Canada’s New revolutionary technology solves homelessness

Canada recently invented a new program that solves the problem of homelessness. Using their new state of the art, MAID program -also known as Medical assistance in dying.

The solution to homelessness was readily available in plain sight.

Yes, the solution was to offer assisted Suicide and have people kill themselves government sanctioned style. Obviously not the solution that everyone wants, but it’s the one the Canadian Government is offering.

No one ever needs to worry about being homeless in a first world country any longer. Canada has already targeted their veterans and homeless people, the recent changes has also allowed for Canada to seek people who are potentially going homeless.

“I don’t wish to be dead. Even with the pain, even with the meds”
-Person who is being streamlined into MAID program

“Thinking about going homeless? Worried even? Have you tried killing yourself? Here, even if you don’t want to die and aren’t suicidal, we’ll sign you up just in case.” -Canada probably

I literally wish I was making this up.

I’m not making this up

The Dialogue may look something like this;

Concerned Citizen: “Hey doc, I’m depressed and might go homeless due to the increased costs of living due to artificial inflation.”

Doctor: “Have you ever thought about killing yourself?”

Concerned Citizen: “Geez, you know. Come to think about it, I’ve been thinking about that to end the suffering and drowning feeling of living in this crazy mad world.”

Doctor: “Well, there you go. We’ll sign you up for a premium death plan”

In Closing,

This article is based on real life events. The person allegedly did not die and was able to get government assisted housing. Yet that person did sign up for the MAID program, what would happen if the government assisted housing was not available? How many people are offered suicide, the black pill, by the government? There are reports of people signing up their families for the MAID program and then celebrating the ill gotten gains from the Death will of said people.

Yes this article is satire, but it’s not made up.

It’s literally a real thing going on. Objectively real.

That’s the sad part.

Canada, what the fuck are you guys doing? Inventing Soylent Green?

Canada out here single handedly carrying the “No Lives Matter” movement.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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