Ethanol blended fuel is cutting your Gasoline

Ethanol isn’t a scam, but as it turns out, the simple answer is that Ethanol is Cutting Gas.

It’s not necessarily bad for your car, it’s just you’re getting less bang for your buck.

It’s the Fentanyl to the opioids of Gas and it gets a little shittier the more you think about it.

In truth, Ethanol Fuel will probably run fine in your car or whatever piece of shit- shit-box 360 you got.

So, let’s talk about-

Hygrolysis and Phase Separation.

Hygrolysis is the natural proclivity of specific chemicals (such as ethanol) to latch onto Water molecules. Meaning that based on temperature and humidity, ethanol blended fuel will naturally collect water from the air or other sources over time directly proportional to concentration of ethanol and surface area and some other science nerd shit.

Which is really bad if you have open systems or portable gas tanks that aren’t sealed and are exposed to the relative humidity of the open-air. But that means you got a shit box and you probably have other problems than worrying about TeN PeRCenT eTHaNoL.

Enough water and you get some Phase Separation action, here’s a video by some company on youtube that’s upselling you on some fuel filters;

“Ethanol is miscible with gasoline, but it is not miscible with water. As a result, the water that is absorbed by ethanol can separate from the fuel blend, leading to the formation of a separate water phase. This water phase can cause various issues in the fuel system and engine, including corrosion, fuel line freezing in cold temperatures, and reduced fuel efficiency.” -From some scientist outside of the youtube video above

All of this means that those garage queens that sit around for months will be more affected than the daily drivers who drive their cars every day to go to their wage slave jobs. More affected doesn’t mean it will be negatively affected.

Worst case scenario, this is a bit extreme but it’s also realistic, you are essentially putting water in your gas tank. Indirectly.

Yea, that’s not good for combustion but it’s not the worst thing in the world either.

Again, it’s a bit extreme, but if you let your shitbox sit around for a long while in a high humid area with cracks in your shit, you’re probably making your car die faster. Great. As if the cracks in your shit weren’t bad enough.

Is Ethanol Fuel bad for your car?

Unless you’re running a shit box or classic car from pre 80’s with an untreated engine, Ethanol fuel as up to E15 (15% ethanol) probably won’t fuck your shit up. In theory, if you don’t have rubber lines or rubber gaskets, then you’re probably fine.

Legally, most states in the US have limited Ethanol fuel to 10%, so you’ll see a lot of E10 everywhere. That’s also dependent on if anyone is actually checking if it’s E10. Maybe there’s a little more ethanol than there should be. Idk how often they check the fuel, maybe weekly, maybe go-fuck-yourselfly.

But if you live in a high humidity area and you have bad seals, gaskets, or a cracked engine block, then you probably have bigger problems than worrying about ethanol fuel fucking up what’s already fucked up.

But also, if it’s already fucked up, putting ethanol fuel would only fuck it up even more. The real lesson here is to not have a fucked up Island Beater. What are you driving? A fucking Half-a-lemon?

So it’s something to note.

Octane Rating

So Ethanol actually has a higher octane rating than traditional Gasoline.

You might think that’s a good thing.

Well, that’s where you’re naive.

See, if ethanol has a higher octane rating, then that just means they (gas companies) can use lower octane rating on their gasoline side. Essentially giving you shittier gas to get the same octane rating you pay for.

So the octane itself averages out to be relatively what you want or what you pay for.

For instance. Ethanol has an octane rating of about 109 (100 to 115). So if you use 10% ethanol, then to get a final fuel octane rating of say 87, you’d only have to use gasoline with an octane rating of;


Solving for X, you’d get an octane rating of; about 85.

So for fuel, the gasoline companies don’t have to use Gasoline with an octane rating of 87, instead they can slap in 90% gasoline at a lower octane of 85. Or they can slap in some ‘filler’ additives that take up space while using gasoline at the standard octane rating. Basically what I’m saying is,

They’re cutting your gas with Ethanol.

The worst part?

Ethanol has less Energy per gallon

“The energy content of gasoline varies depending on the specific blend and formulation, but it typically contains around 33-34 megajoules (MJ) per liter or 120-125 megajoules per gallon.

Ethanol, on the other hand, has a lower energy content per unit volume. Pure ethanol contains approximately 24 megajoules per liter or 87 megajoules per gallon. Therefore, when ethanol is blended with gasoline, the resulting ethanol-gasoline blend, such as E10 (10% ethanol) or E85 (85% ethanol), has a lower energy content per unit volume compared to gasoline alone.”

-Chat GPT

Meaning they’re cutting your gas with ethanol.

Give you that cheaper shit for the samish price and have you running back for more like a Fentanyl cut opioid dealer.

“less bang for your buck”

Ethanol and the Climate

Something I don’t give a fuck about but is worth mentioning, that the combustion of Ethanol releases more carbon than traditional gasoline.

I don’t really give a fuck, but for those climate tards, then know that Ethanol is making cars emit even shittier shit that is worse for the environment,

Some people would argue because Ethanol is produced from corn, that we have to grow corn, which captures carbon and offsets the carbon created from burning ethanol fuel.

