Canada’s Death Care System

Look, I joke about America having a Sick care system, but that’s sometimes more preferred than the Socially provided Canadian variety brand of health care. Atleast in America, you die mainly because you’re poor and can’t afford treatment. In Canada, you’ll die just because you are poor. Health care is socialized, so the poor will get treatment. . . It’s just, that treatment might not be what they wanted, and in the form of medical assisted suicide.

The poor somehow gets targeted as most willing “to off themselves”, is that the patients choice, is that a fault of society, is it the doctors, or is it Government?

And this will make ‘some’ sense if we dive into this can of fuckery.

-Some comic I found online

To give a little primer of Canada, Bill C-7 passed in 2015/2016 with a program called MAID which allows people to medically commit suicide. Medical assistance in dying (MAID) legalized an option for people to kill themselves, and it has been amended and reviewed through Canada’s channels in 2021. Leading to some spicy revelations and pushes.


Canada has legalized Cannabis, which was okay, and also legalized assisted suicide, which is not so great.

And Canada is looking to expand the assisted suicide to include mental health patients and other underprivileged people. As it turns out, instead of getting mental health checkups, you’ll get doctors to tell you to kill yourself. So, I guess that’s the ‘progressive’ health care that people want.

Yea, so this euthanasia thing is pretty fucked as anyone would naturally suspect. Instead of having an American doctor be lazy and gas light you to think you have no issues, you get a Canadian doctor gaslighting you to kill yourself. I might have to apply for a Canadian medical Licensure if all I have to do is tell people to kill themselves.

I’ve heard an anecdote about how one person went to their therapist and complained about their Bipolar disorder, but then their therapist started talking about MAID. Yea, so maybe Assisted suicide is a cop-out for actual medical know-how.

Anyways, one of the biggest downsides with assisted suicide is the idea that doctors could lie or practice malpractice and kill their patients. Which is actually something I’m against, (shocking I know).

I’m sort of a stickler for the idea of free will, and it sort of not good if the government in any form can decide to kill people under the guise of ‘morally easing your suffering’.

This whole thing is pretty fucked,

Even commercials are getting flak, rightly so.

Yea, that’s right, there are commercials telling you to kill yourself. They’re boasting about the beauty of life through killing yourself. Everything is beautiful and you get to see it, and when you see it you can exit life instead of bask in the glory of beauty. “Death is also beautiful, so kill yourself” is basically the message. And judging by the video, they’ve spent quite the budget on making it too.

This commercial also made some rounds on twitter. As much as having the freedom to off yourself is cool, the idea of state sponsored Euthanasia is not really ‘freedom’. That sort of ‘freedom’ is a myth.

And on youtube in particular, a lot of the juicy comments are -well- not present. Probably due to censorship. Seeing 19k dislikes and a lack of trash talking just doesn’t seem to add up. Here are some comments;

And this video is made by La Maison Simons. So what or who is La Maison Simons? Simons.Ca is basically a clothing brand. . .


And the Person behind Simons? He says this story is inspiring.

Yea, so Inspiring. –Inspiring- people to go kill themselves.

Good old Medical Homicide. Sanctioned by the state too.

Good old Quietus commercials becoming more and more feasible in today’s age of man. No longer a Science fiction of tomorrow, but now a reality of today.

Yea, I’m not making this up

A veteran even claimed that he went in seeking mental health, and was told by the doctor to basically Kill himself.

“Hey, thanks for coming in. I know you wanted a thing to help you, but have you ever thought about Killing yourself?” -The Doctor probably

Atleast with America, you get your Veterans to implicitly kill themselves in a Florida VA Parking Lot because of bureaucracy and wait times. You know, it’s not overt as the doctor directly saying it. I’d personally rather had “tough luck” than “go kill yourself”.

But is there any merit to me saying that the poor and poverished people are being targeted?

Why yes, I wrote this article, why would I talk shit without backing it up?

So in that above, there was a story of a lady who was bedridden and her shitty Salvation Army appointed Landlord wasn’t accommodating her *reads notes* Accommodations. . . Yea, so she didn’t have things like heating or cooling.

And the doctors recommended that she killed herself.

