Media is Racist and Shills for Drug Companies

As said by one of the richest person’s on the planet, the Media is racist;

And then Lord Elon goes on to talk about how Media Bias is much like Affirmative Action in the United States. How forced diversity can lead to inclusivity resulting in racism and tokenism.

And some other accounts prove true by stating what is the obvious;

Yea, if you don’t know, we’ve gone so ‘woke’ that we have segregated diversity training. Segregated. You know, like the apartheid. Wokism has become racist.

So the media can be Racist. And it’s-

Bought out by Drug Companies;

Specifically, during a recent SNL skit, Woody Harrelson gave a monologue talking about a script for some movie;

“The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes, and people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over.”

And which, he got immediately attacked by the Media;

I mean, he never once mentioned the Vax or Covid. So why is the media getting all antsy?

I honestly, with the exception of the lock ins, was thinking that Woody was referencing Big Pharma shoving Pills down people’s throats. Like prescribing ADHD medicine for children. Like why is that allowed and worse, why is that normalized? Obviously it’s to profit from getting people to be Pharma Pay Piggies as early as Pre-K, early education is important -remember.

Yea, it seems the media is bought out by billion dollar drug companies. I mean, the drug companies profited all throughout the recent pandemic. Why is the Media so hell bent on attacking a person making a joke of something that could possibly be true? Seems like the media is mighty invested in all of this.

Woody has called out Big Pharma before;

I mean Ted Nugent tweeted it

And with the recent SNL skit, he is right on the money.

Here’s what it would look like in a Green Text;

>Be Me, Woody Harrelson
>Get chance to monologue on SNL
>Make Joke about Drug Companies profiting
>Make Joke Drug Companies control the Media
>Media immediately attacks me, calling me a conspiracy theorist and a danger to public health

In Closing,

Obviously, the term ‘media’ is some sort of nebulous term because ALL of the media isn’t a monolith in it’s entirety. 80% of the media labeled ‘main stream’ is a monolith though, and they are all owned by a handful of the same people who network in the same circles. The majority of main stream media outlets are all networked with eachother and rehashing the same old takes without any real journalism. Articles are just aggregated retweets with extra fluff and copy pastas.

I mean, how much of the media is covering the Ohio Train Wreck? The rain water in Pennsylvania is multi colored. That’s rain water. Crickets from the media. Great.

You want to get real journalistic news? Go to the underground or decentralized networks.

At a minimum the ‘Media’ is racist and bought out. Worst case scenario; The Media is Dead

-simply because they’re burying the truth rather than uncovering it.

* Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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