The Term ‘Negative Food’ needs to be in your Lexicon

You ever ate something and it just tastes fucking atrocious. It was nutritionally scarce and provided negative value?

Like you even got food poisoning from it?

Like the whole experience was so negative that you were slightly traumatized by it?

That everyone around you was negatively impacted by it too?

Yet you’re probably dumb enough to forgive them and try eating at their shitty restaurant/bar/seafood/chain again two months later?


I’m talking about;

Negative Food

Food so shitty whether taste, nutrition, or experience wise-

That you’d have been better off not eating at all.

In fact, You probably would’ve been better off starving, the whole day even.

Ever regret eating a piece of slop, that you’d think “I’d rather eat moldy bread with a chance of ergotism” because I’d atleast get high and then die instead of just dying?

Or perhaps you’ve sipped something rancid and thought “I am going to start working on my manifesto against this franchise” to obviously storm the front door and show them cooks how to cook their fucking chicken to more than ‘blue moon’?

I don’t know man, you’ve probably had some bad experiences, and I need you to remember them and label those experiences. That trauma, is a good thing, because it’s telling you your shitty diet and is a genetic marker for your future progeny.

Those horrible experiences are associated with the food, the location, and some other factors. If you always get sick eating clam chowder, then stop eatting clam chowder you fat fuck. Try to identify those factors, and stop eating shitty things that fuck you up.

If you get sick eating Shitty Taco Arby Kings, then you also need to stop frequenting shitty fast food joints.

In fact, anyone who eats fast food is borderline retarded. The food is not fast, it’s not good, and it’s not cheap. You literally lose eating fast food.

I’d rather starve and let food go to waste then put that shit in my gullet.

Point is, you need to start labeling places and foods and drinks as;

“Negative Food” or “Negative Drinks”

Something that would provide negative experience and overall not worth doing at all.

Pro tip,

If you know what you would label as negative foods, then you’ll end up saving money and trips to hospitals.

So start labeling shit you shouldn’t eat or drinks you shouldn’t drink.

Start blacklisting shitty restaurants and bars and shitty fast food joints that have traded their soul to sell you processed fake meat created from Shitty Kitchen-grade alchemy powder and water or some fake ass soup that came from a freezer several states away to be microwaved and sold in a breadbowl near you.

Your quality of life and wallet will improve. Because you’ll start developing your own personal subjective tastebuds and start going for things you actually want.

Just because your stomach is a little upset doesn’t mean you’re hungry. So make sure you know thyself and differentiate you having indigestion from being hungry. This too helps you to live a better life.

Ever ate good food?

Ever ate good food on an empty stomach?

How about Good Food after fasting?

How about good food after starving?

Point is, the longer you go between meals, the mightier the taste, and the better it is on your wallet.

In Closing,

There, throw that word into your lexicon.

Stop simping over mediocre pussy and shitty food.

I’m convinced a lot of people don’t have internal monologues and an even greater amount of people don’t have taste buds. Which is fucking sad because some people’s version of good food is literally five day old fried chicken.

Don’t worry, if you’re wondering if I’m upset at the world, just know that I’m only slightly moderately disappointedly peeved.

Like there are certain fast food joints that shouldn’t exist and are probably drug fronts laundering money.

Whatever, I respect the hustle, I just don’t respect shmucks that intentionally get scammed. Perhaps they’re the blissful ignorant ones, no tastebud having ass. . .

Anyways- add the forementioned words into your lexicon if you’d like to enrich your life. Or don’t. You do you.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


If I ever hear someone say “i’ll never get drunk like this again” after a hard Rager of bad decisions, I’ll make sure to spit in their face the next time they get that drunk. It’s the friendly discount to keep you honest. How is it a discount? -Well because I’m counting them out. Duh.

Never say never, there’s no safe bets, remember?

But also, stop simping for shitty experiences and bad times.

I’d honestly prefer it if people went to prison instead of the nearest fast food joint because they’re “down bad” for some half baked ‘mexican’ pizza burger and ‘curly fries’ or some shit that’s made by someone getting paid less than your meal and hour.


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