America is a Welfare State for the Socialist Class

It’s Socialism and Capitalism Combined!

The Capitalism part is self-explanatory, just look at all the material girl and human resources and job markets around you. The Socialism part, well, I’ll have to walk your hand before you hurt your head trying to wrap around this one. You see-

Socialism provides all sorts of social benefits, for the Socialist class. Most people think socialism is about benefiting society, but those people don’t understand that society is demarcated amongst humans. . . Meaning that some humans aren’t a part of society.

If one country was to be fully socialists, would they provide for the homeless? Some people would say yes, and there would be no homeless. Other people say no. Then the next question comes, does a socialist country provide for other countries? Or do we draw that line in the sand? Demarcate our humans?

For Socialism to exist, you need to define who gets the benefits and who doesn’t.

Most idealists define humans as the ones who get the benefits.

But if you look at Socialism throughout the ages, not All Humans get the benefits. Peasants, thralls, and slaves are amongst those that didn’t benefit.

The same with any other form of government, as there were slaves and caste systems alike.


Socialism is the benefits for the Socialist class, and we have bonafide Socialism in America. Just consider the benefits in being in the Deep state. You know, being related to a high profile judge or Police Commissioner or even a politician.

Getting out of tickets, having your crime records expunged.

Things like that. Simple perks, a parlor trick.

All while not worrying about things like money or rent, or food or shelter.

You know, it kind of sounds like there’s a socialist class in America. Kinda sounds like we have socialism, if only for the ‘deep state’.

I mean, you serve two years as a senator and you’re hooked up for life with a nice 200k stipend that beats probably 70% of America’s household income. It definitely beats the beat cop that’s been working for a pension 20+ years after the state tried cutting their pension over and over again. What’s their retirement like?

What about social security? A form of socialism. Some people are getting 600 dollars a month and can’t afford their 1000 dollar shit hole rent. Is that really socialist? Are the people benefitting?

Even if you bought out a home, with the rising prices of bullshit, your property taxes will price you out of social security forcing a bunch of senior citizens to use a reverse-mortgage. Which is a fucking scam and that’s another book on it’s own entirely.

Or how about that juicy insider trading that mainly the majority of Congress and a good chunk of C-suite executives in the private sector partake it? Or how about kickback schemes from subsidized government contracts? It’s incestious money, all around, circling and cycling in and out of the system.

Yea, that money sounds pretty social to me.

It gets around,

just probably not around you.

In Closing,

Yea, America is Socialist.

You’re just (probably) not a part of the Socialist Class.

You Plebe.


If you go back to the idea of all property being subject to taxes and the institution of the Federal reserve existing.

Than arguably the United States has been a Socialist country since, idk, forty years after it’s inception.

Capitalism isn’t a real thing when the government puppets it’s hand in everything.

So, all the people hating on either Capitalism or socialism just don’t really know what they’re talking about. But then again, all words are made up, so whatever.

The political left want to eat the rich. And the political right want to not give hand outs.

The problem is the Left target the ‘middle class’ nobles or whatever,
-instead of the rich multi millionaires and corporations.

And the Right are angry at the Poor getting the handouts
-instead of the rich multi millionaires and corporations.

Sure I boiled it down to an almost inaccurate straw man, but I’m also not wrong.

Arguably the idea of Left and Right in politics in America is moot.

It’s more accurate to have a better debate on philosophy of free will and self governance, and then we can have two camps of Libertarians vs. Authoritarians instead of whatever vague nebulous ‘left’ or ‘right’ means.

Like left of what? Right of what?

This is why I’m Anti Politics.

And hating on people for being a billionaire or being broke as fuck is room temperature IQ. It’s wealthist and billionaires aren’t safe. So your world view is probably predicated on a false dichotomy of artificial wealth. Congratulations, ritard.

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