And sane doctors and physicians were like WTF;

She tried to get help, she even begged for it;

She obviously wasn’t in a good place, and society failed her by not actually helping her one bit. Here are some of her parting thoughts;

And she blames the government for her situation resulting in her death. So yea, the government is to blame. This whole thing simplified is the Government failing to provide for their citizen, resulting in their citizen dying under the options afforded by Government clauses.

I’m going to make it bigger and bolder so that you understand that this is what a person felt during their last moments;

“The Government sees me
as expendable trash,
a complainer,
and a pain in the Ass”

The voice of the invisibles become more and more mute in the technocratic age. Before you know it, these unfortunate souls will question even their own existence as no one bares witness to them, hear their pleas, or their desperate shouts into the windless void. Why live in a cold world when they’ll treat you like shit anyway? And so the situation primes and practically ‘forces the hand’ of people to kill themselves via assisted suicide.

But as it stands, a lady died for being disabled and poor.

And as the story goes, many more will follow suit with a tale in similar fashion to a tragedy as this one.

Here’s the simple logic to how bad things will get;

I don’t know about you, but hospitals are a hotbed for death.

If someone dies, there are a few places people won’t question much, those places are beds and hospitals. So a hospital bed seems to be the hotbed for death.

And you need to understand that Angels of death are real. People legit kill people, some for money, some for pleasure, and they disguise it all as malpractice or A doctor can just say “I’ve tried my best to talk them out of it” or some shit and be acquitted for murder.

The Government is funding this as a package of ‘health care’, and if the government wants to save money, then they’ll do the opposite of the American Health Care System. So instead of hooking patients up to a lifetime supply of pills and treatments, instead they unhook the patient from any and all forms of life support. It’s like the opposite of the spectrum’s extreme of health care for profit.

Those are three points above that lead to a bad ending if you connect the dots. But since there’s more blank space in this tabula article, here’s some more points;

  1. Historically govts have been notorious for killing people.
  2. Statistically assisted suicide is already heavily geared towards poor people and veterans with disability.
  3. You know, people who rely on government services that strain the government system and are viewed as a burden rather than -idk- human?
  4. The State is incentivized to not pay for people’s health care.
  5. There are people that genuinely believe there are too many people in the world and adopt Malthusian principles with depopulation agendas. They literally want less humans, and they’re willing to kill to make that happen in an accelerationist manner.
  6. Doctors are the few people to legally and medically announce and pronounce people dead.
  7. Very few people, if no one at all, would question the ‘expertise’ of a doctor.
  8. Angels of Death are real. Like, this is a real thing.

As you can tell, this is a standard recipe for “State Euthanasia” found in subsection 3 of your Grandma’s cookbook, right next to “State Ordered Genocide” and “Technocratic Fascism”, you know, recipes for disasters.

I mean, have you heard of a Doctor actually getting sued for malpractice based on literally killing people? I haven’t. It seems the best place to sweep things under the rug is in that operation room where everyone in that room becomes an accomplice or an accessory to the murder. Just think about it. . .

They’re not going to say “it was an accident”, only that they “tried their best”. And I’ll be honest, they’re not expected to save everybody, but they’re also expected to not intentionally kill people.

Also, here’s an article headline about the State being incentivized to not pay for healthcare;

Also they can sell your organs. I mean, donate your organs for money.

Hell, they’ll even harvest that shit fresh. You know, for the living to live longer than the donor who is literally going to die;

There’s even research on this shit, lmao;

The obvious largest proponent against assist suicide is forced euthanasia, and there’s already evidence that is exactly what is going on.-Because of the way Canada’s Socialist Medical Care system is set up and funded, all of this is essentially doctors being funded by the Government to basically depopulate their people. It’s like being laid off but for life, since the government is offing their labor force by, well, (implied and litigatory) force.

How much assistance is the government providing? is it 10%? one hundred? 110%? Are they murdering people? Are people getting ‘suicided’?

Well, I don’t have direct evidence that Doctors or Government officials are directly killing people against their will. I merely have all the evidence that suggests that they are. And seeing that someone’s testimony before assisted suicide involve the government seeing them as a burden, you sort of have to blame the government for failing their citizens. So the government is culpable, and if it’s not murder then it’s manslaughter or negligence in the least.

I’m just saying, historically Governments are the number one killer of their own people. -Even in war, you’re not supposed to target civilians based on some arbitrary agreed upon rules, Yet throughout history Governments kill their own people during peace time.

