Important Small Business tip for Brick and Mortar stores

Alright, here is some down low information that you ought to know about starting a small business in either a leased store or a physical location. The Brick and mortar type model. Whether you’re selling shit or providing a service at your location, this is important low-key information that I’m putting on blast in High Key type font.

Everyone knows most businesses fail starting up in the first five or so years.

But not everyone thinks about why some failing businesses aren’t failing.

What I mean is,

How many Mattress stores and Laundromats, Car washes, and sketchy food places are there that get no traction, no customers, but survive for a long time?

If you get what I’m saying, I’m talking about those hole in the wall locations that get little to no traffic.

Low Key on High, there’s illegal shit being moved around.

The important thing to consider is, that there’s a fuckton of businesses with physical locations that are fronts for drug trades, and illegal shit. Some of these ghost like businesses are just laundering establishments to pay taxes on some fake shit to clean money for other organizations like a gang, cartel, mafia or something else.

So consider that when you think about opening a business.

I’d argue upwards of 30% of local businesses are probably drug fronts or laundering biz.

Hell, I’d argue even more that there’s more illegal businesses if the business is located betwixt major cities or near high ways between major points of interests. Points of interest like Border checkpoints between countries or Sea faring ports. There’s a good chance that these businesses are checkpoints and stash houses and some other shady shit.

The Point of me saying this is,

Don’t get cocky and think you’re genius idea is going to pan out, especially if you don’t have socials or provide an environment for continued business with regulars.

Don’t think that you can outperform some shitty run down dump because they are still operating their ‘business’ with little or no customers.

An even bigger point is that the small businesses that become large corporations, probably still deal in illegal shit.

With all that money, they can launder it and spend it on things like expansion and undercutting competitors to create the illusion of a competitive edge of a business.

Especially if that large corporation run distribution centers or some other drop shipping type bullshit with a ‘secret menu’.

And typically the government doesn’t give a shit as long as they pay their fees, dues, and taxes and don’t fuck around in broad daylight causing issues with the local sheep population of people.

I mean, look at any large corporation, look at the executives and large corporate parties.

Who the fuck has the money to spend on blow and mad drugs? White Collar Office people.

You gotta get that a lot of corporate parties deal in ‘skiing’ and have ‘business trips’ and shit. It’s not just marketing and sales, it’s also marketing and sale, if you know what I mean.

If broke people can peddle and spend money on drugs. You bet your ass that rich people are peddling and also spending money on drugs and other illegal shit.


That’s the big takeaway.

So think twice about your business viability and prospects.

And don’t beat yourself up if your shit flops and fails. As long as you put in the work making shit happen, then you can always change your angle and try again. Don’t be dumb and don’t be lazy and you’ll probably succeed if you just keep trying again and again. Be super smart and Work hard enough to get to the next step and you’ll either die successful or die trying.

Whatever, I’m not here to be your motivational coach or some shit. I’m just selling you good Pu- I mean, advice.

A Street tip, if you will.

In Closing,

I’m saying this because this is real shit that people don’t think about when they’re blindly jumping through bureaucratic hoops at the local town hall or whatever bullshit licenses they upsell you on while you try to jumpstart your amazing vending machine Vape Car Wash Taco MLM business.

Especially when people are innocent and they don’t have a finger on the pulse of the life blood or the drug trafficking in their own home town.


I’m not rooting for or against you, dear reader.

I’m just saying how it is.

And it is what it is.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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