WTF “Is a Beautiful Thing”?

Sometimes the phrase is “It’s a beautiful thing” or is an adage to the end of a sentence “____ is a beautiful thing”.

This is a phrase used to describe swindling or fucking over someone at a very low-cost or efficient manner, almost at no-effort. This phrase has a sort of cynicism to it, or at least a meta-periphery-sense-of-cynicism.

This term is popular in Wall Street Jocks when they have their evening cup of Joe and recapitulate their ‘working’ day on how they got some idiot to listen to what they said and maybe sign a couple documents.

Example 1:

You’re selling your car, but you’re not an honest person. So you hire someone to pawn your car, with a fake registration and title. The Hiree sells your car to some poor shmuck for 10 grand, you take your cut of the sales.

You then report the car stolen and repossess it because you have the accurate and true government documents. You make up some plausible excuse about being out of town so you don’t know the car was stolen. Bonus points for having evidence and a well crafted story.


You keep your car and get their money. Bottom line,

It’s a Beautiful Thing

Example 2:

I work at wall street as a premier finance-seer, ha, I know what’s good for your money.

And when you invest in my brokerage, I get to play with your money while guaranteeing that I might lose it all. Of course, I make more profit if you win. This sort of makes it seem like I’d be doing good with your money, as if I had morals or something.

But also I make a profit when my partner bets against me with your money.

I’m sort of a magician, you know, I make your money disappear. *poof*

So I lose your money, my partner gets your money, we split the profit between us, you get nothing, and you’re left none-the-wiser. The world of investment is a Beautiful Thing.

In Closing

These are crimes and you shouldn’t do them. Asshole.

Well, that’s basically the summation of what “it’s a beautiful thing” is and we’ll be using this phrase all throughout.

Cheers, and remember

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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