Are Governments even helping Homeless people?

It’s weird,

I just gotta ask,

How are Cities managing their homeless people and helping them find a home? Are they fixing the issue of not having a house or room to sleep in? Or are they maintaining the problem?

I mean, NYC alone budgets $2.4 billion dollars to homelessness,

Down from $2.8 billion the year prior

For about 70k people?

70k for 2.4 billy is about 35k a person. Which isn’t much in NYC, but it’s arguably enough to work with the charities to provide more opportunities for people.

To which, only 22k of them actually got sheltered?

And that’s not including the 500 or so bullshit charities disguised to help the homeless but are actually a tax front to squander slush funds for trust fund babies and Hedge Fund managers so they can go to Champaign Cocktail Parties to brag about the newest piece of modern garbage they define as ‘art’ for tax write off purposes.

I’m not saying all the charities are shit, but You gotta think about things.

Most of them are shit. That’s probably a fact.

And, you know. Maybe I am coming off a little strong and sounding a Lot like a litte asshole.

Atleast, I was feeling that way until I remembered something.

Yea, this gem;

What the fuck is up with removing Public benches?

The City budgets billions with a ‘B’ to help the homeless?

But will pay to remove benches with a ‘B’ and make life shitty for everyone?

‘Fuck Pregnant people and people who can’t stand for long periods’ -MTA probably

You know, I am grateful and thankful that people don’t pay city fees for things like subway usages or other shit. Because obviously, the city is retarded. Obligatory non-controversial take, but fuck the MTA -sometimes-.

It’s not just New York doing this,

Other cities and states are really shit about their money logistics as well. You’d think that these cities are ran by the WEF with how shitty their money is managed. I mean, how much of that money goes to the people in actual need?

Just look at the entire eye-sore that is California.

They do a lot of good. I got to give them some credit.

But they also do a lot of shit too.

And Arizona cities had a law that banned feeding the homeless, even if you were to give them food that came directly packaged from a store. Yea. The Government sure knows how to make life better.

Here’s Portland fucking things up,

They literally spend millions to remove a homeless encampment. By putting Boulders randomly as if that’s a smart ecological thing for Nature or the city.

And yet The City pays out millions to ‘help’ the homeless. Ah, yes, the typical ‘fill public areas with boulders’ trick.

You’d think this is some outlandishly Cartoony shit. Like, is this an Ad for ACME and some Wil-e Coyote type shit? Putting literal fucking boulders on grasslands?

I think a big red flag is,

If there’s anti-homeless anything.

If you see anti-homeless on specifically PUBLIC property funded by the Government.

Then you’re fucked.

You’re living in a hell hole.

Tax monies are being spent on making life shittier.

Is this the roll of government?

And you’re living with Psychos who see other humans as sub-human and are willing to pay money to make them ‘go away’. As if someone’s existence is a fucking problem.

You know, you could arguably just build more comfortable benches that are easier to clean. More of them and people will be able to atleast sit down AND the homeless people would be able to use them.

A bench is meant to be used. If you can’t sleep out in the public space at a park, can you even enjoy life? Is it even public? What’s fucking wrong with sleeping?

Provide public baths and bath houses. Idk, I’d fucking enjoy the shit out of a bathhouse. That’s just the Ergot Infused Grecian in me. I’d be willing to gofund the shit out of a public bathhouse. And ‘Gofund’ is a patronizing way of saying ‘pay taxes’.

Fuckin ayyy

In Closing,

“Do not measure the grandiosity of a society on it’s tall towers or golden domes. Measure it on how well it looks after the least of it’s members.”

“The problem with being homeless is, society starts to think we’re not even human. And then the bigger problem is when those of us that are out here start to believe that we’re no longer human.” – A human being living on the streets

Try to make the world less insufferable.

Be wary of government, and the idea of smug nosed people thinking they’re holier than thou while also casting a whip and punishing the masses.

I mean, the people who remove benches from public transit, are they even using public transit? Fucking assholes, I swear.

Now if you want a real doozy of a story, ask your local Homeless people what’s the sitch on their turf wars. They literally mark their territory and have to fend off strangers and other homeless groups. It’s a whole ass lifestyle outside of what you know, and it’s a secret territorial war waged by the ‘invisibles’ of society 24/7.

They’re out their living in the streets, you’re just a visitor, it’s their home.

Yea, stew on that for a while.

Solutions, are complex for a complex problem. But the answer is most definitely not; using Anti-Homeless Brutalist garbage Hostile architecture. Fucking, Utter, Trash. Pestifulously Asinine behavior.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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