New Car Smell is a scam

The “New Car” smell that people enjoy so much?

Chemical off-gassing of the car’s materials post industrial process.

That new car smell lasts for approximately a two or so years depending on how you treat your car and if you let food or other shit in your car.

But the good news is that the chemical off-gassing lasts for around 10 or so years. So long after the New Car smell wears off, you’re getting nanometals and particulates from the machining and manufacturing process.

And if your car ever gets hot? Well, the materials off-gas more in heat too. Bake your car in the sun, with your nose, smell the fun!

So remember that everytime it’s a hot day and you blast your Air Conditioning with the windows rolled up on ‘recirc’ mode. Just enjoy the recycled air with the added fresh hint of metallic particulates that slowly strain out your lungs.

Is it cancerous?


Do bitches love that smell?


Did Mercurial poisoning and lead in the cups lead to the downfall of Rome?


Are New Car Smells one of the many things poisoning our society leading to the downfall of Modern Rome?


I mean, who am I to say when and how the collapse will happen. Nor even if it ever will happen. There’s No Safe Bets afterall,

just -uh- enjoy your ‘New Car Smell’.

In Closing,

Humans, we enjoy the smell of things that kills us.

It’s like-

everything that kills us makes us feel more alive.

For those closeted suicidal perverts out there, they enjoy the New Car smell and probably smoke a fat one. Get you on the slow dopamine rush of overeating, overdrinking, alcohol induced comatose black out seshs, and slowly getting cancer from the lotions we lather to the cigars we smoke.

Whatever, just humans doing human things.

I’m not going to stop it, are you?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

2 thoughts on “New Car Smell is a scam

  1. Amazing
    Great post! I never really thought about the off-gassing of chemicals in a new car beyond the initial smell. It’s interesting that it can last up to 10 years. Do you know if there are any studies or research on the potential health effects of prolonged exposure to these chemicals?

    1. Hello Jess,
      To my knowledge, I’m not keen on any studies or research. Most of what we humans do is naturally going against nature, like drinking red bull vodkas. I don’t think there’s a valid study without factoring all the other novel products and consumerist items we’ve been exposed to, that can accurately and properly gauge the health effects for prolonged exposure to these chemicals. We already have microplastics in our blood, there isn’t a way to have a proper ‘control’ study.

      Science and it’s institutions, including the health sciences are failed. So now we’re practicing a ‘FaFo’ method of science.

      But that’s just my personal opinion, not to get all cynical on you.

      Enjoy life Jess,
      -Duke the Cynic of not Sinope

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