Jobs for Convicted Felons

Yea, the Prison system is a scam, but that don’t put food on the table. So here’s a few companies and resources to help someone get off their feet and try their hand at a job. They call these ‘second chance jobs’.

None of this means you’re guaranteed employment, and there’s plenty of tips to ‘help’ get employed ranging from hiding tattoos to changing your haircut and tone of voice. There’s a societal stigma that will look at you like you got a dick growing out of your head for even knowing that you’re a convict. And some people will treat you differently, sub human even. But not all people, so there’s that.

Hell, some of the realest people I’ve met were convicts, they added a good splash of color in my life. That’s for sure.

I served ten years but that was in the Military, and that shit sucked. I myself ain’t a convict, and I am not trying to sell you bad pussy, so I’ll just lay down some things for ya.

Here’s a list;

Found this floatin’ around the Facebook. I think it’s a pretty disturbing term, ‘face book’. A book of faces sounds way worse than the Necronomicon, that name gives Ed Gein’s lamp shade a run for their money. Should have kept the old DARPA name, life log. But I digress.

It also seems a lot of people become Welders or get their CDL’s and Truck drive.

Yea, and you can go to college and qualify for a federal grant and stuff. So there’s a good range of choice, it’s just more narrowed down.

Here’s a few Resources;

These websites also have blogs with more amplifying information.

If you type in ‘Second Chance Jobs’, you may find some good hits on job hunting websites like SimplyHired, Monster or Glassdoor.

Felony Friendly Jobs .com

Here’s a blog post with 60 or so companies

you can probably google search some more.

Additionally if you download that Chinese TikTok or other Social Media things, you can link up and follow people that post relevant content regarding employment. As it turns out, you’re not alone. Many people are trying to get a job to pay bills and shit, so it helps to be in a group of like minded individuals and be exposed to like minded content. Every little bit helps.

It appears that IT jobs and data jobs are in demand so if you pick up one of them computah skills, you could get a good gig. Hell, you might be lucky and get one of them remote gigs and work from home. Which is great if your under house arrest, but it’s also shitty because a job is one of the good excuses to leave the home when you’re under house arrest. It’s a sort of trade depending on how you like to live.

Here’s some side suggestions;

If you got paid for doing any work while serving your time, technically you were on the payroll for either the Prison or the United States Department of Justice. So put that shit down on your job resume and be able to explain it. Be honest and truthful when it comes to your specific conviction. You want to start off with a good honest start.

I personally don’t recommend going back into crime, things are evolving and there’s some new landscape in tech every few years. Names change, power and turf change, things change. It’s a whole enterprise to ‘keep up with the times’ and you don’t necessarily want to be a recidivist and go back to the jail house.

You’re not alone in thinking it’s easier that way, if you’re thinking that.

If you have the luxury, you might be able to find a better life in a better place. Some place that doesn’t cost too much with people that are cool. Find wherever your tribe or gang is, the ones that will help you be a better you. That may mean moving states, if you can. Moving cities might do- Hell, if you’re a snitch (Bless your soul), you might qualify for some sort of witness protection program which is a free change of life. So, try to scout out some options here.

Once you find a way to have some stability in your life, the next step is to plan your next steps. As ironic as that sounds. Figure out what kind of lifestyle you want or what you want to accomplish or do.

Hell, you could even start a business. get a Side hustle going, break from the struggle. Set yourself up in a good way, set up your friends and family.

There’s several golden zones in the social ladder in which people honestly don’t give a fuck what you’ve done. That’s also depending on what you’ve done and who you are as a person. The ‘who you are as a person’ plays a way bigger role than you think.

Work with people, network, and many doors open up. Honestly, finding a friend who can hook you up with a job is probably a better route. It’s not always what you know or what you can do, a good chunk of the time, it’s who you know.

Here’s a slightly unethical tip that other people are doing. Look good. If you look good, people will gloss over some dumbshit. It’s called Moral Physiognomy. If you look stunning then people won’t think too much about it. If you look good enough, you can get away with some dumb shit. So look good and use that as leverage to socialize your way into the world.

Here’s a more unethical tip, If you have a gap in your employment history, you could just say you worked at a place that had you sign an NDA (a Non Disclosure Agreement). It’s basically a piece of paper that says you won’t talk about what you did at the job or else they’ll sue you. That’s just an optional power move. Also, if you have ‘worked under the Department of Justice’ from earlier, then yea you got a pretty mysterious and nice sounding background.

I wouldn’t pull this card willy nilly though,
But it’s nice to have in your back pocket

A big tip is showing up on time and learning about the clock. Time is a wild concept to get around, so carry a watch or a phone and set your alarms. Get that shit in you, because society runs around with time as if time itself is running out or something. It’s weird, but you gotta get with the times.

In Closing,

Yea, shit sucks. Most of life sucks. That too will pass, this too, will pass.

Most people hate work and jobs, I don’t blame them. But we gotta give a little bit of ourselves to get something in return. It’s the idea of sacrifice and self-sacrifice happens to be the best thing we can do for our future selves and our growth. I’m sure Odin can attest to that.

Feel free to comment down below if you have better tips or want to talk shit. Everything is welcome.

Don’t forget, you and I, are human, for whatever that’s worth. Yea, you’re still human regardless of what society thinks.

We’re all a part of the deal.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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