Political voting is dumb

Me thinks

So whether to vote or not has become more of an issue than who you’re voting for. The idea of voting itself has become politicized. It’s a debatable and hot topic in some circles that I’m sure I can name off after I’ve made them up.

Like get this, the idea that you would decide not to vote is enough to piss off people who do vote. So the Political ones are upset at you for not being political too. Isn’t politics just some weird backwards tribalistic secular cult?

Like why would you be entitled to my vote? Why would you give a shit who I vote for? Why are people more upset at people who don’t vote then -say- the people who vote against them?

I thought it was my personal decision? All of a sudden, I don’t get a choice. What’s the point of voting if you don’t have a choice to abstain?

At least we’re not Australia where you have to vote by law. I mean, people just vote all sorts of tomfoolery and buffoonery in the Australian elections.

Force people to vote, and they draw dicks in stead. Talk about Donkey Voting.

Why would you care so much to ‘win’ me over by being upset like a brat? As if each vote counts and the system isn’t rigged. Because you should trust me when I say, the system is rigged. It literally requires money to run or campaign.

I refuse to partake nor consent in any sort of election or system that I don’t trust. Play a rigged game and expect to have fun? Not in a PvP server called Earth. Much rather be a secluded hermit and get my smithing to level 100 if you know what I mean.

In 2016 the Demonkkkrats lost and cried out voter fraud and impeachment. 2020 the Republicunts lost and did the same. Like what the fuck is the point of voting if both sides are going to complain about it being rigged when obviously it just means that one side rigged it better than the other. I mean, it’s obvious that all elections are rigged, even one mis-vote means that the entire thing is fucked.

And I’m very pick-and-choose my model of society. Much like any human- I’m very critical in my approach, you know, hypocritically.

I’m going to trash a little of the left,

Because I’ve got some funny jokes and prominently the left has been in power for the last few years when they merged false liberalism and progressivism while also band wagoning Marxism, socialism, and communism. Lmao. They also had a pretty strong grasp of the technocracy, media, and the narrative. The Right also played into those things, it’s just the left had more blatant involvement.

Notice how one political party keeps on campaigning and reminding people to vote?

I did talk about Donkey Voting. . . Hmm, maybe that’s why the Democrats have a Donkey as their Mascot? That whole meme; “Vote blue no matter who”?

It’s like their constituents have no concept of time or lack efforts and procrastinate too much.

Anyways, there was a funny video of some dude named Jordan Peterson that was talking about hosting morning talks. To hold his events and speeches in the morning rather than the afternoon. He did this to circumvent the whole protests and such. Because the leftists won’t show up early in the morning to protest. It requires getting out of bed and actually doing stuff- dare I say, Early.

I’m going to post a meme,

And if you think this is normal and justifiable, then I guess you have more faith in the system than I.

Point is, we got a rigged election. In 2016, one side did a better rigging and the other side was lazy as fuck. That losing side avowed to never again let that happen. And now we got the rigged 2020 elections, where the losing riggers rigged it so hard that even people who don’t give a fuck about shit, like me, are noticing.

Like that guy who won 2020 got more votes than Obama? Yea. Okay.

That guy who had to be hidden on the campaign trail because he was a gaff machinegun? Yea. Okay.

Honestly though, I like the new president, he’s making this circus a lot more entertaining.
That whole, “lets go Brandon” thing

Here’s two other shitposts I have;

One about Voting

Another about the system being rigged

In Closing,

I’m here to poke fun at society and politics.

I don’t vote, I don’t consent, and I don’t care.

I can always talk shit about whomever is in charge, because I abstained from consenting to the whole ordeal. To be honest, I don’t care about the leader when the whole system is fucked. I’d rather besmirch the system than whichever clown elect we hold in office. It’s not like the people don’t know everyone is corrupt, it’s not like insider trading and backroom deals aren’t a part of this whole charade. It’s not like there are FBI and CIA released documents on senators taking bribes. These are low hanging fruit facts.

Whatever, I’m here to say that it’s your choice in voting or not, and I personally think voting is dumb.

And to make it a political issue, of whether to partake or not in politics, is really really dumb. Like for real.

The system is rigged and you get to decide whether you partake or not. That’s like- your choice.

However, as the Chairmen-elect of the Anti-Political Political Party, I’m also advocating that you forget to vote. It’s for the better of society.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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