Van Life is a Psy-Op to sell you Vans, a Scam

It’s also a program ran by Media and corporations to make you comfortable with the idea of living in a Van, because as the rate of rent prices keep hiking, you’re being priced out of things called ‘space’.

More and more people would love to live in a nice van.

But a lot of the influencers promoting Van life, are likely not living in a van, and are likely paid shills and actors from Corporations.

It’s a scam.

And it’s a psychological tool to condition you into thinking that living in a van, down by the river, is supposed to be some acceptable thing.

There was some Silicon Valley CEO that lived in a Van next to his office building that was able to save a lot of money and invest it in his company to be successful.

And then all of the sudden, we get paid sponsors from Youtube promoting van life.

And the masses of people ate it up, but van life is not all that it’s cut out to be. Color me surprised.

Be prepared to be cold, piss and shit in places that may not be ideal, and also move your vehicle every now and again because of some boys in blue telling you this isn’t acceptable or some Karen is harassing you.

I think it’s all a psyop to make people comfortable with living in shitty spaces and being forced to be in endless traffic nomads without security or stability. Sure you have the freedom to move all your shit, but that’s not necessarily secure. One person could break into your ‘home’ and steal all your shit. They get a van and your life.

Not really a safe bet.

Here’s some more about it;

In short, Vanlife is expensive depending on your life circumstances, and you also don’t have the ‘Nest’ to build a home for children and such. The Ideal Babymaker is a Three bedroom household. Turns out, Vans are less of the ideal.

Arguably having a Trailer, or a double wide, and a Bus would be a better choice. But that’s basically just a mobile home and not a Van. Vans are different and it can be exhausting.

If we play this out

And people keep shilling and living in Vans because it’s affordable and popular,

Then instead of Mobile Trailer parks, we’ll have Van Parks for Vans. This is arguably worse than suburbia, but also practical in some sense.

Your New VANLIFE Surburbia

And your ancestors would be hella proud. It’s kind of got that whimsical Twilight zone feeling, like living on a giant moving ship or something. Idk, there’s like 50 animes about living on a floating city or giant monster or some shit, reference any of those Japanese works.

If this Van Subsuburbia (yes, substandard to the suburbs) comes into existence, then people would be more mobile than your average carnival. Which is great in apocalyptic scenarios or when the buffalo migrate. You know, the ones that the Government killed off to indenture the native population of the Americas.

-And people are going to rally and convoy to where some banker hasn’t sold the water rights or shorted the Water Futures. Because why the fuck are we gambling on our Drinking Water? Is humanity that retarded?

And now we’re living in a Mad Max world. This is Van Life, are you proud?

Anyways, if it does go to shit, I call dibs on a Leather Jacket with studs and Vibing to California Love;

In Closing,

The people who could reasonably afford living in a van, could also afford not living in a van. The people forced to live in vans, probably can’t afford it and will have to downgrade to a car. There’s inherent trade offs and pros and cons with van life, and it’s not really cheap, and has a lot of time maintenance. Unless you don’t skip things like Hygiene, laundry, or whatever.

You really don’t own a house if you still have to pay property taxes, so owning a van and living out of it is a viable way to limit and reduce expenditures. It also makes you more mobile. So you can save money and stuff but it’s not a free savings. There’s a trade off. Living in a van also prevents you from having space, so you don’t buy a lot of dumb shit. So it’s a plus and a minus, plus because save money- minus because it limits expression.

And there is a negative stigma to people who live in cars for whatever reason. So people will treat you like a lesser human for being in a Car than a Van. I don’t get it.

Is living in a Van a scam? Depends.

I personally could argue both ways.

Is the push to Live in a Van a Scam?

Hell fucking- Yes.

Before you know it, there will be Van Wagon Cultists practicing Van-Life supremacy like NIMBY’s or DINKs or Yuppies or *insert Vague term for subset of people*. And they’ll be pushing it as a phase like that time they tried Veganism or Vegie whatever.

I’m looking forward to the Saturated Van market in the near future, so I hope this fails spectacularly.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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