Grocery Stores are a Scam I

Part I, the price is a lie

Grocery stores will often have prices displayed being less than the actual price rang up at checkout.

if they’re not falsely marking up their products

then they’re be selling it to you at a higher price at checkout.

Most people aren’t paying enough attention and pay the extra two cents to upwards of dollars on an item.

In some countries, if the price is wrong, you get the item for free. But if you’re like every other shopper, you’re not price checking so you’ll pay the upcharge and through volume the company will make back it’s money by swindling more minnows than trying to outsmart some people who have enough time and energy to give a fuck.

And if you’re buying fifty items, that shit adds up real quick.

And if a Grocery store is doing this to all their customers? That means those fuckers in line at the checkout are getting robbed like you too.

If you steal even a penny extra

-on every product

by every customer,

you’re gonna make some money.

And you can not so safely bet that they are stealing more than just pennies.

Think of the numbers people, do the math.

If I were to rob $5 from a thousand people, I would have a five thousand dollars. If I were to do that every day? I’d be making $35k a week and $140k a month just from robbing people.

Small Grocery stores transact about 2,000 transactions a day, and larger one’s can get 10k plus transactions.

There’s a reason that these chain businesses exist.

And holidays are another scam that ups the count on customer traffic. Why do you think they put holidays in every month? One reason is to definitely profit from it.

And this shit is real;

30 cent + markup on each item

And they’re already removing and deleting content covering this shit;

look at them tags

Grocery stores can be Frequent offenders that get frequently flagged. Fleecing you and other unsuspecting people.

It gets so bad that even state departments can’t keep up with it and the various complaints.

This article cites a user that rang up six items that were upcharged compared to both retail displayed price and online store price;


Sometimes they mislabel their meat or fuck with the scales at checkout to be aligned and calibrated improperly, so that your weighted items actually weigh more than what it actually is.

So you have to basically bring your own scale to check the weight of something, or bring a certified prime standard weight to reference and calibration check their scale. Which is unrealistic, but even if you did,

Then you’d file the lawsuits against a big corporation with more money than you, and that’s just gross.

All in all, the safer option and safer bet is just never going into a grocery store and having their websites blocked so you don’t buy dumb online shit.

I mean, if you like getting robbed pennies by the pound, then go for it. They’re scamming you in more ways than one.

In Closing,

I have great disdain and hate for Grocery stores unless they’re actually legit and honorable.

If you trust big named brand stores, well, you make your own bed and you shit and piss in it. So don’t come to me asking why there’s shit and piss in your bed.

Is it all grocery stores? No. Gotta guard your wits, can’t be blindly trusting Grocery stores, just like you can’t be blindly trusting cops or people on the streets.

Point is, spot the scams, spot the traps.

You really out here willingly getting nickle’d and dimed?

Fuck outta here with that noise.

This is only part I, I have so much fucking dirt.

The best thing you can do is stop going to grocery stores, stop with the big named stores. Go to a smaller grocer, or go to mom n’ pop store, or go to an Asian market, or go to a farmers market. But also, double check them and make sure these small local stores aren’t scamming you too.

Better yet, grow your own shit and source your meat from an actual butcher.

Find out what’s legit, fuck around to find it out. Then stick to what is real, because there’s a lot of fake and bad pussy they be sellin’ you.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Retail in general is a scam,

If you dislike dropshippers, then know that grocery stores and retail were like the originals when it came to drop shipping.

The Markup is insane, and then they repackage it and reship it to resell it as a new seasonal item.

You can be upset at globalization for this.

but That’s a different beast that’s about similar size as Grocery stores and Grocery chains.

Sometime for another day.

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