Western Child Birth is a scam

These are just base reasons that are loosely stated on why Western Child birth is a scam. To be fair, most of the world practices western child birth. So it’s not exclusively ‘the west’. Which makes things more horrifying because I’m about to dive into some uncomfortable truths.

Having people lay on their back and spread eagle isn’t intuitive;

I’m just saying, you wouldn’t take a shit while laying on your back.

So, maybe, child birth while laying on your back isn’t natural?

I mean, most of the animal kingdom just does that shit standing. Some do it laying down. But laying down on your back? I don’t know of any other species of mammal that does.

Historically, there have been evidence to suggest people gave birth standing, sitting, and whatever;

I mean, even the Ancient Egyptians even did something similar;

The Placenta;

Imagine drinking at a bar, and the bar Tender cuts you off when you’re halfway finished with your first drink. Does that make sense? Wouldn’t you be pissed as fuck? So when Doctors do this to babies as a ‘standard practice’ how are we not having wild reforms bigger than Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving?

Maybe people just don’t give a shit about their baby. Idk.

The Placenta has nutrients and stem cells. Some weirdos take it and cook it and eat it for nutrients. I’m not here to advocate or deride weirdos that do that.

What I am here to say is, That cutting or clamping the Umbilical cord to the Placenta is inadvertently disconnecting the child from all those nutrients and resources.

You’re basically disabling your child by cutting them off from an organ that’s literal purpose is to feed nutrients (and more) to your baby.

I mean, naturally, when the baby is done with the Placenta, it’ll fall off and the belly button will close up.

Oh, also Hospitals harvest placentas for stem cells and end up selling that shit for cash. Upwards of $50k, so you know, enjoy paying the Hospital for delivery of the baby as they take the thing marked as ‘bio waste’ and turn around and sell it.

I mean, there’s a lot of stem cells there. Be a shame if it went to waste by nurturing your child. Yea, it’d be obviously better to cut it early and then sell it as ‘Cord Blood’. I shit you not, they literally sell it as ‘cord blood’. They even have banks of this shit, you know, like a repository of cord blood. It’s public;

There’s even a website with CORDBLOOD and a .com

And just for the record, I’m not here knocking off CORDBLOOD banks or whatever. I don’t give a shit about their upcycled stem cells and their ability to save lives or whatever. I’m critiquing western child birth as a whole. It’s arguably good that we have Cord Blood banks because they can save lives. The important part is that the Cord Blood Banks get their Cord Blood ethically. The fucked up part is that Parents are getting swindled intentionally harming their child by shitty ‘standard practices’ in ‘modern medicine’. You’re arguably making your child retarded by cutting the umbilical cord early. Here is CORDBLOOD BANK’s website on the power of that thing you’re cutting off your child from;

Lemme zoom in for you;

It’s almost like that thing that is attached to the baby in Natural Childbirth is -like- well, IDK, for the baby? Imagine just taking the egg whites from all fertile eggs and thinking that you’ll get good chickens. That’s fucking retarded.

AND get this, if you try to save the placenta, the Hospital might even charge you. Yea, that’s right, they’ll charge you for the thing you want that came out from you.

Modern Medicine will cite the placenta as a biohazard,
And then immediately turn around to remove it ‘for profit’ all at ‘no cost’ to you

Just for the record, not all hospitals do this. Just mainly the big ones. And probably the ones that do abortions because Fetus’ and more stem cells. -duh- they’re obviously going to profit from human body parts, who else is going to recycle this ‘biowaste’ for cash?


Western culture likes mutilating dicks for some reason.

Doctors often cut the dick of babies, their foreskin.

They literally cut baby dicks.

Like, literally, as in literally.

Like, religious reasons aside, does that make any sense?

What I mean is, People who aren’t even practicing a religion that believes in such a practice, are cutting off their babies’ dick. They’re not even religious. What the fuck is the point if you don’t ascribe to the purported religious theory? There are plenty of non-religious people with their dicks cut.

What I’m saying is, Every day we stray farther from god.

