DEI metric is a scam

It’s just Racism packaged under a social Justice Veneer.

DEI is Diversity, equity, and inclusion

It’s some sort of corporate metric to measure how racist your company is assigned by the HR department under with a bunk executive like a Chief People’s Officer or Chief Diversity Officer. Basically the Supreme Grand Wizard Racist (and sexist) person in your company.

Why is this all racist and sexist?

Diversity training can get to the point of being exclusionary.

In fact, hiring people based solely on gender or race or cultural background is both sexist and racist.

You’re literally hiring people based on their race or gender.

That’s not natural diversity, that’s just racist affirmative action.

If you want good diversity, then foster an environment that invites the strength of each culture and avoid having cultures that obviously clash.

There are people whose culture and blood feuds would literally kill on sight. You can’t have diversity with these until you uproot their deepseated beliefs, but now you’re playing god and assigning your own values on morals. So probably not a good idea.

In fact, affirmative action actually discriminates against Asians in ivy league schools. Literally being too genetically predisposition for ivy league colleges and work hard culture makes Universities intentionally limit their induction of Asian people.

So now there’s a limit on a person based on Race.

That’s racist.

You see where this is going?

DEI sounds like a good idea, just like doing a two story beerbong through the moonroof of a ghost ridden whip.

Sounded good and fun to begin with.

But then, who the fuck is driving?

In Closing,

I’ve talked shit about ESG rating being owned and manipulated by one source, I’m sure the other issuers are probably similarly owned and manipulated.

DEI is just another one of these bunk ratings to arbitrarily judge a company.

And then to proceed to devalue said company on the open market regardless, or fluff their valuation.

There’s big money that stands to gain from people believing in bunk ratings.

I mean, EPS, Market Cap, and Shares Outstanding is an obvious bullshit value, but people already eat it up like it means something quantifiable.

That’s the world we’re living in, and now we want to give Companies values based on Environment and Racism ratings. Yea, DEI is just Racism ratings assigned by HR to drive market sentiment to make money from.

It’s a scam.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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