Wage theft sucks

As a reminder, Wage theft is the largest theft outside of typical scams and just outright fraud or RICO cases.

Wage theft is accomplished by rounding people’s hours down, not paying overtime, deducting breaks, changing hours, many other time clock shenanigans, and even just denying people or not paying them.

Here’s a tweet;

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And that data was from a few years back, I imagine that the numbers have increased due to all the economic issues that we may be facing. That whole inflation things and that Clown Virus deal.

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There’s a bunch of ways corporations and such loophole themselves to ‘recoup employee expenditures’. They steal from their employees because it’s easier than maximizing profits from actually selling a product or making a business.

For instance, the company might add an additional ‘paid lunch’ of thirty minutes to your time card, so you get an hour lunch with thirty minutes of it being paid. But if you work overtime that day, that thirty minutes paid lunch won’t count towards your overtime, so you actually lose money.

So if you work 12 hour shifts, and your state law requires you to be paid overtime for any hours worked over 10 hours in a shift, then you should receive 2 hours of overtime per shift. If the company pays you for lunch, then you’ll only receive 1.5 hours of overtime instead. The company actually saves money under the guise of paying you for your lunch.

Shit like this is how companies get their money back.

It’s apparently easier to reduce money out and maximize money in, by reducing the costs that you control, rather than it is to increase your market share and fight that offensive war for more adverts and sales.

I mean, why do you think most countries tax their citizenry more and more as they age? It’s because those countries can’t just easily raid other countries or exploit labor from foreigners. . . Yea.

Countries and Corporations are not so different. Wage theft and taxation is also not so different.

So if society keeps persisting, people are going to be crushed under taxation, wage theft, and inflation, and it’ll only get worse unless something changes.

Idk what that change is, but I do have popcorn so I’ll enjoy the show.

In Closing,

This is just a small footnote, a reminder, that you shouldn’t work to death for any company. Don’t be a good wage slave, or else you’ll end up a dead wage slave. Work. Retire. Die. type deal.

Don’t kill yourself for some shit company. Especially if they’re a large corporation. Because those companies would replace you faster than disposing used napkins.

They’ll keep on working long after you die or ‘force retire’ as they might put it.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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