I bet you most people would not like it if they cut the clitoris of females to reduce sensitivity and mutilate them into being more docile and agreeable. (look up correlation suggestions between hormones and genitalia if you have questions).

Also, Religious reasons not aside, does that make any spiritual sense?

If we were to cite religion and spirituality, then shouldn’t we be NOT cutting baby dicks? Dicks are sacred throughout many cultures and religions. Why the fuck would anyone think ‘lets cut the sacred organ’? I’d argue most Spiritual beliefs would be against that. That would be akin to flashing bright ass fucking lights in your eye the moment you’re born, oh wait, they do that.

Do you agree with cutting baby dicks?

Put that on a shirt, I doubt you’d wear it in public.

Also, there are instances where it goes wrong. Turns out, cutting baby dicks require precision. Baby dicks are Small dicks, think about it. Yea, so there’s stories where they cut too much or that shit goes wrong. So your dick gets really mutilated. Yea. . .

And it’s not like they can ‘uncut’ a dick, let alone a baby dick.

What’s crazy is, if you ever wanted to get a circumcision, you can get one in the future. You can’t un-get a circumcision.


As it turns out,

That the foreskin isn’t discarded.

Instead, that biomatter is used as biomaterial for all sorts of shit.

Like lotions and ointments.

Just ask Steve Harvey, and be like wtf as rightly so;

I mean, is there another way to get foreskin? Ethically speaking. You either take the foreskin ethically from dead bodies or from babies that have ‘donated’ that as waste.

See what I’m saying. This shit is ‘standard’ I guess. Anything to make a quick buck. While you’re at it, might as well sell your firstborne. Because that’s essentially what happens when you give birth in the West.

And yes, Modern Medicine in the Sick-Care industry is literally selling Foreskin;

Anti-aging cream. It’s like there’s stem cells or something in the skin that came from a freshly formed human being. Weird. Who’da thunk?


I’m not here to be anti-vax or talk mad shit about the global history and trend of adverse effects in populations exposed to various ‘new’ vaccines from India to all of Africa. I’m also not shilling out the lawsuits and extensive legal history of countries, campaigns, and protests. Nor am I mentioning the Vaccine Injury system that’s instituted and protected by the Government itself as a socialized form of an insurance policy that protects Big Money Pharmaceutical Corps in indemnification status. Nor am I going into detail about contracts for immunity from liability between Pharmaceuticals and Government. Nor am I talking about the process and all things associated with rigging or obscuring numbers for late releases. No, don’t research that history.

All I’m saying is, there are several vials that get injected into a baby after birth.

This is also after Modern Medicine deprives a baby of their nutrient sac called a placenta. So the immune system is hindered and weakened, followed by several injections and cocktails of medicine directly into the blood stream that bypasses all immune systems. Yes. Intravenous procedures bypass most immun-o response.

Is it a serious enough probability that you would be worried that a new born would contract measles or someshit? Shouldn’t the parents make a determination on that matter? Instead of being threatened by CPS when they’re emotional and caring for their child? I mean, generally, people care about their children. To emotionally extort parents in getting experimental shot procedures is not okay.

And all shots are experimental because I can’t fathom a clinical trial in which previously approved vaccines were tested ALONGSIDE with other vaccines. You’d have to back test all new vaccines, and typically people test vaccines in a lab and controlled setting. It’s like a cocktail of vaccines, something that was never studied to be mixed together. Co-administration data should be made public for things like ‘experimental’ new shots.

Safeguarding Data just makes things worse. But also the results can prove and show that things are worse.

Point is, babies don’t do shit and aren’t prone to interact with anyone other than the immediate family or nurse or other babies that are apparently all in the same room. The small percent chance of needing medical intervention based on vaccinationable diseases may be small compared to the adverse health issues that could occur from inoculating new borns. But, that’s like my opinion based on theoretical thought experiments.

