Freudian Reality Slips

A Freudian slip is similar to the Rosenthal Effect, essentially you say what you’re thinking in an effort to avoid what you’re trying to avoid saying.

Think this scene in Austin Powers;

Trying not to say something results in you saying it.


A Freudian Reality Slip,

Is a made up term, like all terms, that I made up, unlike all terms.

Basically, the more shit we talk about, the more likely it is that we’ll manifest that shit we talk about.

Each breath is an inspirational prayer, and each thought or plan is a prayer to father time. Thus our shit talks and our discussions of the world actively engage the reality of the world to manifest different aspects of itself.

For instance, if everyone thinks 2+2 = 5, then it’s now the case. The subjective interpretations will be retconned and overwrite the old objective truth with the new objective truth, warping our language to count upwards like 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, etc.

Kinda like that whole clown virus thing where everyone just drank the dumb fuck juice and then forgot about this global world ending pandemic. Weird. No one talks about it anymore. Weird.

So reality is culturally and societally influenced and geared towards whatever thoughts or actions we entertain.

Even if it’s shit we don’t want.

That’s the sort of dangers you get with the type of content and information you consume. That’s why they call it television ‘programming’ or whatever.

Every mention of the idea or topic is inviting that reality to become closer to ‘thee’ reality.

Think of it like riding a motorcycle or skiing and you’re deadlock staring at a tree, your body follows and if your gaze is fixed on the dangers, then you’re going to hit those dangers. Whether that danger is a tree or some shitty reality.

It’s the same thing here, but with reality.

So we talk about shit we don’t want or some shitty Orwellian future.

And then it slowly manifests itself.

So you should be considerate of what reality you want to entertain in real life
and then focus on what reality you entertain
in conversations with others and conversations with yourself.

So, a better way to work around this,

-For example-

-is to talk about the crumbling plans of a shitty Orwellian future. I mean, have you seen the global initiatives to enslave the population? That shit is comically failing. It’s hilarious.

Just watch the peak comedy of the clown world, detach yourself from being a spectator on the ride, and become a spectator watching the ride and the dumpster fire of most people trying to dominate the world.

Don’t be fueled or fueling fear. Instead, laugh and enjoy the comedy of life. Emotional Detachment and all, with a little Stoic action and initiative can go a long way. Especially sense there’s actually some dope plausible realities out there, and it’s readily available for everyone, but that’s like a flavor of preference.

Just make fun of people who are pro slavery or whatever. It Makes life more colorful. Atleast that’s what I intend to do.

“how ironic that the slave can live without the master, but the master cannot live without the slave.”


In Closing,

I’m not here to suggest nor alter your reality. No programming of any kind is intentional or whatever.

Truth be told, I could care less.

I’m just here to make up new words and throw more kindling in the chaotic fire called life.

Trying to keep warm and toasty as the entropic universe drains us of that sweet sweet juicy warmth.

Yea, that conception is just one possibility. Whatever. Cheers.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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