Not believing in Perpetual Energy Machines is a scam

There is literally no proof that every inch of the universe or let alone our galaxy has to quantifiably submit to the laws of man as written by some nerds in a text book.

Point is, Until you can prove that the universe has a finite amount of energy.

Or that we live in a finite world with boundaries.

That there’s an actual edge to the universe.

Unless you can disprove the existence of infinity.

Then there is no logical reason to believe that perpetual energy of any kind is impossible.

The bigger question is,

How come the 40th person to invent a car that runs on water is suicided?

How come Temperature inversion refrigerant Stirling engines in California are confiscated by the sheriffs department?

What happened to all the young inventors that invent some energy capture machines or renewable things?

What’s up with all them declassified documents by the government on reality being a construct and a hyperdrive engine? You know what, scratch that, we’re not here to talk about that. Instead-

Let me pose you a hypothetical.

If revolutionary ground breaking energy harnessing technology can exist but are being ACTIVELY suppressed,

then what does that imply?

That’s the bigger question.

In Closing,

Humans are like the rednecks of the galaxy.

We literally make nukes which are oversized fire crackers and then mail it to our neighbor’s mail boxes to Hiroshima their ass.

If Aliens do exist (which the numbers say they most certainly do), then they probably think we’re retarded.

Or at least a little bit of tistic’ on the spectrum.


Why would you limit yourself when you can’t objectively disprove infinity?


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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