The fact that a mother is separated from their newborn for so long goes against (almost) every Animal Instinct and Nature, most definitely has negative effects on cognitive and other developments. I swear to god people are more autistic, and it’s probably because they never had a loving embrace in this cold bleak and grey corporate world. I digress,

This is an example of a Vaccine schedule from the CDC;

Here is a meme from the internet;

Call me an unscientific bitch, but if cutting and selling baby dicks and placentas is modern science, I have to question the other parts too.

Is it right?


Is it sus?

Well, only if you look at history and how the IMF and World Bank take over the world through privatization of National interests in various countries. I mean, personally as a Fiscal or Financial Theorist, it sort of makes sense with the current ‘robust’ “health” care system.

-What, did you pay for Insulin or was it provided for you out of the kindness of the Big Pharma’s hearts? IF you believe in the globalists, then each time you pay your medical bill and support the Clown Agenda, I’ll have you know I’m laughing at you.

But uh, if you ignore all of that, then take the modern medicine pill and enjoy the gift of ‘modern medicine’ for what it’s worth.

I’m just saying, the vials they give to children are relatively about the size of their baby fist or half that -ish.

If you were to inject a fist sized amount of liquid into you, would that have ANY adverse effect?

And what if this was injected into you before you had a very developed immune system? You know, before you become corrupted into being a curmudgeon that’s numb to the world like me?

Isn’t it possible that your immune system could be compromised by administering such large dosed proportional to body mass?

And you can’t deny possibility, that would be unscientific and retarded.

These are all questions, Science only has studies to ‘suggest’. There is no definitive answer, but I’m pretty reasonable with just pointing to the various lawsuits that exist to address such adverse effects. Turns out, those lawsuits suggest the opposite of some of that ‘science’. Call it a ‘case study’ in ‘case law’, lmao.

And then there’s a theory on SIDS;


Known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Where babies just suddenly die. Died Suddenly.

Here is some new shit with the Clown Virus in which babies are being sacrificed;

Idk if it’s true;

Again, Idk. I’m just putting out what other people are saying and merely commenting on it;

Look at the dance and jig. There seems to be a lot of people that want more access to information, data, and studies. Seems like the ‘smart people’ in charge of making these decisions, aren’t so smart.

“Let’s sacrifice babies for modern medicine”. It’s worse than soylent green. Atleast in Soylent Green you die at ‘retirement’ or the end of your life. Here in this Dystopian world, the hospitals are basically spawn camping you.

And people are dumb,

That includes government.

As it turns out, people make up the government. In totally relevant fashion, Here’s Canada being dumb as fuck;

Theoretically Babies can handle 10,000 vaccines at ANY one time?

Assuming that one vaccine is 1ml, that’s 10,000 ml which is 10 liters. And for you Americunts, that’s about 2.64 gallons. That’s a little more than the average short round Water Jugs at your local Corporate office cooler.

So Canada’s Suicide Care System is suggesting that a Baby can handle an injection of 2.64 gallons of liquid “Theoretically”. 2.5 gallons alone is about 8ish pounds, the average newborn is about 7ish pounds or less. Please explain to me the fucking ‘science’.

Yea, these people are retarded.

What’s up with Putting the baby in a quiet room?

Throughout All history, Mammals are typically with their baby and their young.

Why is it that Hospitals separate them? And I mean more so for the non-premature births stuck in a level 1 NICU. You know, just regular babies being regularly separated from their family.

Often times throughout history, when a baby is separated from their family, it’s viewed as a heart wrenching or gut wrenching tragedy. It is analogous to the atrocities and genocides committed throughout time. Yet here it happens in hospitals every day because ‘modern science’ and no one bats an eye.

For the record, I am no one. -And I am batting an eye.

Worse, they put the baby in a nursery for about two weeks with limited access and care depending on the facility. Imagine being borne into the world and crying in a warm little tub of plastic for two weeks to no avail by your parents who (to your knowledge) might have abandoned you. A cold world where the first moments of cognitive development are followed by several days, which is equivalent to doubling your life time over and over, all while staring at mere nothingness.

