Cities would rather have you Homeless than living in a Van

Yea, some places ban you from sleeping in a van. Making it ‘illegal’.


In fact, police officers will issue citations for sleeping in a car. You want a ticket? You’ll get a minimum warning. How dare you.

What crime did you commit? Isn’t it your own car? Is it your property? No?

But if you’re sleeping on the street? They’ll just tell you to move or not even bother you?

Isn’t the street owned by the public? Aren’t you a part of the public?

This whole Government thing and paying taxes doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Math ain’t mathing my guy.

But heaven forbid that you take up a parking space.

The “logic behind these laws is to FORCE homeless people into government programs and housing”


Here’s effectively the quiet part outloud:

“We don’t want Homeless people to TAKE UP MORE SPACE”

That’s why people are anal about Homeless people, because their existence is a ‘nuisance’.

Government workers and fake politicians will politick to have people living in their van or car be removed from their vehicles.

They want you to use Government assistance shelters and shit.

They want you more dependent on Government.

And they want to round you up like cats and throw you in a slum and call it section 8 while some hobknob arbitrages the government for rental credits.

The government doesn’t want to help you. They just want to make you less of an eyesore. To help ‘beautify’ the city thinking that if they make the city fake like instagram, it’ll drive up profit margins and revenue. Instead of actually taking care of the local populace.


I mean, it’s two temporary solutions.

One where you live in an RV where you can probably be way more comfortable. You own your vehicle, have some walls, get a piece of territory that you can manage. Instead of being locked in some cell or given some shared halfway home shit. You get some privacy, and an option to relocate.

Or One where you’re some social worker’s bitch that has to meet with but then they (the social worker) complains about you not answering your phone or some shit. And then it’s a game of cat and mouse with some low-grade government grunt that honestly doesn’t give a shit about their job and are probably one or two paychecks away from joining you (in being homeless).

I mean, most people live paycheck to paycheck. Is it because people are dumb with their money? Or is it because society is shit? Perhaps both.


I just need you to know.

Cities would rather have you Homeless than living in a Van

In Closing

Atleast we’re not Canada that literally is offering government sanctioned suicide to kill homeless people, potentially homeless, and veterans.

Yea. . .

Just a reminder that ‘city’ and ‘government’ and some people really don’t give a shit about the homeless.

In fact, they view ‘homeless’ as being a ‘problem’. Gotta fix the ‘homeless problem’ but proceed to not abolish property taxes or provide consumer protections on price gouging and usury practices for ‘real estate market’. Yea. The policy makers are Fucking Clowns.

My nigga, if you like being homeless, more power to you. I know a few gents that actually like the freedom of being homeless. It’s like riding a motorcycle mixed with couch surfing, with it’s own version of ups and downs. And they have a nice wad of cash to get by too, so they’re living a different type of “street life”.

I mean, what the fuck is rent and how is that shit normalized in society?

Most ‘home owners’ or ‘rentoids’ or ‘land lards’ are just kidding themselves paying absurd prices for shit that’s worth a tenth of what they paid for. 40k for a home sounds reasonable, 400k, not so much. All the while these people pay mortgages or rent and property taxes. They really financially cucked themselves, working for a job they hate to pay off credit that they owe.

Most of you are a lot closer to being homeless than being rich. That’s a fact.

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*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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