CEO’s are Unionizing

Yea, you heard that right. Specifically these CEO’s are looking to reform Wall Street and the SEC to eliminate or reduce predatory practices such as Naked Short Selling.

The year is 2023, and CEO’s are collectively unionizing as a BLOC to unite and combat against the treacherous market predators and imbedded Tyrant Monopolies that reign supreme.

So, some background about the Markets,

for people who aren’t into the whole Business side of things.

The Financial Public Markets are a Warzone. It’s conquest and super imperial. There’s Vulture Capitalists, Venture Capitalists, Activist Investors, and many other fancy titles, all of them, playing to game an angle for money. Peddlers peddling information, misinformation, deals, promises, broken promises, and everything else in-between.

-And then there’s Shark-like Hedge funds and other Funds looking to make a good trade while not tipping the scales too much to get the whales interested. All sorts of Interests and people are combating in the financial markets, specifically the public stock exchanges. All for cash money, profits, and subsequently power.

So, as a CEO, you’re to (with the help of your board, directors, and chairmen) try and lead the Ship (your company) safely through the treacherous sea full of hungry predators. To keep the company afloat with enough gains to pass onto the people you’re working with (or working for). That’s assuming that the people on your ship, your board, your directors, and chairmen aren’t bought out traitors. . . Also assuming if the CEO themself isn’t a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

I’ve said this plenty of times before, but the Term ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ is a PR friendly way of saying ‘Hostile Takeover Department’. It’s Financial Imperial Conquest and the Market Share is the ‘real estate’ that companies are fighting for and vying control over.

And the tricks of the trade to win said ‘real estate’ involve everything from a good PR campaign and having a good product to nefarious acts such as sabotage, planting spies, attacking public characters, character assassinations, and Market Manipulation attacks. The Front Desk Secretary, Janitors, Mid Level Employees, and C-Suite Executives can be spies for the enemy.

All of this, to take your company down and send the market share to their competitors while allowing Gamblers to profit on their short positions against your company.

So, what about CEO’s Unionizing?

As it turns out, the public stock market is super abused by many powerful players leveraging both size and privileges. Within recent years, as notably evidenced by Game Stop, there are forces that seek to disrupt viable businesses and use the bought out media to cover the tracks to make a Corporate Murder look like Suicide (Mismanagement). You know, like the SEARs or Blockbusters of the world. All a justification and practice to make things look like ‘business as usual’ for a ‘dying company’.

These Forces target everything, not just brick and mortar stores. They target Cancer Research, Medical research, developing technologies, and many other things for profit or to funnel to a larger Corporation that acts as their safe haven for laundering purposes. All of this, to game the markets and ensure they play favorites with specific Monopolies or Oligopolies in specific industries and markets. The large Corporation gets to dominate the markets by having ‘Activist’ Investors actively take down their competition.

So, Hedge Fund Manager Jeremy Frommor is proposing to create a sort of Union of CEO’s to band smaller companies to fight back the larger predatory companies. This video has the specific call to action, and some fine critiques on Market Mechanics, Central Ledgers, Spoofing, and Naked Shorting;

This union of CEO’s reminds me of a sort of Small School of fish uniting to fight against predatory Market Mechanics;

The ‘Union’ of Companies and CEO’s are helping regular people fight back from the MBB’s of the world, the Big Suits, the Wall Street ‘Corporate Restructure’ type people. Check it out at;

This group is also responsible for pushing the #OCCUPYSEC2023 movement and protests.

Point is, Naked Shorting, among other things, are a very very big problem.

My Personal thoughts on the matter;

This CEOBLOC is coming from a Hedge Fund manager, so part of me is skeptical because I don’t know the person, but lets benefit-of-the-doubt, assume he’s actually fighting against the larger forces that be. If true, that would imply that even the small and medium Hedge Funds are being targeted in the slaughter house of the markets, so much so, that the CEO of a Hedge Fund is also advocating for market reform. That implies that the markets are that bad, and people are having to stand up from even higher on the totem pole.

I find a few faults here and there, but nothing that would make my ‘Scam alarm’ go way off. So I’m a bit reserved until more happens. It’s slightly sketch that they require their members to pay monthly to get into their club. And they offer a discount for Annual Subscriptions. Which, if I was investing as a donation to a charitable cause or movement, I wouldn’t think it reasonable to have a discount. That’s like donating to cancer kids and being told I can get a discount, kinda feels dirty- but I guess tax rebates exist, so whatever.

That’s just my personal take. I mean, a business has to make money some how, even charities too. Movements and Lobbyists don’t fund themselves.

I am curious as to what members get that non-members don’t get. Seems a bit sketch, but I wouldn’t blatantly call these people a scam. Especially sense their motives seemed to be aligned with a better market reform. Maybe they might collab with Better Markets and some other programs.

