Small dump about Taxes

I just have some stuff, memes, and info saved somewhere and decided to dump it down here. I sometimes Flush the toilet, but I’ll do that after I show you my small dump about taxes;

Even the younger folks on TikTok are starting to get it;

Well, by getting it, I mean they like don’t get it. But that’s the part that you gotta get. That none of this taxation shit makes sense.

Here’s a couple more memes;

You ever heard of that popular saying;

“My Boss made a dollar, I made a dime, We both get fucked come tax time.”

No? Well, it’s so popular, you probably heard the fake version. Because let’s be honest, arguing about wealth inequity starts with saying Taxes are stupid.

Here’s another good meme;

It’s also kind of messed up,

That Tax Withholdings are a thing.

Like your wages get garnished to save for the inevitable next years tax.

Yea, you’re losing out on the Time-Value of money, and if you had too many withholdings, then you get reimbursed with a ‘tax refund’.

That’s basically a monetary ransom to have you voluntarily file for taxes.

But the messed up part is not the ransoming, it’s the losing value due to inflation and the missed opportunity costs. Time-value of money implies money has a time-intrinsic value, meaning money today is worth more than money in a year.

So, like, what the fuck?


If you’re a federal employee, you pay federal taxes.

Does that make sense?

Give one guy money for being on the federal payroll, and then pay him via the taxed money, to then tax that money to send back into the pool of money that is being taxed.

Like a lot of this sounds like a clown made up system.

Perhaps federal income should be tax free? Or idk, maybe taxes shouldn’t be retarded? There’s a lot of solutions here and it’s less government and even lesser taxes.

Some people aren’t even represented.

I mean, why do people even pay taxes? Wasn’t the whole rebellion-insurrection-revolution based on ‘No Taxation without representation’?

Like, are we even represented?

Like should convicts who can’t vote pay taxes? They get no representation and are treated sub-human. Does that make any sense?

What about kids? Should kids pay taxes? They can’t vote and their voice isn’t heard. Should we really have Pigs in Blue busting down on Lemonade Stands? (That actually happens).

What about People who don’t vote like me? I’m doing the most American thing by not participating in a shit scam of a political system. Shouldn’t I be exempt from taxes?

Idk fam, kind of sounds like taxes are optional.

I mean, who put this together? What? Lincoln?

So, the first income Tax was made and raised in two years in 1864?

Guess what happened in 1865;


I mean, who put these guys in charge? What, the 16th Amendment?

That thing that Congress passed (the 16th Amendment) in like 1909 and got ‘ratified’ in 1913?

Yea, that 16th Amendment for taxation kind of sounds unconstitutional. But, that would require us getting into the law of things. Because if you think about it, the Constitution was to Remind the Government and Limit the Government from infringing on people’s rights.

So wording an amendment to say “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” Is giving the Government power.

So, arguably, that shit is unconstitutional as it’s not in-line with the constitutionality and thinking of the constitution. But I’m not a Moor and you’d have to argue Black’s Law’s Definitions, Dictionary, and some common law and maritime law for me to actually explain it.

Which, I don’t know. Because, Why would I?


I would say that taxes had some use in society. Since I’m a bit more classical in my economics, I would say that Money and Taxes have a classical purpose.

However, due to Modern Monetary Theory, there is literally no point in taxes. Like literally none. Modern Monetary Theory is retarded, but that’s the current thing we’re actively using, and thus we have taxes still for literally no reason. It’s a vestige of our classical economics, and is unnecessary simply because demand won’t diminish for as long as people trade in shit-currency.

People will always have a desire to accumulate more and more money and have increasing wealth.

Taxing is just a limiter creating speed bumps preventing people from living.

Taxing the rich only guarantees more taxes, meaning more taxes for the poor. A tax against the rich, is a tax against the poor. A tax against a specific group of people results in more taxes. So, all around fuck taxes.

Globally, Corporations are trying to seclude and eliminate means of production outside of their concealed greenhouses and factory supply chains. This means that the common man won’t be able to produce shit, resulting in an over reliance of the systems that be and the corporations that rule them.

So, we are gunna wreck ourselves via taxation and a slew of retarded laws and practices resulting in a very dumb tight-rope balancing act for all of humanity. I know you might not be a heavy conspiracy theorist, but you should look up chemtrails in terms of killing female fruit bearing plants and sustainable gardening. Like, where are all the fruits, nuts, and figs? Where did they all go? Why do you think bees aren’t doing well when we intentionally kill off fruit bearing female plants?

You’ll soon find out that scarcity is engineered and that food is one of the methods to carrot-the-stick if you catch my drift.

In Closing,

I mean, why isn’t housing, food, and water a human right?

Because there’s a fuck load of people without those ‘Bare Necessities’. The. Simple. ‘Bear’. Necessities.

Kind of makes that whole 16th amendment moot. Because the taxes are supposed to cover ‘general welfare’. And if people don’t have general welfare, well, sounds like the Government’s Taxation is unconstitutional.

How is the Trillion dollar military budget more financed than food, water, and housing? You know, the things that could arguably exalt our education and productivity while limiting things like death?

I mean, you get that shit in prison. So it’s better to be a prisoner than to be a homeless freeman. Kind of a weird society? I wonder if reconviction-rates and institutionalization has something to do with society being backwards?

I mean, if you’re homeless, Cops don’t want to deal with you. No one does. What are they gonna do, tell you to go home? Naw, they’ll just tell you to be homeless elsewhere. It’s not like they’ll arrest you and give you a shelter with food? They don’t want their taxes going to you. What a joke of a society.

It kind of makes you think, what the fuck is the point of taxes if they don’t cover the basics in a society? What’s the point of society if it’s trying to kill you? Why are humans the only retards paying eachother to live on this rock?

What the fuck are we even doing?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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