No faces to recognize, no interactions or core memories to be built. Just a cold corporate world inside a plastic egg, further extending that feeling of being in a womb but being more conscious of it. Like a prison. Maybe that’s why people are autistic. Idk, call it a guess.

AND why is it a common thing for babies to get mixxed up and given to other parents? That’s a real thing.

And with DNA testing like 23-and-me, people are finding out they’re not related to their ‘parents’ and that some hospital somewhere fucked up.

That’s the biggest scam in this whole article. That you’re not even raising your own child. Everything else pales to the comparison that you could be raising something that’s not flesh and blood. Which means someone else is raising your child.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t love a child like your own. I’m just saying that the whole situation is a little fucked.

Here’s a thought, maybe don’t remove the baby from the mother?

Maybe, just maybe, a good chunk of post partum depression is based in the backwardness of the Sick Care System. Maybe the mother being separated from the child and not supported by the village (and midwives) to have time off when she needs is a reason for the depression? Maybe Mothers should spend time with their babies? Idk, call me weird. Seems like the rest of the mammalian kingdom is following that weird rule.

Hospital Bills are high as fuck;

It costs a fuckton to have a birth.

Even though the hospital is selling stem cells, the placenta, and literal Baby Foreskin. They’re profiting from you and still charging you.

They also charge you for the bed and the room and breathing. Okay, they might not charge you for breathing, but they sure wish they could.

Also, if you want to touch your child, they will even charge you for that.

Skin to Skin contact costs money;

I mean, I’m not even going down the rabbit hole of ‘human rights’ and ‘berthing’ conspiracy theories. I’m staying at surface level here and it’s kind of fucked that parents don’t really have autonomous decision making for their child. You know how I know that’s true? CPS is a thing, and you typically don’t go against the doctor’s orders less they threaten to steal your firstborn like a Babylonian Cult.

The system is fucked. my dear Squalor

In Closing,

Yea, seems like Western Child Birth is a scam.

I’m not saying to not have kids.

But I’m also not saying you should have kids.

Seems like a lot of the medical practices is just basically traditional medicine in occultic fashion with a ‘sciencey’ sounding veneer smeared over it backed by doctored case studies here and there.

It’s scientism simply because they’re following standardized practices and trends that go against the wishes of parents that believe in something else, to follow a science based on belief of case studies. So they forgo the beliefs of Parents to follow the beliefs of Science. Yea, they literally cut baby dicks.

Idk, we could probably do better. Maybe if we had more medical rights afforded to us, maybe a health care bill of rights, and the ability to be sovereign individual citizens, then maybe. Just maybe. Things would make more sense?

Yea, good luck fighting tooth and nail against a doctor that’s doing shit, while you either spread your legs laying on your back like a victim or you’re a father being isolated behind doors and a glass window while pacing to hope that your wife understands the same agreements on child care that you had.

But of course, gotta love the medical system and how the government helps take care of all of this.

Maybe if we had proper education that goes into the intricacies of contraindications of use and also allows for something outside of what traditional modalities for things are? Why not bring back Midwives?

What if women don’t want to be nurses, and just have the desire to be midwives because of ‘nature’ but are having to opt out of the societal equivalent ‘nurse’. Society has commoditized midwives into nurses? Yea, enjoy the for profit system.

Hospital birthing and Nursing are the Socialistic (governed) Capitalistic (for profit) enterprise of profiting from the socialization of midwives as ‘nurses’ indoctrined from ‘high’ echelons of ‘haughty’ public education.

We done goofed ourselves and society by outsourcing human interaction with ‘social workers’ and ‘case managers’. For that, our sins are immeasurable and death isn’t an apt punishment for that specific affront to God. But that’s a discussion for another day.

It’s great to have the government take care of you and your child. Obviously you wouldn’t know what’s good for you without trial and error. And judging by the mass genocides governments have been historically held accountable for (and not held accountable at all), who else is better to tell you what to do and look out after your own children than big brother (Government).

That’s a joke, this is all a shit post, Take it or leave it. Read em and weep, My Dear Squalor,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Medical, or Any Advice

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