Fast Food has become a scam

You know, there was a time when Fast Food was Fast and actually Food. Nowadays, everything is made in a lab somewhere and then preheated and reheated for twenty or so minutes by one person working the teller/register, the drive through, the fryer, and the bathroom mop. All while trying to deliver your food at a price that beats their wages.

Like, what the fuck America?

Before the ultimate choice was picking two of the three options.

Fast, Good, or Cheap.

Now, Fast food isn’t really fast, isn’t really good, it’s not really food, and with inflation, that shit ain’t cheap either.

If it’s not, then it’s borderline, poison.

Yet people with no taste buds still order food delivery from fast food joints. Why? That shit doesn’t even taste good.

That’s also another thing, because food delivery got big, restaurants in large- have degraded their quality to absorb profits by pumping out shit quality food at fast rates of speed. Turning Restaurants into glorified sit-in fast food joints.

Before, you could tell a place had shit quality food if they had a drive through window.

Now, with the advent of Food delivery, most places have shit quality even without a drive through window.

And the lines?

How long does it take to wait in line?

The Drive through was supposed to be the quick in and out, and now there’s a line for the drive through. Are you really saving time waiting in line? Maybe the creature comfort of your shitty car or methane filled Tesla is what keeps you in the drive through lines.

I mean,

There are several Tiktok videos out there where large Franchises get food made in a soup batch and the frozen in plastic and then reheated to be served in your shitty bread bowl. Same thing goes with patties that are ‘never frozen’ or some shit.

Tiktok is lit,
People exposing everybody out there

I mean, it’s already bad enough that you go to some shitty two star diner like Apple Tuesdays and get their microwaved food. Now you’re getting reheated food just the same at a fast food joint. Which arguably would be acceptable if the fucking Fast Food was Fast and Cheap. People eat microwave food all the time, it’s just a little fucked up if they have to pay for it to be microwaved.

Just like the story of a common man trying to ‘enjoy’ your average 2 star Corpo franchise.

He dressed up to pay absurd prices for food that is nearly advertised as “Yes, we fucking microwave it, what are you going to say? Don’t microwave it? We already did”

-Mike Ma in Harassment Architecture

Most Franchise foods are shit. Most.

Especially the high end ones, unless you can literally see the chef, I wouldn’t trust that they’ve got real food.

Eggs at fast food joints and restaurant diners are probably dehy- or precooked abominations that have been frozen into a patty and shipped via truckers across the continental United States to be reheated and upsold to you;

All of this for profit?

They’re fucking selling you reheated cooked ‘egg’ patties. Which, Again, wouldn’t be a problem if it was advertised as such or not fucking expensive.

You’d be better off pretending to not know where your meat comes from, if you catch my drift.

A lot of the food is not food, it’s like some weird dehydrated shit made to imitate food. I mean, that Taco Shell Meat shit paste? What the fuck is that? Them fucking Mickie nuggets? That shit ain’t right.

I swear some ass hole got their fucking Black Magic Occult Circle to summon Old Gods from the Nether to get a fucking weird ass meat paste recipe to make nuggets. That shit is an eldritch horror.

We’re just eating a bunch of flavored cardboard (probably), the fuck is this healthy?

And no, I don’t mean just Cereal, -another scam.

As a side story,

I heard of some broad spending 75$ on starcucks, every other day.

Apparently She and her coworkers would take turns to chip in the bill to have a ‘girls out’ for coffee.

Coworkers, so this is at work.

Guess what? she got fired due to Corpo reasons.

Guess how many of those coworkers disguised as fake friends are hanging out for starbucks?

Yea, Morale of the story;

go fuck yourself.

In Closing,

As an honorable mention, the only non shitty fast food place I’ve seen is Chick-fil-a. For whatever reason, if it’s hating homosexuals or whatever, their chicken is fucking on point and it’s fast and it’s fairly priced compared to literally everything else. So they’re arguably a six star restaurant with consistent Wins.

Outside of that, for the majority;

Restaurants have gone to shit,

Fast food prices are equivalent to eating at a restaurant.

Fast Food takes about Restaurant timing to be given to you and then eaten.

The vast majority of Americans aren’t capable of self love or self care meaning they don’t know how to cook even if they had a Michelin Kitchen at their disposal.

All of this culminating to a shitty food culture and a shittier America.

Have you ever traveled to literally any other country in the world? There’s a good chance that their food has a lot of ‘give a fuck’ sauce added in. It’s not sold separately.

We’re Intellectually castrating our ability to fend for ourselves by not having any skill or ability to cook our own food. Enjoy eating the bugs, buck-o.

Opinions are of my own, and in the nature of Go-fuck-your-self tone. You’re welcome (to go f-).

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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