Climate Change is a Scam (Weather Machines Edition)

Climate Change is a Scam,

I state this because everyone is saying that Humans are causing the Climate to Change.

But no one wants to admit that we Humans have weather machines.

Because the implications of having a weather machine, means that we (humans) could control, prevent, and create weather.

Which means weather phenomenon and disasters.

So, we gonna talk about them hurricanes?

Or are we just going to shut the fuck up about weather machines?

Then we ought to, in similar logic, shut the fuck up about climate change.

Here’s simple logic on why we have weather machines;

We have a thing called an airconditioner, which can transfer heat and control the literal temperature in your shitty apartment. This is a man made construct that operates on basic thermodynamic principals to control temperature. Temperature and currents result in all sorts of weather phenomena, such as inversions and the like.

We have built big shit like the hoover dam and air craft carriers and other shit on that show Modern Marvels. I’m talking big shit.

You combine the two above, you’ll understand that we can easily make weather machines. We can easily make large air conditioners. It doesn’t sound crazy when we phrase weather machines as ‘large airconditioners’.

Yea, in fact, next time someone says ‘weather machines are crazy’ or matches that topic with derision, just make fun of them for ‘not believing in large air conditioners’.

Now some additional logic.

The butterfly effect.

It’s actually a weather phenomenon that was adapted to temporal phenomenon due to some awesome series of movies. But I digress, the Butterfly effect basically states that the small fluctuations of a butterfly flapping its wings could cascade and result in large changes in wind currents and even resulting in natural disasters like a hurricane or a tornado.

Simply put, small changes in the air can cause big changes.

So a small air conditioner, in theory, can cause large devastating effects and uproot houses and a high death tool.

That’s probably why your dad doesn’t want you to touch the A/C. Assuming you’re not fatherless, of course.

You add this tidbit of logic with the above logic, and now you know that you don’t even need ‘large air conditioners’. Just a decent air conditioners and a great location will be more than enough to replicate the weather effects of a given model or purpose. Yea, location is a key thing here, gotta let it build up after all.

Oh, also, here’s some real weather machines;

In case you couldn’t bridge the logic gap on why weather machines are more feasible than cars and combustion engines.

One type of weather control is called Cloud seeding where we spray aerosols and do some fancy electric shit to ionize clouds to make it rain. It’s that whole chemtrails stuff, but instead of the chemical being some agent orange shit, it’s just asbestos or some lighter form of dust used for X purpose.

Cloud seeding is spraying particulates in the air, like dust, to grab onto water molecules and form large density pockets of water vapor. You know, Clouds. Ionizing said cloud can effect the water vapor system to rain.

Weird, when you have money, you can get your own clear skies or rainstorms. There’s a service that gets you specifically that, a clear sky;

Weird how private companies can just geo-engineer the climate. . . Almost like Humans have some degree of control, or the audacity of authority to control, the actual climate. . .

There are several cloud machines in the United States. Nasa tests a bunch of engines, or they say, and this generates hydrogen-oxygen clouds which may in fact produce rain,

Sure, you could say it’s engine testing. That doesn’t negate the fact that these machines produce hydrogen-oxygen clouds and those clouds can in fact produce rain. Hydrogen-Oxygen clouds are just Water Vapor, I mean, what do you think clouds were made of? Cotton Candy?

Yea, I’d even go further to say that industrial revolutions’ chimney stacks and such are a form of terraforming. But then we’d have to talk about the adverse effects and consequences of the industrial revolution. . . And I’m not Teddy enough to go there.

Clouds are Water Vapor. We have a shit ton of things out there that makes Water Vapor as a byproduct. Thus we can make clouds. Clouds can affect weather, thus we can affect weather.

Written by some Forbes Guy
Who tries to debunk water vapor clouds
by citing research and saying it’s

All of this shit is connected, and also, I’ve heard there’s like a ton of CIA declassified documents on Weather Machines and Spraying Chemtrails. Here’s a picture of a video game to seal the deal;

In Closing,

Rain dances are a thing. We should just go back to healing Mother Nature and being grounded and Intune with the Earth while connecting to the divine powers. You know, get swept by volcanoes and thunderstorms and hurricanes; things that are manageable with our ‘technology’ that has ‘tamed’ the elements to ‘some degree’. Mother Nature, like any tamed animal, is still a beast that would fuck us up. So we’d allow the brutal-as-fuck Universe in all it’s might and glory to harmonize the chaotic existence of a struggle that life is. By snuffing us out indiscriminately- obviously.

But now we have technology to perform our own raindance instead of relying on the leylines of the world or whatever model you ascribe to.

So if we want to talk about climate change, then we have to admit that we humans can control the climate. The best way we have is through weather machines, in that case, what then is the issue of the climate? If we control the climate, then who we just modulate the temperature knob and keep it at whatever it’s been operating for the last 1,000 sol cycles.

Like you really want to lapp up the brain dribble propaganda of Human Beings responsible for the climate but also not have the ability of drastic change to control it?

Yea, that’s just dumb low-iq think. It’s the worst assumptions from both sides, the perspective of humans causing climate change, and the perspective of humans not being able to control the climate.

Even if we don’t admit that we can control the climate, then we’d have to admit that we are striving to control the climate. What’s the point of climate change if our goal is to not correct an impending doom scenario? It’s a no brainer that the logical answer to climate related issues is to develop terra forming weather machines.

So Either we admit that climate change is controllable, or we admit that climate change isn’t a problem. Because obviously weather machines exist and Man has a decreeable control and influence on the environment and climate. So we can either control the climate or it isn’t a problem big enough to warrant our intervention. But also, no one is connecting these dots in the public sphere or legacy media, so that leads me to believe the following;

That Climate Change is a Scam

If Climate Change was such an issue, we’d admit to our Large Air Conditioners, or have plans in the open on how governments will fund for large air conditioners. Since we don’t have any of that going around, and nothing public, it has me believed that Climate change is a scam, a gimmick, a bullet point of a talking point-

-Used to divide, drive fear, move large swathes of money, and get people to be political and throw their money into shit scams like carbon credits or more lithium mining and subjugation of foreign nations to do so. Yea, lithium isn’t used for only batteries, but that’s something a guy like Tom O’Neill might know of, a certain ULTRA use of Lithium. Moree profits for Pharma. Also, operation Condor was a thing, so of course we’d bully those South Americans for their Lithium. Bolivia isn’t going to destabilize themselves you know.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

This is more of a lesser accepted probabilistic “hunch”, if you will.

Just pay attention to natural weather phenomena that targets key areas.

I’m talking about raids on pedo-islands that happened to also be struck by hurricanes moments after or during the raid.

Resulting in the loss or ‘missing’ of large swathes of data, laptops, and records.

This shit is way more common than you think.

So, like any paranoid tin-foil hatter, you gotta always question them natural disasters and ask yourself how ‘natural’ of a disaster is it? It’s a rather sane thing to do or think of when you’ve got that aluminum on yer head.

Post Post Script

There’s mounting evidence, data, and statistics that suggest climate affects. . . mood.

Warmer climates result in more homicides.

Rainier and muggy climates result in more suicide.

Various other climates result and suggest various other results and outcomes.

So the fact that “Large Air conditioners” exist also imply that there are tertiary effects of people dying and/or commiting murder.

Change the temperature knob and people literally die.

Yea, it’s not so easy playing god now, is it?

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