This could be an AstroTurf movement, so I do have my own personal reservations on this. It could possibly be used to distract and detract people from other relevant movements. It could create noise and set a precedence to negatively hinder other movements. But the way this movement is framed, is for CEO’s and more formal investors, so there’s a chance that it might be a genuine movement.

Some of the talks have dismissed a larger conspiracy, seems like a main street populist talking point. I personally like the Conspiracy theories that assign blame to many parties as if they were scratching eachothers back (business as usual). Meaning that the talks have dismissed the idea of the DTCC working with other Market Participants to act as a sort of Mob or Racket.

In one of the talks, one solution provided relied on using the DTCC as a custodian to facilitate some sort of Block Chain Technology called Upstream, I’m not a fan of the DTCC for obvious reasons. As a Self Regulatory Organization in charge of Central Ledgers, you’d think they’d be able to hold Brokers accountable for Naked Short positions and FTDs. . . So yea, kinda sketch.

Also, I’m not a fan of USDC simply because it’s trading on CEX’s with USDT, and USDT is most definitely a scam. So the Blockchain Exchange of Upstream could be a trap itself. That doesn’t mean that CEOBLOC is a honey pot; they just maybe trying to find the least scammy route but may not know what the options are. And anything USDT related, is sketch.

Jimmy Frommer as a CEO of Creatd had his company delisted due to, what appears to be, high Naked Shorting and predatory market mechanics. So Jimmy does have some skin in the game, arguably more than most. And CEO’s probably feel the same way, talking about the elephant in the room, the bully on the block, the Naked Shorting Enterprise that everyone turns a fearful blind eye away from. For that, I can see CEOBLOC be a genuine thing that is trying to make the world a better place.

Jimmy Frommer is definitely very vocal about Naked Shorting. So that’s a plus.

This of course, is like the second month since they’ve announced themselves. We’ll know how serious they are in the months to come, if they post comment letters and riveting information on other Companies’ and Other CEO’s Experiences. And as it sounds, they seem to have a line up to increase CEO engagement from other CEO’s.

Overall, having more CEO’s talk about their company and the situations is an improvement. Before there is a lot of stress and pressure to maintain secrecy under fear of SEC enforcement actions. This silence only allowed Market Manipulators to perpetually abuse and bully small companies. So having more CEO’s and Companies step up to tell their #MeToo Stories would help to reform the (overly) Predatory Nature of the Markets.

It’s also a double edge sword, because CEO’s speaking out in the higher profile cases of naked shorts could result in a Short Squeeze and result in a filing of a lawsuit against CEO’s that talk about the issue. So it’s kind of a trap depending on the stakes on the line.

Those are my personal thoughts, so it’s best you jot em down on a piece of paper, throw it in a dumpster, and set alit aflame.

In Closing,

The Real Conspiracy theorist are the Main Streat Media’s take on covering up Corporate Murder as a failing business practice. There’s plenty of Good companies killed and executed by Predatory Practices and then these very companies are blamed as if it was darwinistically driving their business to the ground.

The Markets are actually way more fucked than most people know. I don’t mean Just the Stock Market, but the entirety of Markets. It get’s worse when you involve the Global Markets, and it get’s even more worse when you involve global Governments. But that’s macro macro level econ.

The markets in general are a Concrete Jungle. It’s important to atleast be remotely aware of these issues, because chances are you’re probably a few missing payments or a few months from being homeless. And your company going under directly from Market Mechanics or indirectly as a supplier for such a large enterprise, could be threatened by such practices. Yea, there’s a lot of storms abrewing, it’s worth atleast naming a few of them.

Some of issues for a company comes from inside the corporations via Corporate restructures and other Corporate Incompetence and Sabotage. Shills and hired actors acting in Corporate Espionage to sell secrets or run the ship aground.

There’s a good chance that many companies fail due to being manipulated and shorted into the ground. These companies are essentially sacrificed to make profits for someone else. Like a blood sacrifice fed to a Dragon or a Monster to balloon their imaginary profits traded for realized pain.

These companies are being assassinated.

And the Markets are detached from fundamentals of non-predatory mechanics. It’s not a natural death if Companies are naked shorted to oblivion and forced to file bankruptcy and sell off their valuable research and patents. That’s like saying a bullet wound to the head is a natural death. It’s not. It’s murder.

It’s Corporate Murder.

Thousands and thousands of people lose their jobs when these companies are fighting to survive, yet the one’s doing the damage profit and get away. Much like Robber Barons. The Companies when they fail or ‘restructure’ results in swathes of people being layed off and having their Company-Invested pension funds go up in flames.

This is fucking over the American People, and the Global Economy, and other Global Investors.

So the CEO’s are banding together to try and change the game. To arguably Stop the Game.

* Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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