To which, the counter to that is the fertilizer and pesticides used to grow that absurd quantity of corn that poison both the land, water, and air. Resulting in a different and arguably worse climate scenario than worrying about carbon emissions.

But, I mean, I’ve seen people coal roll diesel and shit, so what do I care. Hell, a few beers in and I might even cheer such outstanding global citizenry. Nothing says Murica like coal rolling besides of course Bourbon and school shootings. Of course I’m not talking about mixing the two, but I’m sure someone out there has, probably all three at this point in time. . .

In short

Ethanol is a way for Gas Companies to cut their product and deliver a shittier product of gasoline blended to you while bumping up their octane ratings and sell you shittier shit.

And it probably won’t fuck up your car any more than your wallet.

Resulting in slightly shittier wear to your car, smaller engines, and the environment.

In Closing

The big telling sign that ethanol blended fuel is shit, is that most cars can’t run on 100% ethanol. I mean, Russians and hill billies that drink 200 proof vodka and moon shine probably could, but traditional normie cars can’t run on 100% ethanol. The obvious answer is science, and that means that somewhere between 0 to 100% is the right amount of ethanol for your shitbox and the answer isn’t 100%.

If most cars can’t run on 100% ethanol, then what makes you think any amount of Ethanol would logically improve or enhance your engine? Might as well try running your shit on 100% cooking oil, see if that helps any (it won’t). This is obviously a logical fallacy, but it also makes sense when you piece literally all the theoreticals in the above shit article.

Take it as a pseudoscience, I’m not here to score points. I’m just here to talk shit.

Also, petrol companies wouldn’t want cars to run on 100% ethanol, because that would basically make petrol obsolete and make corn the re-newed cash crop. And Big Oil wouldn’t want that at all. Big Corn would, but not Big Oil and the Middle east.

I mean, how many people invented cars that ran off of water for them to be suicided or go missing? Like what, thirty plus? What about those public patent owners on fuel efficient carburetors that extend gas milage to like 100 miles per gallon? Dead? weird.

Just don’t have a shit box and none of this will (immediately) matter.

Got a shitty lawn mower or small engine? Just stop mowing your lawn, obviously. Get rid of you GMO-free Chainsaws and stop buying into Vegan friendly Weed Whackers or OF MILF certified Leaf Blowers. Abandon all small gas ran engines. Obviously.

If you can avoid it for small engines, two strokes even, avoid ethanol fuel.

Alternatively, you could get ethanol-carburetor modified engines for all your shits. I’m sure some company out there makes either the final product or engine mods for all your weedwhack mower blow needs.

Ethanol fuel may fuck up your Motorcycles, so make sure you start em every now and again.

If you’re storing shit, just use pure gasoline and no ethanol.

All in all, it’s just Petrol Gas Companies cheaping out on fuel.

Cutting your gas with Ethanol.

But don’t worry, they charge you more for pure fuel anyway. If you’re selling both poison and cure that people have to buy, you’re gonna make a profit.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Side note,

There are some advantages with ethanol, for instance, if you don’t drive a bunch. Ethanol helps keep your shit dry which means you don’t collect dust and muck and it likely won’t fuck up your carburetor. So that’s a plus.

but also, your shit dries meaning less fuel, so it’s kind of a minus.

Give and take sort of thing. Pros and cons.

I mean, if you got garage queen classic cars, you probably have money to spend on this shit and Ethanol fuel isn’t an issue anyways.

If you don’t have money to be a garage queen classic car owner but still are one, then you’re probably retarded and deserve being dumb as a penance for you sin.

You ever see a broke person with a Yacht Collection?

Expensive hobbies require money for maintenance.

I hope I’m not breaking your world views or paradigms with that fucking News Flash.


If it’s government mandated to have ethanol fuel which releases more carbon,

then you could argue that the government is actively terraforming the planet by using local emissions of nearly 300k+ engines to basically shit out the greenhouse gases.

So you can create your own conspiracies off of that shit.

I don’t give a fuck.

It’s just good to know that the government is either retarded, doesn’t care about the climate, or both.

Climate change is a scam but that’s a convo for another day.

Or perhaps,

The Ethanol fuel fucks up small generators, meaning that independent and self sufficient people with generators won’t be so independent and self sufficient.

All the better to force people back into society if they can’t rely on their own generators. What’s next, they’re going after our propane gas stoves? (duh, of course they are).


You could always just change your Carburetors to Ethanol based.

And then you’ll do fine running a flex fuel engine or some E85 shits.

Depending on Corn yields and ethanol supply, you may be paying more for the ethanol gas.

Also note that it has less energy than typical gas.

So, do with that information as you will.

Just know that more Percentage of Ethanol also yields more water from hygrolysis. If I’m not mistaken, due to the higher concentration of Ethanol, it’ll require more water for phase separation, so atleast you have that going for you.

-A cheaper alternative is-

Using fuel stabilizer additives like Ethanol Shield.

This helps to keep your shit box engines intact and avoid them fucking up. You know, avoid phase separation and shits.

Great for storage, and great for shitboxes too.

Gas and car companies probably already treat their shit. It wouldn’t hurt for the piece of mind or ‘insurance’ if you wanted to also treat your shit.

That way everyone’s shit is treated.


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