Outdoor inground Pools are a bit scammy

One of the Status Symbols in a third world Country is having a television in your living room and showing off to your neighbors, even if there’s glare from the sun because you’ve placed it as close as you can to the window, facing, the window.

Now, I don’t live in a third world country anymore, I just live in the US of A. So I don’t know if it’s still a thing.

But what I do know is that all throughout the early 70’s to 2000’s, people would upsell homeowners to get the licensing and permits to get a pool. It was a ‘flex’ for the middle class Jones’ next to motorcycles and Jet skiis.

And, well, pools are a bit scammy because they have all these unexpected maintenance and fees. Even if the install was around 10,000 to 40,000 added onto your property value or mortgage or whatever.

So, let’s go over some of those-


You’ll have to clean it every week or so, or else you’ll get algae and shit and that’s not good.

You’ll typically have to spend money on chlorine or supplies to chemically treat your pool if you want it to look good.

There may be service on your pumps or filters.

If you live in a cold place, you’ll have to consider winterization of your pool, closing it down before it freezes over or some shit, and you’ll have to cover that bad boy up. That can cost you a couple hundred to a thousand bucks every winter just to maintain your little personal slice of water.

And there’s probably other maintenance that goes every five or ten or so years. Not including if the install did a bad job or if you can’t figure out what’s messing up your pool and making it so dirty. Including the fact that high dusty areas, well, pollute dust into your darn basic ph Chlorinated pool.

Like, you don’t believe in chemtrails or something?

You also run into liability issues if some small adventurous munchkin decides to go swimming for their first time in your pool without adult supervision or the knowledge on how to swim.

What I’m saying is, random shit from squirrels to bees to toads will get in your pool and drown. That adds to fucking over the local ecosystem and also results in dead things in your pool that you’ll have to take care of.

So, you, by virtue of having an outdoor inground pool, is like having a pitfall trap filled with water.

You know, a moat.

So you actively are killing things.

I guess passively, since you can kill unsuspecting people in your sleep.

And if you live in Florida, you’re probably inviting a Gator to take up residence in your pool. So, you get a free modern day dragon with your moat and castle/house. Enjoy.

You have a pool but don’t want to pay to get rid of it?

Well, it’s better to cut off the infected leg before the infection spreads. Rather lose a foot than a leg. I’m talking about your money hemorrhaging ideas like having a pool. That is of course, unless you’re actively and actually leveraging your assets at summer barbeque parties or some shit.

Anyways, there’s some things you can do:

You can drain your pool and fill it up. Costs money.

Convert it into a pond and give up. Costs money.

You can deconstruct your pool and pave over it with cement and shit. Also, costs money.

You can sell your home and bag the next sucker into thinking having a pool is a great idea. Costs negative money. What’s the word, pays? Yea. This idea pays.

Or the new idea, you can convert your pool into a ‘natural’ pool. It’s basically a cleaner pond that’s -like- good for the environment and aesthetically pleasing for druidic leafy folks and herbalists out there. Also Costs money. But on the bright side, it costs less money to maintain than your chlorinated moat.

I’m sure there’s other options, but whatever. I’ve stopped caring about this article.

In Closing

Pools are a middle class flex that feed into a consumeristic culture of having your own personal mini lake for your own enjoyment. It’s bleached just like your ‘white bread’ that you love so much, the artificially perverted version of nature served on a platter for you. Because industrial concrete chlorinated pools are so great for the environment and your enjoyment.

It’s a bit scammy when you consider the actual upkeep to maintain what is essentially a modern day moat in your back yard.

Statistically, most Pools have higher kill count than you, consider that.

But if I hear you complaining about money and you have reoccurring maintenance expenses for superfluous shit like pools, then you better get ready for a friendly back hand to the face. Friendly one, of course.

Whatever, you do you.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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