A small note about the Clown Virus before we close,

Currently, Canada is reviewing some bill changes. I believe they are C-278 and C-285 or something.

If I were to Summarize like the Americunt that I am, it has something to do about people who refuse being raped and having foreign material enter their body, like a dick or a vaccine, to be deemed mentally ill by the state. So in theory, if people refuse to get the ‘vaccine’, then they can be labeled mentally ill by the state.

And if they are deemed mentally ill, well then the State can also help them to commit suicide. Assisted suicide of course.

And obviously mentally ill people don’t know what’s best for them, so the State will help them to decide.

So if things are as tin foily as it gets, then they’re probably going to clot shot people and then assist them to their (death) bed.

There’s also another theory floating around about being clot shotted as a requirement for assisted suicide. That’s some weird backwards shit, but apparently Germany is also in the same boat;

Maybe it’s to cover the adverse side effects of the Clot Shot? You know, hide the bodies type deal?

And the likely hood of any of this tin-foil stuff happening is non-zero, that’s a fact. No Safe Bets and all.

In Closing,

Ah yes, man made horrors beyond my comprehension. Things like a future where suicide is somehow more cheaper and easily convenient than it already is. Oh, and it’s certified by the state, practically endorsed and promoted.

Yea, even their Prime Minister supports the idea of assisted suicide as being ‘progressive’. Yea, brilliant. So progressive that one should ‘speed run’ life and die already.

We’re on our way to Soylent Green Future, I’m not sure if this is the ‘Green’ Future that people want, but it seems more and more plausible, especially with them HEK 293 additives in our medical use and probably food. Lmao, enjoy being a cannibal.

Where your death would give life to others
In the form of food

It’s funny, because Soylent Green is set in the year 2022, so they’re pretty on the mark. I mean, why else are people trying to feed people insects and other ‘sustainable alternatives’? I did mention HEK 293. Like, come on, this ‘fictional’ timeline is pretty ‘parallel’ with ours. Pick. Up. The. Pace. I need you to get endarkened faster.

I trust doctors less and less the more I learn about indoctrinated training and government assisted suicide. I mean, the whole Clown Virus was a thing where loved ones were not able to see their family members but still able to see a nurse in person that attended way more people that were allegedly contagious. Like, nothing made senes, and I hate the medical system for perpetuating retardation.

To sum it up,

Atleast in America, you’re a debt slave feeding the system. In Canada, they straight just off you. No care for profits. Perhaps greed ain’t so bad, call it a case study between the system that wants to kill you and the system that wants to profit from you.

Anyways, I’m not the guy to get morals from. I’m actually pro-suicide. I personally think if someone wants to kill themselves, then they should be able to. It’s like, free will. I just think that it’s kind of fucked to have the Government be in charge of supporting it and having corporations push it down your throat. Especially having Advertisements from CLOTHING COMPANIES no less. Like, what the fuck Canada?

This whole assisted suicide thing sounds more like ‘prompted suicide’. Chances are, it’s not so “free will” if the government is pushing for this shit. It really doesn’t seem like people have their own free will to kill themselves, when all these other people/governments/doctors/corporations are leading the charge like it’s their decision.

And I’m a bigger fan of telling Governments and Corporations in general to fuck off.

It’s actually much better to tell corporations and governments to fuck off than to actually off yourself.

Try it sometime, It’s a Beautiful thing.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Assisted suicide has been a thing for a while in Canada.

They’re only ramping it up to allow everyone access to this modern health care ‘final solution’. You know, not keeping it for the privileged that are terminally ill like some states in the United States.

And I’ll tell you something that is alarming.

That statistics for assisted suicide are kept hidden or buried or shadow banned. It’s not on which has Covid on there, but nothing about assisted suicide even though assisted suicide isn’t new. I can’t find accurate or real statistics.

The odds are, they’re pretty high as fuck. I just don’t know how high or if this following tweet is any accurate;

There was a fact checker that called the claim of ‘sixth leading’ cause to be “misleading”;

The fact that they claimed it misleading and not ‘false’ suggests that it’s probably true.

So, yea its probably the sixth leading cause of death in Canada. Should I say sixth leading “Manner of Death”, would that be more fitting for those fact checkers?

Post Post Script,

Here’s a meme;

Here’s another meme;

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