’re at it, Rome had different tiers of citizenship. There were Roman Citizens that were Plebes and others were Patricians and it gets even more segregated within the class. That’s the whole ‘upper’, ‘middle’, and ‘lower’ class for you. The Deep state would be the ‘Upper’ elite and nobilis class of Rome. Seeing as America is Rome 2.0ish.

As a side note, the Praetorian guard has also been modernized to be Wall Street combined with ‘the Financial Old Guard’. Just for reference.

I could go down a rabbit hole of Marian reforms and Plebian representation in the Augury tribunals, but that’s some Old Republic shit -and I’m not talking Star Wars kind. So I digress.

Here’s a quote to leave you with, because why not;

“When I was a boy,

There was a mansion on the river
I used to paddle by in my johnboat.

Twinkling lights, violins,
girls giggling about something.
. . .

It’s different inside.”

-Connie From Mad Men Season 3 Episode 3

Yea, it’s different inside.

In Closing

I’m not the type of guy that wants to ‘drain the swamp’ or ‘abolish the deepstate’ or any of that jazz. I’m more egalitarian and think that the pragmatic corruption of the elites, should be spread with the rest of the Plebeian people. See, I like equality when it comes to corruption. I want corruption to be more accessible to every Man, Woman, and baby that can say goo-goo-ga-ga.

I want people to go free from paying taxes and having DUI’s. I want less people in the prison systems, and more access to better drugs and hookers. I guess where I draw the line is probably them Pedo Islands, we could meet in the middle and say No Pedo Islands and no human trafficking and allow the elites to keep doing the rest and we just join em.

That sounds ideal.

Ideal in the sense that more people would become actual private citizens with their livelihood tied to their private lives. Instead of the various ways that the system violates rights and abuses privacy. No, I would much rather have more people be actual private citizens than less.

I mean, c’mon, the US Politicians are actively Insider Trading and making a fuckton. They have better win rates than most hedgefunds. That’s saying something. Don’t you just want to ‘copy’ their trades? Make a couple bones? Play the $POLITICS index funds a bit and bet some bones on the DOW?

Like do you really want rich elites to pay taxes? Don’t you see how that tax money is spent? If anything, I’d rather lower my liabilities and pay zero taxes like the rich. I don’t want more people to pay taxes, if anything, I want more people to pay less.

But that’s just my take. I mean, if there’s a few people that get a pass for doing all sorts of shit, wouldn’t it be more fair if the rest of us did too?

It’s not like we’re going to stop corruption everywhere. Even if that was the goal, that would be a scam. Because the law isn’t always moral and just. Sometimes the criminals are the real heroes.

Obviously, I’m not the ideal candidate or squalor for morals. But on the contrary, I never claimed to be? And a lot of what I say is mired in jokes, sarcasm, and cynicism. Perhaps there is a truth to it?

Atleast, if someone asks, you can claim you know WTF the Deep State is.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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