Saving money in the bank is kinda bad advice, ngl

I’m just saying.

The rate of returns that you get is shit-

Comparatively to how the rate of returns were fifty years ago.


Banks are gross and Certificate of Deposits have gone to $#!*



Back then; a three month term,
for more than 10 percent annum return

nowadays: they want yearly terms
for table scraps that lose to inflation

In Closing,

I’m not saying anything new, but it might be new to someone who’s reading this.

If you think stuffing your inflationary bills like volatile alcohol in your piggy bank degenerate step father is going to make your life better in the near future besides more alcohol-abuse, you’re wrong.

You gotta find a new way to make it work, the hustle changes. The world ain’t the same, and no man and no river are the same quote (insert here) shit ass.

So find a new investment vehicle, bank shit will only rot your wallet.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

As an economic side note,

When CD savings return rates are high as fuck.

People actually start saving.

Meaning they’re not spending.

Meaning that everyone isn’t buying consumerist material girl shit.

Meaning that there were two recessions in the 1980s.


To stop people from hoarding their cash in their brown paper bags under their bed, or their -god forsaken- FDIC insured bank.

The Modern Monetary Financial Terroristheorists have instituted fixed inflation number through the use of basis points and through the control of the federal reserve and it’s associated banks through banking contract laws.

Meaning, inflation is always present, because we rigged our economy to do that.

This is to prevent ‘recessions’ and we see how that worked for us in 2020-2023+

Hey, on the bright side, atleast we’re not in a deflationary death spiral. . . yet. . .

Well, no safe bets afterall, my money is on zombies over the economic death of the US dollar, but uh- time will tell.

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