Student Debt Fuels the Economy

Well, living in the Fiat world of Today, Money is actually backed by debt. And Student debt is one of the many debts that help to fuel the economy, besides those shitty Mortgage Backed Securities that are diced up and resold and packaged as a shitty Triple A investment.

When you see an impressionable impressed upon 18year old sign up for four years of college to go in debt and then be upsold on a Masters and maybe a Doctorate, the only thing they should say is obviously;

“I’m Doing my part” in supporting the Fiat economy

So, People have debt, meaning they are forced to find a way or means to pay off that debt. Debt 101.

And due to the nature of job markets and the fact that the Governments shoot for an ‘ideal’ unemployment percentage (Non zero, mind you), that means you’re sort of forced to get a job. Or atleast pressured to do so.

Shitty tactics like unemployment history or hiatus’ also make you less ‘marketable’, because a job seeker is really just selling their body. So there are various mechanisms that apply pressure and stress on someone to get a job. To sell your body for back breaking work or soul sucking employment in a matrix cube of fluorescent lights that all but bleed your eyes.

And once you become more and more increasingly desperate, with fry cooks at McDonalds requiring PhDs, then you sort of take what you can get. And you’ll even be reluctantly Thankful for it too.

They really did Wage Cuck you. They cucked you, but with wages. So Wage Cuck.

And you’ll also be limited on your freedoms, you won’t think that you have time or money to do things. You won’t think of ‘quitting your job’ or ‘escaping the plantation’ from working in your ‘career FIELD’ like a sharecropper. And you’ll resign yourself working shitty hours for ‘overtime’ for diminishing wages and raises that don’t outpace inflation.

Did I also mention your debt being dangled in front of you as a means to make you work harder? Did I also mention that the trauma and stress of society and unemployment are also geared to make you work harder?

When an HR manager hears that you recently graduated college, that means two effective things. That you got debt, and that you’re fresh meat that likely doesn’t know any better and will probably be easy to manipulate.

Resigning your life to indentured servitude for a few bundles of cash, taxed and taxed again.

Is this really the life we ought to have?

It’s not like people can actually pay off student loans,

The loans typically have compounding interest, and people who pay the bare minimum only pay the interest and not the principle. Meaning that people aren’t making actually payments to lower their loan. NO. They’re just paying for the regenerative cream on the top.

Especially the bare minimum, typically the loan payments don’t beat inflation. So you could make payments for a few months and owe more money.

You can look it up online, people have paid 45k off of their 20k student loan for ten years and still owe 30k. Yes. Stories like this are littered all throughout the internet, it’s practically usury.

People are financially destroying themselves by signing a deal with the devil. For what? Education of four years? For a job that’s not guaranteed? You know, when most people sign their souls over, they do it for money. Not the other way around. It’s worse than signing a deal with the devil. It’s like a devil squared contract.

All of this to be a debt slave and ‘settle’ for any amount of money to ‘pay’ towards student loans?

And Politicians won’t help you,

They actually get their student loans forgiven. As it turns out, one of the perks of being a politician is student loan debt forgiveness. Yea, the whole thing as soon as they assume office. They can’t worry about their personal debts when they’re supposed to pretend to be a dog of the state. Duh.

Yea, you learn something new every day.

So they don’t give a fuck about student loans.

Also, their networth generally goes from south of a million to multi-millions after a few months.

Seems like bribery, but what do I know?

Those Insider Stock Tips from those secret committee meetings sure do pay off.

And their nice Pension Plans also reinforces the idea that they don’t really give a shit about student debt. They’ve jumped classes to join the other champagne socialists, they don’t give a shit about the common man and the common woes.

What? You think voting and constituents matter? Ha. You must believe in Santa Claus.

Have you ever met a Nepo Baby? Have you heard about the Deep state? Lol.

In Closing,

Student loan debt is debt, and debt backs up fiat. So Student Loan Debt is one of the many types of debt that backs up the Economy.

Greases the wheels of our system and keeps the show going on.

Student debt is a form of accessing debt slaves for human liquidity

It’s only getting worse and worse and exacerbating itself as more and more for profit colleges shill out shittier and shittier education schemes. It’s a pyramid scheme where they’re detached from you actually doing well outside of college.

And chances are, you can find a good amount of education for free online. Yet the disenfranchised and traumatized Student Debtoid will vehemently and viciously defend their ‘degree’ and ‘expertise’ to insure that they have some credence of social credit or value in a society. Because who wants to hear that they wasted four years of their life and several thousands of dollars for a useless piece of paper?

The college experience isn’t nothing. But that degree doesn’t mean anything if you don’t back it up properly outside of ad hominin and logical fallacies. People become intellectual Karens, entitled to an overpriced degree.

Some people would rather believe in the scam, then to be disillusioned and realized they’ve been had.

But that’s just a preference thing. Don’t mind me,

And hey, if you’re like me that has dodged student debt. If you missed out on student debt- don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to be in debt from the birth of your child. Really getting you to pay up for that firstborne.

How ‘first world’ of us.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


This isn’t financial advice, but be weary of student loan refinancing.

Typically some third party shady shit business will solicit the fuck out of you to sell you on reduced payments.

And if you go refinance, then you’ll lose protections. You lose the federal protection if you had fed student loans prior.

They’ll also profit more off of you in the long run, by having shitty compounding interests. So you’d actually be paying more.

They’ll also dice up and sell your loan like every mortgage company that gambled with MBS’s in 2008. So, you know. Yea….


Student debt and price of education is also a reason for military service.

Which, coupled with retardation, isn’t good;

As society grows and learns, perhaps we won’t give a shit about a college education.

I mean, you even have the Secretary of Education at one point allegedly embezzling student loan monies;

Perhaps the counter culture will target and dismantle dogmatic systems of oppression.

I mean, just ask anyone with Student Debt. They’ll say its ‘Crippling’ and anxiety ridden.

That’s Oppression.

The system is fucked.

Have a good day.


Imagine someone lent you 100k USD in cash, for any purpose you choose. 
Start a business, buy crypto, invest in property. 
Then imagine modern “education” had to convince you their service was worth the 100k investment — imagine how badly they’d fail. How many people would choose a university degree in this scenario? Zero. 

The true scam is that you can access your first loans as an adult ONLY if they are used for “education”. They won’t let you use them for anything else. I wonder why? The cash must exist in a vacuum with no investment competition. 

That 100k of education isn’t compared to: 
100k of crypto.
100k of real estate.
100k of stock.

They combine this absolute lack of competition for the investment funds with repeated and heavy indoctrination on how to succeed in life. They prescribe a 4 year university degree as the only solution. It is a LIE. It is THE BLUE PILL which is designed to create people who make the super cars and make the mega yachts. Not the people who BUY the super cars and BUY the mega yachts.
-Mr. Morpheus T

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