Banks are gross and Certificate of Deposits have gone to $#!*

This is an excerpt from the Post-Script of this article that is worth sharing;

People think that the Fake Banks could actually store value while extracting it, which is a falsehood. A Scam if you will. Mainly because the Fake Banks don’t deliver you that value extracted from their profit generation, the Fake banks give you some marginalized rate of return that doesn’t outpace inflation and make you think that the lollipop you’re sucking on doesn’t have lead in it. You’re not the client at a Fake Bank. You’re the property, the (cash) cow, the cattle, the sheep, the slave.

If you truly were the customer, then how come banks -that you made promises and liens with- can sell and trade your loan? Your promissory note? Your Promise?

Your Mortgage can be sold a dime a dozen by the people that are owed it. Yet those are not that people that you made contracts with? Doesn’t that seem a bit fucked? That you get no say in one part of a contract?

Even “customer” accounts can be transferred. Who is the customer, who is the client, look in the mirror and ask yourself how ‘banking is profitable’ and what the ‘risks of banking’ is. I’ll give you a hint, don’t look to common sense, instead look to what the current established practices are.

If you don’t think there’s an issue with all of that, then you need to brush up on the origin of contract law and social agreements. Because having the current practice be ‘industry standard’ is disgusting, a perversion of truth.

There used to be a time when Banks stored your shit, and there was a golden period between them storing your shit, and them degenerately gambling your shit, that the banks actually offered real returns. That was a simpler time, when the banks actually gave you more than half a percent interest a year.

If only we could get those less-degenerate rates of returns from a pre-rampant amoral financial cuckery of financial institutions.

a three month term, for more than 10 percent annum
nowadays they want a year term for table scraps that lose to inflation

Let me say that again louder in angry font;

Back then; a three month term,
for more than 10 percent annum return

nowadays: they want yearly terms
for table scraps that lose to inflation

Here’s some examples of current CDs (as of July 2022);

Yea, a 0.03% return. So much.
That’s like three bucks.

You know, back when the banks asked to gamble your money instead of assuming that it was theirs.

Before the Glass Steagall thing and rampant gambling and financial debauchery of monetary policy coupled with foreign wars for pseudo interests.

Such simpler times for money.

In Closing,

You’re not a client at a bank, you’re the product that gets farmed like asparagus. And your money is typically a liability for the banks, not an asset. Unless you were to lock up your funds in a CD. But those things don’t pay the cost of breathing nowadays, so you’d lose out locking your shit for shit returns.

You should probably sign up for a Credit Union, and stop being human cattle-pay-piggies for Banks that don’t give a fuck about you. Yea, Use a Credit Union or have fun being the product.

Yea, big mood.

Just remember, there was a time when >10% returns existed for having money at a bank. You know, back when saving your money at a bank made sense. Not whatever the fuck this shit is ‘today’.

So yea, Banks are gross and Certificate of Deposits have gone to shit.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script;

Also relevant article, is my critique on banking.

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