Rideshare Slavery

Hey, it’s me again, here to call the kettle black as usual.


Uber and Lyft and other ride share programs in the MAC economy have a dark underbelly.

I’m here to spit facts, and this is objectively a thing that is going on in the world.

So what happens is, people from poor countries are bonded into debt slavery or upsold on the idea of working and living in America. As if they can have their American Dream.

And they get shipped to America to become Rideshare drivers.

Some handler ‘Handles’ their passport or visas, and their pay. Typically if these people aren’t well educated to do math, then they tend to be trapped in debt slavery juggling hidden fees that don’t exist. You know, typical usury practices.

These drivers get to wear white gloves and drive nice Premium cars all without speaking a lick of English. -And that’s by design, so it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

All the money gets siphoned and extorted by their handlers through digital payments.

And they become Rideshare Slaves.

Essentially people are forced to drive other people to and fro for cash that they never get to see.

Think of it like exploiting illegal immigrants to work at a non-OSHA compliant sweatshop in Ohio. Except instead of working an assembly line, people are just being extorted and lied to – to drive Uber or Lyft all across the United States. Well, for Uber, it’s international, so it’s more than just the United States.

To be frank, this is a common thing for Taxi drivers, so it’s not like rideshare services invented a new revolutionary slave market. No, it’s merely adapting and retrofitting the old slave market to newer technology.

In Closing,

This is a real thing that is happening in this world.

Yea, Slavery is real and it’s still out there. What, you think human beings evolved? Ha, that’s definitely not a safe bet.

If you didn’t have your creature comforts, your technology, your smart phones, your cars. Would you be any more capable than a medieval peasant?

Fat Chance.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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