Twitter is lit like a dumpster fire (currently)

Here’s a small segment on the going ons,

-Lord Elon offers to buy twitter
-Everyone is freaking out, Twitter is on the fence
-Lord Elon backs off the offer
-Twitter throws a tantrum and threatens a lawsuit if he doesn’t buy Twitter
-Lord Elon buys Twitter
-Lord Elon Fires and Guts the company because it was full of losers
-Free speech to a degree is allowed on Twitter
-Many journalists got access to internal Twitter memos

And they’re revealing the memos on twitter

So, some background on Section 230;

As Tech companies provide a space for their users to interact over the online domain, Section 230 allows these companies to be protected from legal repercussion as long as the Company operates like a platform and not a publisher.

I’ve queried and polled an AI to help further explain;

“Overall, Section 230 is a law that provides immunity to online publishers and platforms for content that is created and posted by third-party users. It is an important part of the legal framework that governs the internet, and has played a crucial role in enabling the growth and development of the online ecosystem.” – Artificial Intelligence

The big difference is a publisher has a bias, much like any media or any editor that curates their shit posts. -And judging from Twitter’s role in all of this, they’re definitely acting like a publisher with their curation of information.

Especially when they are influencing elections;

And with the Twitter files parts 1 through 3, we come to find out that;

-Twitter was biased as fuck
-Twitter pulled some favors from one side of the political isle
-And Pulled a fuck ton from another side of the political isle
-Twitter had shadow banned people and secret blacklists
-Twitter suppressed speech and banned people
-Twitter gaslit and labeled thing misinformation
-Twitter worked with the FBI to tamper with elections and monitor President Trump
-The Same FBI that has involvement with the ‘insurrection’ events of January 6 in which The FBI DIRECTOR ‘cant’ answer any questions regarding their knowledge or involvement of jan 6.

So the Same FBI that worked with Twitter on Jan 6 stuff
is the Same FBI that can’t answer their involvement in Jan 6

Yea, shit is juicy.

Apparently the FBI is biased in their political leanings.

You know- government organizations are supposed to be non-partisan. Lmao.

Seeing as the FBI worked with Twitter and had involvement in the Jan 6 stuff.

Looks pretty Biased to me.

In Closing

So Lord Musk has set Twitter on fire and raised it’s value immensely by showing the dangers of technology while also allowing many people to speak and express their concerns for the replicability of this technocratic authoritarianship. So, people are likely going to question other tech spaces like Facebook and such.

Essentially the Twitter space right now;

Shit is lit and there’s more being developed.

Twitter is the warmiest and most entertaining dumpster fire currently.

Just in time for the holiday season

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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