Ode to be an LA VanLord

Yea, you heard me right, an LA Van Lord. The new rising profession that society needs to help patch up the cracks in the systemic matrix we all live in, from this reality, to the next.

Point is -simply put, people are buying Vans and renting them out to Homeless people.

Just for the record, to clear up some misconception, being homeless doesn’t mean you don’t have money. It just means you’re not paying rent to live in a shitty place or have the means to support buying a home, or perhaps they just don’t want to pay into a society where you don’t own anything you pay for -Because what the fuck are property taxes?

Anyways, Homeless people level up from living in tent cities to living in van cities, now they have sturdier walls, an ability to secure themselves, and protection to some degree.

If you know anything about the streets, then you know having some walls to help you sleep at night are a game changer. Especially if the wind is fucking cold. And if people are being retarded around you.

So people are paying anywhere from $200 to $900 a month to live in a Van.

And these Van Lords are getting a fleet of vehicles that they’re renting out at that price.

If you rent out ten vans, you could be making about $10k per month.

Why be a Slum lord lording over the slums that are stationary when you could just take a slice of the roadside? Best part is, you can move the vans, so it’s a floating estate that can go to where the demand is hot, or you could charge a service fee to move it for the tenants to be closer to their ideal park or woods. Just write it in the lease contract and it should be fine-ish.

Before you know it, everyone is living in Van Surburbia, instead of tiny sleep pods that double as suicide pods. Or maybe it’s the intermediary step between? Who knows! Ain’t the future exciting?

Lmao, here’s some media from other creators;

To help solidify the idea that this is actually a thing people are doing.


In Closing,

Yea, it is what it is.

Got to stay up to the times.

Can’t catch you slippin’ with ten dudes in a coffin apartment now. What is this New York? You got a pet rat too?

If the Oil companies could have their way, we’d all be living in giant cars instead.

Arguably, this would be the ‘future’.

Problem is, it’s hard for the guberment to access taxes if you’re always mobile and on the go. No Permanent address makes it so that you aren’t tethered down by the system. So it’s a step back from their perspective.

Also, raising children would be way more difficult. But I mean, when has it not been difficult?

I know the traveling circus and carnivals have a bunch of RVs and Trailers and live commuting to where it’s good. Kind of like nomads. They travel in their own little Caravans.

So this life ain’t nothing new.

It’s just being more proliferated and being profited upon.

Whatever, cheers and stuff

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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